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Tom Holland Funny Moments 2017 || Part 2

Yeah, it was good. You know um it’s my first time on a chat show and They asked me to do a backflip in a suit which I couldn’t really see out of. So I was a little nervous It’s been a while since I’ve done a flip But uh the funny thing is is actually as I was running into the studio with the rest of my fellow Spider-Man I fell over I literally like Ate shit, sorry Sony. I ate, I fell over Running into the studio. I’m getting bad looks and being told off. I won’t. Sorry oh Oh my God. What do I do? Parker Whenever you’re ready. Ready? Mhm. Peter, are you hiding something? How dare you, I’ve never so showed in my life. Tom, Peter’s not British. He’s from New York. Oh he is, oh alright. Um, give me a minute. Let me, okay And… Probably the most painful thing that happened to me is I actually got punched in the face by accident. The stuntmen, what they’ll do is before they punch me they’ll vocalize something to let you know that they’re about to punch you and in the Spider-Man suit you genuinely can’t see anything. Like if I was wearing the suit now. I wouldn’t be able to see you and For some reason the stunt double just forgot to make the noise (NO!!) So I was just sorta standing there. Then just took it, and he had this big metal sort of gauntlet on. (OH) Right hand, right across the side of my head. And then I was like ”Cut”. “Are you okay?” and i’m like no i’m not okay, I just got punched in the face. It didn’t even make the movie. It’s not even in the movie. It wasn’t even worth it. And then eventually they sent me the new sides for the third audition which was as Spider-Man fighting a character called Blue Streak? Is that his name? The one with the rollerblades? Is there going to be a villain with rollerblades? No, this was like dummy sides and I was reading them like So you want me to read Spider-Man’s lines? And they’re like yeah. So I’m auditioning for Spiderman? They’re like No, no, no, no, no We just want you to read Spiderman’s lines. It sounds like a terrible nerve-racking process I’m like it’s obliviously Spiderman. There’s one scene, I guess Ricky just wasn’t there that day, where I went full in English, and for some reason no one picked up on it. And we were watching the movie, like going through it ,like picking stuff out that we had to change and rerecord and I walk into this like sandwich shot. I’m like ” ‘Ello mate. You alright?” And then he’s like ”What do you want?”. I’m like ”Pickles please.” This and that and blah blah that and this and then and And then like I was watching it like, ”You do know I was speaking there with like, an English accent?” And they’re like ”Really?” ”That’s an English accent?” And I’m like ”Yes, I said ‘Hello mate. You alright?’ ” Okay. Hello Spiderman. The real Spiderman! I was scrolling through Instagram and Marvel posted a photo of Spider-Man saying go to our website and find out who the new Spiderman is and you know when you feel like your heart just sort Of stops, I’m like oh my God what I didn’t so I open up the computer It said my name, and I went nuts like crazy. This is real. This is fake and then I read it again I was like this is Holy sh. I didn’t I didn’t swear. I was like. Oh my God. This is great It is amazing and my poor dog was in my bed Tesla was sleeping in my bed, and I was screaming and shouting and she was terrified absolutely terrified And I ran downstairs and all my families are like Guys, doesn’t respond to me Spider-man and my brother harry. Who’s kind of Savvy? before like Before freaking out. He was like. Yeah, dude. They’ve been hacked Yeah, they’ve been hacked. They would ring you. Tom I read that you audition seven times or sent in seven audition tapes for this movie Maybe eight time actually. Eight. Okay, what do those tapes consist of? Just backflips. Like “Hey. What’s up? I’m Tom Holland.” Backflip I should be Spider-Man. Side flip. Watch what I can do. It was just me showing off really. See you in infinity war well coming up, so it’s just like a glorified cameo Do you get some action in there? I mean can you say much about sort of how much you get to do in that one This is why Marvel is so clever. I can’t tell you much because I don’t know anything about it Have you read the scripts no okay audible to my abilities right? Yeah? Well what I’m getting at I am very bad at keeping Secrets, especially when it comes to movies like I have three people looking at me like now saying, “Stop talking dude.” So um they didn’t let me read the script because I think they know that I have a bit of a big mouths and Which I’m happy about because if I knew believe me, I’d want to tell you because I’m a fan yeah But but in playing a character like Spider-man. He is probably the most physical character you could ever play so every day I was having to land in poses the amount of times. I pulled my groin on this movie is ridiculous Yeah And for me that was one of my favorite things about the movie that everyone was taking it seriously You know I kind of thought that maybe people would take the piss a little bit. That’s right Sorry Those strict instructions not to swear, but I’m from England is what I do it’s what we do I should have a beer right now, so Definitely should. I’ve seen that Mike was talking about is a Scene where Peter parker spent he’s done, and I was doing that to sort of tie myself out, and I was fully clothed in that scene Zendaya. Zendaya. Think the best piece of advice that Michael gave me was about my character And I as an actor was really adamant about trying to ground Peepers powers in reality and make them realistic And that’s exactly what he did for Marisa. Tomei is just arrived, and that’s what he did so as a joke I Suggested to marvel that I should go to a high school undercover And it was completely a joke and marvel took it completely seriously. I guess they didn’t get my British sarcasm. Yes, and Yes, the next thing. I know I was like had a backpack with a pencil case on my way to Bronx school of science Oh boy the best advice. I ever received is Turn nerves into excitement the worst advice I ever received is Get a Jacuzzi. I just met all your brothers bring the boys the Cali Get a Medical Marijuana license You got an accuse. Oh and have some fun dude. Have some fun for me Go out and have some fun by Mark Wahlberg Well coming up. They are crazy. Oh that is terrible and huggins who’s our key Rigger? Who is one of the original Spider-Man doubles? Did my Shack was at one time? that sounds really wrong and and the name of a spider that can empty Tom Holland Oh here. We go. How does it feel? Please don’t ask me how does it feel to be spider-man. So many people have asked me that question. I don’t know. Why anthony started doing that but I just started seeing all these interviews like Tom Holland is that’s right. Oh oh no. Whats come out? Tom’s an asshole alright. So he’s really funny. We Joke around on set with each other all the time he has this thing that he always goes cut the check mm-Hm Whenever he thinks he’s done his best take and that’s his way of saying Let’s move it on and I was doing a scene with him where he had a rugby tackle me And I shouted out cut the check Which is like exclusively Anthony’s line And the whole crew were like screaming and shouting and clapping and anthony kept trying to tell a joke, but because everyone was screaming So much. He couldn’t get it out So maybe that’s where his hatred. I won big what’s your biggest inspiration? from Spider-Man What’s up, dude? I actually sent this tweet in myself And my biggest inspiration is myself Yeah How many times did you have to audition for it? I did eight auditions in so a number of months so that you were going through it Yeah, it was it was about five and a half months the audition process I’ve been auditioning for six or seven months, and it was it was crazy Six or seven months four months. It wasn’t six seven months. There’s an exaggerating. That’s what I do. I’m an actor I pretend and I had to smoke a cigar at one point and the camera was only about king in this a lot of smoke on this one The cameras about half a foot away from my face to half a foot no one says that but anyway I was smoking the cigar And the director really wanted me to keep it in frame and burning my eyes And he was like the emotion was so good in that scene as I do that was just the smoke Messing with my eyes. There’s no emotion behind that at all you Know I think the best advice probably came from my dad. You know he He sat me down and said son look your life is about to change And people are going to start talking to you differently and you are ruining my interview um oh brown recluse or the Black widow called what? this is Thanks to this License I should also create the but dude how do you do that, right? I don’t know There’s a scene where it’s in the trailer where my suit pulls off and jacob is in the room with me and I had I Did have weights in the room? John oh Yeah movie marathon. I made you guys watch do you remember yeah? We want ours. Maybe this day I’m pretty in pink say anything sixteen candles yep First through this day off did I say that already yeah? Well, I’ve got some pian. Let me watch my husband very much Cause you had a cousin vide. We was what that was well, too because of you Faris t. Oday, I’ll tell John gave us a list of I Think it was ten movies that we were supposed to watch we only want to but the funny thing is that process of like Waiting for Civil war to come out The spider man car didn’t really work yet cuz you kind of like on a spider might have like no not as your girlfriend Spider-Man But now that that movie come out my spider-Man card is in full effect He had tinder for a while, and I you it was I think at the time you could only use Facebook pictures right, okay? Yeah, I never use my Facebook right so the only considered me from Facebook or when I’m like 12 And I use like six stitches for my face because he forgot about my program like sunlight twelve-Year-Olds no I was not so you know. We’re you know on a sort of educational level I Don’t really have one if I’m honest. I don’t really miss going to school probably Einstein guides genius I Don’t know why I said that oh Get off go any extra bit they go further oh Okay, we’ll come right now feel good about spiders Okay, when I say Feeling a little thing I’m not rely But yeah my gymnastics background was the most helpful thing, but the funny thing is is the director Got too excited at times as like Tom Can you can you climb up that wall and then do a double backflip off your honor? They’re like no? Yeah, like I’m not an olympian like I have a basic gymnastic background If I could start any remake of any movie, what would it be right now? I’m going to start my campaign for me to be the new James bond. I would like to be James Bond one day Let’s say 10 years time Make it happen. Tony. Let’s go. Thank you And it was a lot of fun. I had sideburns. I had to smoke cigarette funny, so on Day one the directors Like I need you to smoke cigarettes from cigarettes like yagan smoking right give it a give it and they gave me one of those old-school like World War 2 cigarettes I’m just super fat with no filter in them So I let the cigarette on camera for the first time with benedict great am I done anything with him either. I was like Sorry It was so embarrassing there was a few things that I couldn’t do there’s one There was like some time where they dangled My post on level under a helicopter and dumped him in a lake Damn it This is Lie. Isn’t it? So 1.59 ends up in a lake, but um I’m gonna get in so much trouble now. Oh

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