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Tom Holland Cute & Funny Moments | Spider Man: Homecoming Interview

Can you watch lip sync battle I think you know everything about a new movie Spider-man homecoming That was my line A lot of people would like Is on the plane yesterday someone came up to me Music battles Thanks I have never been recognized that that before An even more amazing that you’re out of cash Two and in a very different Chance of going into the swan Define the best Spider-Man Yeah this is the most Is my best friend Harrison his favorites Batman and the years we find argument on who would win in a fight Spiderman or Batman I win every argument about you know how I know Cuz I’m Spiderman So Obviously we saw you in in Civil War that was a big that was a big break out for this character I got to turn the I think that’s Is that me Hold on it’s definitely you I think it was you What was the score What’s going on I think it’s going to food Okay Spider-Man That was the whole thing we go half way through shoot in the movie I wasn’t What is really don’t do that Are very different in what way They serve booze at the prom Thank you Thank you for the fastest thank you for nominating me and all the Seas thank you too Please public for voting and showing your support Voting online Believe me I know Have you ever been caught in Target Looking at like Your own merchandise Spider-Man blanket You sleep in Spiderman when I see you Do you know everything about a new movie Spider-man homecoming And think about it some more Off that one So big This do just pick it up straight away I smell salt I had one Funny experience at the back of the classroom Next to choir pretty go on the Adventure dude What’s your deal man How’s the well When am I K You’re nuts I’m playing Spider-Man Of course she didn’t believe me that’s a ridiculous story As the cost will met up As much as we could to try you know just find out about each other and get to know each other so we had a I chemistry on screen immediately I think the first thing we did was went on a picnic And Laura was definitely the leader She was like should we get some cheese moving like Yeah what kind of cheese we were like I don’t know somebody’s real this or that You’re in charge of the thing is U of A Cenote Most about nice food How about this favorite thing that the suit does for you My favorite thing about the suit is taking it off at the end of the day Going to buy some knowledge on Welcome to my penthouse apartment I wish I’m small and I’m going to teach you the best 5 ways to be Spider-Man Cool Math Do you know Batman has Robin Pictures of Kick-Ass car I don’t know really This is been fun Do it again But I was so nervous when we were on stage Zendaya came out and she was very happy and fun like I’m so happy to be here thanks for Give me all your love involve I cannot like I just want to destroy So I came across like really really aggressive And then I made the mistake of off to her first Performance Warehouse in day that was Completely announcing the average Why would I say that cuz it was brilliant and now I have to follow it So I was very stressed but I hate cats I have just that evil conniving Very someone’s giving me eyes cuz you’re a cat person I can tell No IR mind cats I just I just think I just Weather Turtle games Go to my website and find out who the new Spider-Man you know when you feel like your heart just stops I want to do I open up the computer it said my name and I went nuts America basically You can see it if you want basically jump back won’t spin the and go back And then in the original routine I was meant to jump back and put both legs Can you Facebook And I it was in the rain and in the rehearsal I slept on my hands and landed on the back of my head And it was It was hilarious Whose are very painful I have a video of it which I will post Adelaide today Can you can hear the whole audience Gaga at Harrison just pissing himself laughing Harrison How awkward was your first Experience with a sunset people like Oh my God everyone was red and blue Stop with the touching okay Which is hard in like private jets and stuff Harrison my best friend was his first private jet ride today and he’s still On Cloud 9 What’s your name Go District About spiders Okay about today feeling a little faint It was funny I walked on stage and I felt really confident And then are looking at this and then as soon as I looked up I ship myself a little bit as a lot of people in that room I heard about a movie That’s okay so we don’t know if you’re balding Sign my contract over there already Have you heard from Rihanna Your performance I have mostly sent me a picture of flowers that Bruno Mall Center Sang how well she did And I try to like fake it and get some flowers and pretend that Rihanna send me some books You set yourself Lau Definitely a nightmare to put on and take off if you want to go to the bathroom you have to plan like 45 minutes in advance I need a Wrap myself one time it was a close call Because you know how sometimes it just comes on your lie I need to go now What is it me and then you turn it off get it off Start it and then you going to take a mask off in then you are non zipper muscle suit and sit in the boots out and stuff and then I’ve got Under Armour on underneath That was Nellie reddix antique mistake Yeah that was probably The closest I came to really really embarrassing Turn off this I remember reading the script for the First time My Brother Sam is a Huge huge And every time there was the slightest reference of life Stop it My stun grenade cost me to get Flexible I tried and it just what I wasn’t successful icon even touch my toes Spider-Man Nope can’t do it Okay okay you win Earlier but I wanted to read it cuz I found it very touching I swear my sound is off Use iPads Just turn the sound off that early Yeah I think I was probably the most doing some pot of Making on this character It was a joke Suggested to Marvel that I should go to a high school on the cover It was completely a joke and Marvel took it completely seriously I guess they didn’t get my British song And the next thing I know I was like What you got Do you think about it Add Possible to keep I have 3 people looking at me like now Check it out I’ll be there Stop it every Cinema fit one of them There you go You just you’re going to be one of them What now what now

100 thoughts on “Tom Holland Cute & Funny Moments | Spider Man: Homecoming Interview

  1. Tom Holland is literally my celeb crush and I just think that everything he does is cute. Don’t come at me💕😍

  2. Tom: They sell boos

  3. Tom holland is the first actor i've ever been obsessed with. like i suprised myself. but i love him and always support him no matter what 💜💜💜💜💜

  4. Tom:

    I hate cats. They’re just.. evil.

    Me: looks at him like he’s some kind of alien

    I see that someone’s giving me eyes…

  5. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎉❤💖💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Tom to random girl: hey what’s up
    Girl: gets up and leaves

    Tom to me: hey what’s up
    Me: addszfaUsyfkausxgusdgwshuwdyefsijaixhaishausvwydeifhej FUCK ITS TOM HOLLAND AND HE’S TALKNG TO ME WTF!! AHHH
    Tom: slowly backs away

  7. I have been so obsessed with Tom that when I mention him to my friends they are like "When will u stop talking about him!?"


  9. Title : Tom Holland cute and funny moments
    *puts a hot pic in the thumbnail *

  10. Why dont the MCU have a Spider-Man: History Of Webs where Spider Man teams up with other Spider Mans from othe timelines.

  11. Of course she didnt believe you that was a rediculous story.

    Its like Peter is a actually spider who lives on a web hammick lmao.

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