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Tom Hardy's Funny Moments PART 2

bo don't I was just trying to get the stench of his jumper Nikki you get a Christmas some job it isn't it on your body yeah I could see a lovely good well that was one car how did the cars you do do something won't call for oh yeah yeah how many cars did you steal a lot of cars time so there's a gun now Johnson the other day I happen to be a batsman you look like you've missed a little bit them I guess it's a bit unscreened you get to do it in movies now um okay what's your favorite vacation just take somebody on I would take someone on a vacation to see this means war and beaters just all about that he's winning brownie for you do this again this is smart this is subliminal this kids great let's go again one of the guys broke his neck and I let go Smokies me later so he didn't even know they broke his neck how do you not know you broken your neck is a cage fight over well what how can that be happy going friend you go home with the blood to Nick oh yeah and they kept dropping him on his head over and over again they had a masseuse in there to rub you sort of masu so one here we didn't know it on a pass you need a month off is no one knew he had a broken neck until you know side moaning how did this resonate with you and how did you make it your own for me in a stunt double overcome I mean yes I'm sorry for Tom I know you dumb bitch written we found this really early clip of you know yeah which I did and it's weird because I obviously changed so much I've been through so many changes in the last 15 years or so because I can't imagine the tom hollie now necessarily doing this where is this Chris flowers or chocolate flowers are talking food that's my name I'd send her something to that every nice spa day my name I'm going to go with I'm gonna go with flowers because with chocolate she never did it you never really look this is the only situation in my life in which I would ever beat you guys anything but you got together let me have this you gotta let me have this we are man we're letting you have it the big breakfast yeah I can't believe you're doing this okay what was the company it could have been the minor tool we should agree summers work oh we got that you know pastor we don't have that we're going to find it for next dollar okay so this is where is it everything is important it's got a space for me I have a little boy here Jacobs going in there under the Federal service Fezzik waiting for it to be brown yeah it's going to cover it a minute wow so this is putting on let's get it done okay I want to put it in context and there's no context it's awful I'm curious what happen your life usually when I was 19 play the thing he's a drama student in London they do a reverse 180 and there's lots of lots of things that can go wrong in it and for me you put a lot of trust in the driver and it's a lot of g-force actually that goes into that one yeah yeah no idea yeah that was it that was cut from the awesome picture why there I kind of summed it up and what's going on with his face so people who don't know what's happened to his face why does he wear that thing who me now the bloke who's sitting over there no you know your whim you are him in was he wearing on each but who would win in a fight though you for him the characters oh the characters yeah yeah I don't know I think it's a pretty evenly matched thing talking about Tom and Chris I think Tom would I have kids I have kids in his honor handle it at me take me out yeah yeah app to them to make sure they have a dad around yeah I'd probably kill Amanda yeah but in real life it would go the other way look really yeah I was being very cat I don't know man you got you got the glass dangerous Avengers a spectacular Joe that's deadly dude David doesn't kill you okay by the way spiderweb Tom is your move because I chose the big breakfast figure years I'm doing it you torn it with me down yeah we but I'm not angry is different do you think your process across I'm just detached coolly laughs Jenna main bar Jonathan only this year some obscene images of Tom on set appeared in the papers I mean look at that it's disgusting there won't be any more things like that will there because I saw a news director you really hurt that don't be hurt you're a bigger person in that I'm not I don't trust you anymore come here mom okay [Applause] that's enough now every week sorry there was a naked Monday yeah and their job was I was naked and I had to walk around in the water in Tilbury so in the woods yeah it was just yeah but it was just you like you made it you know cold it was like it's all so good there were people there to watch me and none of it was going to go on screen it's just purely for pleasure I mean how can you be mean to Liam so I was very simple I just left him in a hole the rest is history come to think of it that burial sequence with your extra a little fun or like extra dirt on his face oh yeah I was wondering about man how much extra TGIRLS well dipper bait the cop who the Bobby shmurda line should repel – that's what we were taught at drama school if in doubt and you've got nothing to offer the world get naked cover yourself in paint yeah cry I mean or just like bang your head against the table because that's that's drama so we know it's a drama could have got my arse out yeah what Tom I hope we can we build these bridges you know that's I'm a bit time off to be with the kids and then put my feet up and being a bit of a dad yeah that's why I wore the jumper daddy still don't they wear jumpers yeah slightly pissed off mr. Tom Hardy [Applause]

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  1. I love Tom hardy's interviews, he gives the interviewer such a hard time and they never know if he's being serious or fucking them about. I love watching them squirm.

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