Laughter is the Best Medicine

Top 10 Best Comedy Anime

who wants to laugh their hearts out so
don’t hold back now this is our list of top 10 comedy animate number 10 daily
lives of high-school boys as the title implies daily lives of high-school boys
is a sketch comedy about the hilariously realistic day-to-day lives of adolescent
males from creamy roleplay to awkward encounters with girls the main character
static unique Inari and Yoshi tacky live their teen lines attending an all-boys
Academy number nine monthly girl’s nose aki khun Chiyo has a crush on her
classmate in Ozaukee but when she confesses her love for him the oblivious
knows aki mistakes her for fanon gives her an autograph Chiyo later discovers
that nose Aki is the famous showed you a manga artist named saeki kimono and
decides to help nose Aki with his manga in hopes of one day developing romantic
relations with him monthly girl’s nose aki Khan is a great
character driven comedy exploring the struggles of one-sided relationships
along with parody and showed you a manga tropes number 8 skip dance 3 unusual
students joined together at came my high school to establish the living
assistance Club as part of their club activities they help with any problem no
matter what skin dance has everything you need for a quality comedy a light in
inconsequential plot goofy characters and stupidity all-around wacky things
are always going on in sky dance and our main characters always manage regardless
of the situation number 7 one punch man Saitama is an unassuming man who quit
his day job to pursue his dream of being a hero through intensive training for
three years Saitama has lost his hair in exchange
for great power now Saitama is able to defeat even the
greatest enemy with just one punch one punch man is a superhero anime
that completely and utterly makes fun of superheroes number six haven’t you heard
I’m Sakamoto Sakamoto is the epitome of perfection he’s sophisticated graceful
and handsome Sakamoto has managed to win the hearts
of all the girls in school and the anger of all the boys and Sakamoto is only a
first-year haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto is just a hodgepodge of
goofiness you might think that Sakamoto is too perfect but he combats hate so
perfectly that you just can’t hate him combine that with the odd side
characters this show will just make you laugh out loud number five the comic
artist and his assistants hey Yuki is a manga artist whose love for panties runs
deep and who takes pride in being a pervert having trouble reaching
deadlines and getting chapters accepted by his editor mihari he decides to hire
a number of assistants all of which have very different personalities Asha’s who
is serious in her work ethic and is often a target to fidos perverted
tendencies she does not hesitate to lash out and sometimes goes as far as showing
her sadistic side number four balcan so what’s it like to have a school
that’s so unique you’ll never want to ever be called absent in class adding
more to that what’s it like to be at either the top or bottom of the rankings
of this special school in baka to test school’s tests and summon the beasts are
the main attractions they run rampant ly that they’re the primary cause of all
the hilarity and amusement number 3 nitrogen neutral you crack some jokes
and day-to-day life in order to show that life is actually funny the way it
is no need to take life too seriously just find the jokes in it and you’re all
set for a world of Li if you are looking for something ridiculously stupid you’ve
gotten it Roger it takes every day vents and cranks up the craziness of these
events tenfold it’s hard not to find a character to
liken it to jewel number two the devil is a part-timer
after losing a vicious battle in an alternate world Lord Satan retreats to
the unknown world modern-day Tokyo here he has no powers and is forced to become
accustomed to the lifestyle of a modern human this consists of getting a job he
acquires a part-time job at a local megaron ups where he becomes a model
employee the show has hilarious and traction and
romance between hero and Satan number one gin Tama gin Tama is an anime unlike
any other the most ridiculous things happen in most of the jokes will catch
you completely off-guard when the comedic moments happen you will
literally be on the floor laughing hysterically every single one of the
characters makes gin Tama to be the supreme comedy anime King gin Tama makes
fun of every aspect of society in the strangest setting possible

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