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Tommy Boy (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Killed My Sale! (1995) HD

Helen. That’s nice.
You look like a helen. Helen, we’re both in sales. Let me tell you
why I suck as a salesman. Let’s say I go
into some guy’s office. Let’s say he’s even
remotely interested
in buyin’ somethin’. Then I get all excited. I’m like jo-jo
the idiot circus boy
with a pretty new pet. The pet is my possible sale. My pretty little pet,
I love you. So I stroke it and I pet it
and I massage it. Hee, hee, I love it. I love my little naughty pet.
You’re naughty. Then I take
my naughty pet and I go… [groaning] [bawling] (richard)
I killed it! I killed my sale! That’s when I blow it. That’s when people like us Have got
to forge ahead, helen. Am I right? God, you’re sick. Tell you what.
I’ll go turn the fryers
back on And throw some wings in
for you.

100 thoughts on “Tommy Boy (7/10) Movie CLIP – I Killed My Sale! (1995) HD

  1. Wrong. His last movie was Dirty Work which starred Norm MacDonald.

    The last movie he was the star of was Almost Heroes.

  2. Actually his final leading role was in "Almost Heroes" with Matthew Perry & a small cameo role in "Dirty Work" with Norm Macdonald.

  3. I've always wondered how this scene convinces Richard character that Tommy can persuade people into buying his company's brake pads.

  4. Rosanne Barr was going to be "Helen" but they ended up with this actress. I can't remember what happened to Rosanne but I believe she couldn't make it to Canada for the film . 

  5. Hahaha.  This is great- talking about pets.  "I killed it!".  This is such a great clip to look back on.  

    Whoops on the death though.  Oh well; Just call the death part of the divine plan …of a careless politician.

  6. Hehe…I love it..I love my little naughty're naughty! Hehe…and I take my naughty pet and I go..QQUUEAAAK! QUUWEAK!

  7. Last night I acted this out for my 3 year old daughter using her stuffed animal and she cracked up, saying "do it again" 3 times.

  8. pretty much me when it comes to romance i got a pretty new girl who might be interested in dating me and they i blow it i say or do something i shouldnt have and end up looking like an idiot and she exits like a bat out of hell #foreversingle

  9. Farley channeling the potential Tommy boy has a salesman, amazing! Sales people should study this scene what a businessman he can be!

  10. Back in the day when David Spade was actually funny with his quiet serious dweeb roles. Nowadays he's just an over the top burnout

  11. Thanks again! What kind of a dog was I? if you don't mind me asking!
    Nevermind it doesn't matter! Dogs define owners. Like pitbulls often get mis represented as family pets!

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