Laughter is the Best Medicine


Just a little bit of party! I heard you was down… So I got a gift from B-Dup. Come on now. I can’t do that. – Come on, sweet, come on… Make sure you enjoy this. This is a rich man’s high. All the players are doing it. I know you’re gonna enjoy this. It takes the pain away… – Oh, yeah? Hey!! Shit… Everything is KKK and I just wanna see what’s so good. What are you, a fucking moron? – Man, this shit already destroyed the whole hood. I might as well let it destroy me too! Listen, I’m sorry. – What do you know about this this? This is what it blows up to now. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by people like you. – Sorry. This bitch talk nice to you, and this what you do? – Fuck! – You’re gonna have to deal with B-Dup! What? “Beat up”? We can handle that shit right now, then! Get your ass outta here. Bitch! Toni, you’re one of my most trusted allies. After what you did, you’re like a son to me. Better than my son. Better than any son. Your mother is a lucky woman. – So I hear! What were you thinking back there Toni? – I’m tired, Sal. Real tired. Tired of putting in work, but still shit don’t get better. Tired of seeing my family fall apart. Toni man, you got more heart than that. Sure, things are screwed up now, believed in the turner corner, man The day has come up with a Leone Family to be at the top and it’s coming real soon. I hear you boss. You’re there for us. I know that. Hey B-Dup, open up! – B-Dup! Open the door punk! – Fool! – Yo , Dup ain’t here. Moved out a while back. Where’d he go, dickhead? – Yo, you messing up with cats colors, dude! – Speak up, fool! Yo I got… I got sum, a little sum… Just what you need. – Man I don’t want none of that shit! No, you ‘re trippin’, you’re trippin’ man, come on, put the gun down. He a face head man. – Shit, he’s wearing Family colors. That’s supposed to make him somebody! Look fool, tell us where “Beat Up” is and we outta here. – He live over on Glen Park away… His boys there, give a cat what he needs… You lucky. Oh man, Glenn Park. Part of Kilo Trays country. – Fuck it, I’m down. And that fool had it coming too long. We’ll take the whole neighborhood for it. – Yeah, let’s roll. Okay, the neighborhood sold up now. – No sign of B-Dup tho, dawg. – Check the place over there! Say something! – Hey, hey, no, I had no choice. I was threatened. She came from the boss, homie! – Pop this motherfucker, man I’m tired of him and his bullshit. – Nah man! I’m sorry dawg. Smoke’s fucking crazy! He paranoid, he’s just sitting the house thing other fools when his business. Where’s Smoke? – I can’t tell you that. – Then I’ll smash your fucking tongue out! – I ain’t saying nothing homie, cuz I don’t know! Only his lieutenants know where he at. I will wet you anyway! Bear! Hey Bear, get the fuck out in! – What’s up your lordship? – Kill these motherfuckers and I’ll give you a whole quarter set. Now handle that. Shot ’em. The fuck is wrong with you? You hear what the fuck I said? Bear, what the fuck are you doing? C’mon, man! – … And I’m tired of doing your fucking housework! Hey man, c’mon, put me in your team, gimme twenty bucks and I’m all yours baby, blast for the past! Hey, let’s take a ride homie, I’mma show you a place where you can chill. I got Bear’s back, man. – A’ight, I’ll see you in a minute, Bear! Where we goin’, sir? – Some place where we can get the old Bear back. – A’ight. I’m down for that.

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