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21 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Schmitt One-Liners on Grey's Anatomy (1080p HD)

  1. Have you thought about maybe making a series of videos for David and Patrick from Schitt's creek? It's a sweet domestic relationship that I really love!! Find it on Netflix!!!

  2. I heard 80s/90s anime sounds during all the video 😂 I can’t help but imagine Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon fights during all the gay cuteness

  3. Did they stay together cause I remember some drama when they broke up(I think)
    I am not following the series so I would really like to know

  4. Love this video,
    I already what number one was going to be, it was too good to not be in there as the one of the funny liners. But great job!!

  5. 1) was not prepared for shirtless Holland but thank u very much for it
    2) where was that scene of Alex Ludwig from? SO DAMN HOT!!!
    3) i love this couple

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