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Tommy Boy (2/10) Movie CLIP – Desktop Demo (1995) HD

Our new brake
pads are really cool. You’re not even
gonna believe it. Like, umm, let’s say you’re
drivin’ along the road
with your family And you’re drivin’ along.
La, de, da, whoo. Then, all of a sudden,
there’s a truck tire
in the middle of the road [imitating brakes screeching]
and you hit the brakes. [chuckling]
whoa. That was close. Now, let’s see what
happens when you’re Driving with
the “other guy’s” brake pads. You’re drivin’ along,
you’re drivin’ along, You know, all of a sudden
the kids are yellin’
from the back seat. “I gotta go to the bathroom,
daddy.” “not now, damn it!” Truck tire. [imitating brakes screeching]
“I can’t stop!” [groaning] Help! There’s a cliff. [groaning] And your family’s screamin’, “oh, my god!
We’re burnin’ alive! No, I can’t feel my legs!” In comes the meat wagon. [imitating ambulance siren] And the medic
gets out and says,
“oh, my god.” New guy’s in
the corner pukin’
his guts out. [groaning] All because you want to save
a couple of extra pennies. [chuckling]
to me, it doesn’t– Get out. Now. Yes, sir. Do you validate? Now! Ok. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Tommy Boy (2/10) Movie CLIP – Desktop Demo (1995) HD

  1. What's funny is I used to play out bad scenes like this with my cars some as a kid, and I was called disturbed! Well, not really, but this could get out hand…just like it did here.

  2. Saw this in the theater. I laughed so hard at this scene I jumped out of my seat holding my stomach, and had tears coming out of my eyes.

    HILARIOUS!!! Farley is SORELY missed!

  3. It is sureal that u see ur workplace in the movie Ha! Literally caught me off guard when i saw my office building downtown Toronto in this movie. Where Chris Farley and David Spade seating on bench outside the background of my office bldg Geez! thats where i go for smoke everyday while at work. Ha!

  4. "So what he is trying to say is that, our new brake pads are really cool. You're not even gonna believe it! Lets say your driving along the road with your family and your driving wee woo wee woo, and there's a trucks tire in the middle of the road and you hit the brakes stops woah, that was close. Now lets see when you drive with the other "guys" brake pads and your driving your driving along your driving along and the kids are yelling in the back seat, i gotta go to the bathroom daddy, NOT NOW DAMMIT, and there's a truck tire in the middle of the road. I CANT STOP, uhh ahh ahh ahh, there's a cliff, AHHH car hits ground and your family is screaming, OH MY GOD WERE BURNING ALIVE, NO I CANT FEEL MY LEGS. Here comes the meat wagon wee woo wee woo wee woo, and the medic gets out and says. Oh my god. New guys in the corner puking his guts out, BLAHHH BLAHH BLAH All because you wanna save a few extra pennies. To me it does'nt… GET OUT.. NOW. Do you validate? NOW."

  5. When ever my family and I would go on a trip somewhere me and my dad would joke around when I say “I gotta go to the bathroom, Daddy” and he’d respond “Not now, Damnit”!! Good times

  6. Haaahaha….maybe if youre gonna use this analogy,do Not use the guy (and his whole family) you are trying to make a deal with as the example of people burning alive…just say someone else. Love you forever,Farley,always comedic perfection.

  7. Brother how did you pass 2 decades ago and Im here rolling around in tears of laughter watching the new guy puke??! 🤣🤣🤣 Legend. Thanks

  8. The way he goes from screaming to completely calm with flames on the desk saying "all because you wanted to save a couple extra pennies"

  9. I did an analysis of this using the 5 canons of rhetoric in my speech class. I got an A.

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