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Toon Boom Harmony 15 Crack – Trial Freeze

Create a account Use a random phone number with the same amount of the selected country Activate your account clicking the verification link Download Harmony 15 Premium installer (or any version you want) This is the way you get a new trial license Continue downloading or cancel it if it’s already installed Install Harmony using the default installation path Choose the “Independent mode” Log in with your account created in Start the 21 days trial Download Run As Date from the link posted in the video description Choose the compatibility mode with Windows 7 Check the “Run as Administrator” box Select “HarmonyPremium.exe” from the default installation path of Harmony 15 C:Program Files (x86)Toon Boom AnimationToon Boom Harmony 15.0 Premiumwin64bin Set up the actual date Copy/paste the default path, this must finish with the “bin” word Check all the options that I show you in the video Create a new shortcut for your frozen Harmony Search in Start menu the “Windows Firewall” Choose the Windows Firewall with advanced options Add a new outbound rule Select the Program and Path which you want to block This time we arre looking for “HarmonyPremium.exe” executable Check the “Block Connection” option Check all the options to block Harmony in all networks types Add a name for your new outbound rule You have to do the same process to add the Inbound rules I’ve shared a file with the paths you have to check manually if there are blocked. because there are some paths in a different folder than Harmony 15 directory All this executable files are asociated with the Harmony License server This means if you want to activate a new trial license, you have to disable the inbound and outbound rules Adding manually all the harmony executable takes a lot of time Therefore, we are going to use a method to block all the executables inside the harmony folder… … only copying and pasting a “Batch” file. This command line is simple and can be seted by yourself. If you have doubts about the content of the batch files. Just save the file with the “.BAT” extension in your desktop This file is going to block all the executable (.exe) in the main folder. Go to the Harmony folder to paste the batch file Paste the batch file and Run it as administrator The command window will automatically close when it finish with the task. But it only adds the outbound rules Refresh the Windows Firewall to check if the new rules has been added If you want to add all the executables to the inbound rules You just need to change the “out” word with “in” Save, copy and paste the new batch file at the same path as the previous batch file. Check if the inbound rules has been created in the Windows Firewall Press Windows Key + R Write “Services.msc” Find the “Flexnet Licensing Service 64” Right click on the service. Disable and stop it in “Properties” This service is associated with some products of Autodesk, like Autodesk Maya, for example. You shouldn’t use this step because generate issues with Autodesk Licenses. Check if the Harmony tools aren’t locked To check if Harmony is frozen, you only have to change the date some days further and then changing it back to the current time. Open Harmony every time to check if there isn’t any issue with the license files. You must delete the original Harmony Shortcut You must always open scenes inside Harmony. Don’t use windows explorer to open projects You must not use “Render and Play” button (The Play one with the star). This option open a Harmony Player and make it unfreeze. If we have any issue with the license files, and we are in the trial period. We can restore the license file if it’s “corrupted” by mistake with the “Warnings” in the previous step. Or because Harmony is unfreezed by itself Click in the option>”Activate Now”>”Admin. Licenses”>”Admin. Local Licenses” Repair the license and return it to the License server Because all the rules are activated, Harmony can’t connect to the activation server. Windows key + R: services.msc Check if the “FlexNet” service is running. Go to the Windows Firewall with advanced options Select all the Harmony rules and disable it. Disable the inbound rules too. Now you can repair and return your license to the activation server and then log in with your account Press Windows Key + R: Write “Regedit” Find this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeBD Inc Delete all the folders inside the “BDinc” folder. Press Windows Key + R: Write %ProgramData% Select the FlexNet folder and the delete the files with “toon boom” in its name. Clean your Recycle bin Press Windows Key + R: Write %TEMP% Delete all the files that you can inside the Temp folder. Download the program from (or use one of your preference) Extract and run the program Find the “Toon boom Harmony 15” entrie Right click on the program and select “Force removal” Delete all Harmony leftovers Check if the “FlexNet” folder, “BDinc” folder in the windows registry editor, and… …”TEMP” folder are empty without any files asociated to Harmony. You can create multiple accounts using the “Alias” of outlook. Just add a new alias to your main email account And at the moment you need a new account Use one of the alias created previously If you log in repeatedly in Harmony or delete your license files The program will detect your main email account and then will delete your trial time (Check the video description)

100 thoughts on “Toon Boom Harmony 15 Crack – Trial Freeze

  1. Does it work for windows 7??? "?
    Can anyone help me please

  2. The RunAsDate don't work with the date i put and harmony close after open new project. So i'm waiting for solutions

  3. Genial funciona lastima lo de que hay que omitir el renderizado y reproducci贸n. 馃檨 Cuando ser谩 que saquen un crack full?

  4. Necesito ayuda, cuando inicio el programa todo perfecto funciona todo, menos al momento de duplicar dibujo se cierra de la nada, y tambien cuando voy a guardar el proyecto se cierra y no guarda nada, HELP MEH >:C

  5. Nobody is going to crack the software? It's so weird that a famous software like this one is not cracked… Please somebody crack it 馃檨

  6. is there really a point in disabling the flexnet service because it keeps on running again after you start the program?

  7. Do I HAVE to have an internet connection to use it? I tried to use it before and it worked – but later on my internet was disconnected and I forgot and it said my trial was over.

  8. Has there been a fix for the crashing? Can't seem to open the program without it crashing immediately.

  9. Does anyone get the error `Error 997.Overlapped I/O Operation is in progress` in the RunAsDate app and then ToonBoom crashes? I've tried a couple things to fix it but none has worked so far… If someone else has it, are you trying to fix it?

  10. oye, muchas gracias! MUUUUY bien explciado, y me corre de maravilla (desafortunadamente, el est煤pido de flexnet se desbloquea solo, cada vez que lo inhabilito. pero bueno, supongo que cada 21 dias borrare licencias etc… y crear{e un nuevo correo, porque no me deja bloquear con runasdate.) pero a pesar de eso… funciona, gracias!

  11. cl platform not found what it need, after disabling my flex from ''services.msc'' , the programs opens but stops running.

  12. Necesito ayuda, cuando inicio el programa todo perfecto funciona todo, menos al momento de duplicar dibujo se cierra de la nada, y tambien cuando voy a guardar el proyecto se cierra y no guarda nada,

  13. Me pone que ya se ha instalado una versi贸n de evaluaci贸n en este sistema, hay alguna manera de eliminarlo?

  14. Pregunta un poco est煤pida quiz谩s, pero como se me viene un trabajo encima… uno puede registrarse nuevamente cada 21 d铆as?

  15. Al momento de terminar toda la instalaci贸n, congelar el programa y el bloqueo, se cierra autom谩ticamente cuando lo inicio. 驴Qu茅 pudo haber sucedido?

  16. Hola, en la carpeta temp tengo m谩s archivos a parte de los de toon boom, cuales son los que tengo que borrar espec铆ficamente?

  17. Hi! Thanks for creating this tutorial although i'm stuck at "Stopping Flexnet Services" since you said it will effect the autodesk licensing and i still prefer to use my autodesk (3ds max, maya )…is it possible if i could just skip this step or am i missing something here? Hopefully you respond…

  18. Hola amigo. He le铆do que el Harmony lamentablemente se cierra con la ultima version de Win 10 y eso es lo que me pasa a m铆 con la version 12 de Harmony. Todo fue que mi sistema se actualizara. Que soluci贸n hay para esto? Ninguna por el momento?

  19. It says "suspended" when I try to use it and look at it in the task manager. Something is turning it off when I am about to get it to work with runasdate.

  20. Hola, A mi se me quedo pasmado en Starting mailbox server [58527], ya lo frizie, ya le meti las reglas de entrada y salida, le detuve el servicio de licencia, deja bloqueado el crear una escena y no puedo accesar al programa, hay alguna soluci贸n?

  21. Hice todo lo que se indica y el programa abre pero despues de un momento se apaga, es por la actualizaci贸n de Windows?, ayuda por favor

  22. Hey it just shuts down on luanch I think it is a problem with run as date. it works normaly without it. My windows version is 1803 windows 10. It wont let me go to a older version due to a change windows made.

  23. it isnt working. ive done everything required and when i go to opne harmonypremium.exe a black command box comes up.there is no text and nothing opens…

  24. I opened without internet and then it stopped working, im trying to install again but when i try to open the free trial days it says "Unable to sign in to your toon Boom account. There was an error retrieving licenses from the license server. Socket operation timed out (4) HEEEEELP

  25. All was going fine until I opened it , after creating create scene it opens for a second and closes and so does the cmd window, what did I do wrong ?
    I think just changing time back works well too but its annoying

  26. Hello. I had problems with viruses. My Avast caught viruses in your version (Harmony 15 Premium ver.13055). Did you have the same problems?

  27. I found a workaround to this but its a long process so I'll cut short.
    1. Install VirtualBox.
    2. Install Windows 10(or any version) in VirtualBox.
    3.Install Harmony 15(dont license it yet).
    4. Take a snapshot/restore point for the system.
    5. Now you can license Harmony 15 and use the trial.

    When the trial ends just:
    1. Go back to the restore point that you created earlier.
    2. Create a new toon boom account with a new email/email-alias.
    3. Repeat step 5 from above.

    Thats the best method working for me.
    -Using Windows 10 1803 April Update.

  28. Gracias, gracias, gracias por el video…
    Pd. 驴Sabes si puedo aplicar el mismo procedimiento de borrar las licencias para luego instalar una nueva versi贸n de prueba con Storyboard Pro 6? Por cierto teniendo Windows 8.

  29. Hola Rodrigo, acaba de finalizar mi versi贸n de prueba y estoy tratando de obtener otra con un correo alternativo totalmente nuevo (como explicas en el video). Pero luego de instalar el programa, voy a la opci贸n "probar ahora" y cuando intento iniciar sesi贸n con mi nuevo correo me dice "No se puede iniciar sesi贸n en su cuenta de ToonBoom. Se ha producido un error al recuperar licencias del servidor de licencias, Operaci贸n socket expirada (4)". Te agradecer铆a mucho alguna opini贸n! saludos

  30. Hermano, has probado con otro soft que sea similar al Run as Date para solucionar lo del windows 10 built 1803?
    Existe el Cracklock pero no he comprobado

  31. Funciona en la versi贸n de Windows 10 build 1709 de enero 2018?
    Har茅 formato de mi sistema y me cambiare a esa versi贸n. Solo pregunto, no ser谩 en vano?

  32. Hola, Gracias por el tutorial, se que funciona porque una vez lo hice y salio todo a la perfecci贸n, pero tengo un problema y es que al hacerlo de nuevo recientemente me dice que ya hay una versi贸n de prueba instalada. 驴Que puedo hacer?

    Gracias ^^

  33. Hola, cuando genero el Run As Date y lo inicio me sale todo bien al principio, luego cuando carga a la pantalla donde te pone los dias de prueba esta aparece pero en blanco, luego se cierra directamente. Como lo puedo solucionar? he seguido exactamente todos tus pasos, es un problema de mi PC?

  34. Bien a esperar un keygen decente de XForce para este software. De momento me encuentro practicando con otras apps y me est谩n dando resultados fenomenales con las mismas t茅cnicas (Frame by Frame / Cut OUT) 馃榾 pues que al final de cuentas lo m谩s importante es la CALIDAD de mis trabajos 馃榾

  35. hola que tal todavia hay problemas con el windows 10 tengo la ultima version ? o deber铆a cambiar anteriores versiones de windows

  36. He usado los dias de prueba y ahora me estoy haciendo otra cuenta pero no consigo que funcione porque cuando vuelvo a instalar harmony despues de haber quitado las entradas del registro y la des. forzosa, sigue detectandome la licencia anterior. Se te ocurre que puede estar pasando? muchas gracias

  37. Get a block symbol! Argh I ran it as admin and got the block icon. I was running without admin before but it would crash after a few moments. I followed everything correctly :(.

  38. Bua mil gracias!!!! funcion贸!!! (en Windows 10 hay alguna manera? solo lo consegu铆 en uno de Windows 7). Anyway, muchas gracias por el tutorial!

  39. This didn't work for me,but i found a nifty trick. Just change the date manually from your date and time settings to the day you installed the software (or just any day before the trial expires,it doesn't really matter) everytime ,before you open it. Always open using the Run As Date shortcut not the main one. If you get an error just repair the license.

  40. When I use run as data 64 bit version it does not save if i add bitmap drawing in the scene but when I use run as data 32 version it works very will but you need to change the date manually from your date and time settings to the day you installed the software (or just any day before the trial expires,it doesn't really matter)

  41. No me quedo claro lo de los codigos batch. Que codigo exacto debo poner para no tener que hacer todo el proceso manual?

  42. Hello, so I have the program up and running, but every time i try to save it closes itself!! Ive tried saving it in different locations and saving it in different ways but no luck. I also moved the RunasDate.exe file to places I know i have full control and still no luck.
    I placed my RunasDate file in Windows C: ->Program files(86x) -> Time control (new folder)
    I made sure the folder had full permissions as well.

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  43. Tengo problemas con el License Wizard. Me dice equipo no encontrado. Ya tengo la cuenta lista y activada en ToomBoom

  44. I'm having a problem. I cant start the file by clicking in the file icon, it shows a messege of error. The only way I managed to opne it was entering toon boom, and then opening the file there, but it comes with a lack of some colors in the pallette. Please, how can I fix it??

  45. Hey, does this still works? I really need to use the version 15 on Win 10, only deleting the keys to reset the trial does not work

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