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Top 10 Dirty Jokes In Kids’ Movies

Hi guys, I’m Chris, and this week we’re
shattering your childhood innocence with the top 10 dirty jokes in kids’ movies. Even in the most cherished films of all time,
those cheeky filmmakers couldn’t help slipping in a few innuendos for the parents, if you
know what I mean. So shield your eyes, because things are about
to turn a little PG-13. 10. Space Jam (1996) The basketball players in this Looney Tunes
masterpiece find themselves in a jam when they lose their talent to a gang of cartoon
and can’t score. Not bad for a movie that started out as an
early 90s Nike commercial. 9. Ratatouille (2007) Food and sex jokes go together like wine and
cheese, but Pixar was very tasteful in limiting Ratatouille to the crème de la crème of
innuendos. Bet she likes her sausages spiced with ginger. 8. Monster House (2006) Monster House is about an unusually animated
house that the neighborhood kids suspect might be alive. Vulva, uvula…same thing? Top marks for bravery,
but you might want to brush up on your anatomy. 7. Hocus Pocus (1993) This next one might leave you a little spellbound. Hocus Pocus is a kids’ halloween film, complete
with skeletons, witches, talking cats – and a horny bus driver? Now that is scary. Gross. 6. Aladdin (1992-1996) These Arabian nights are about to get saucy.
Disney’s Aladdin tells the story of a sprightly street urchin and his rebellious princess
wife Jasmine, as they take on the evil vizier, Jafar. But in between fighting evil sorcery, there’s
always time for sex. 5. Brave Little Toaster To the Rescue (1997) The Brave Little Toaster is Toy Story for
household appliances. The third film has a catalogue of inanimate objects who can walk,
talk, sing, cry, and…orgasm too, naturally. It’s ​so outrageous and drawn out!​ ​It
totally doesn’t need to be in the film, but I’m glad it is. Just make sure to clean your paper tray when
you’re finished, buddy. 4. Madagascar (2005) Looking for a clever way to swear in a kids’
movie? DreamWorks’ Madagascar got around this one with an acronym. Well how else would you respond to an angry
lion running at you?! 3. Shrek (2001) Ogres are like onions, after all, so let’s
peel back the layers of Shrek and see what beastly things are hiding. First, there’s Lord Farquaad’s castle
– also, Lord ‘Farq-uaad’? The great ruler of Duloc sounds an awful lot like a ‘fuck
wad’ if you ask me… Anyway, in this scene it’s revealed that
Lord Farquaad has a tiny…inferiority complex. [SHREK SAYS ‘ Do you think he’s compensating?’] But that doesn’t stop him flying the flag
when he’s alone in his boudoir. Is that a scroll in his pocket,
or is he just happy to see me? And after all that dirty work, it’s really
important that you… …wipe your…face. 2. Toy Story (1995-2010) The classic Toy Story films aren’t shy to
erections… [Toy Story 2, Buzz gets turned on by Jesse]
…hookers… …or blowjob jokes. Skilfully done, Pixar. 1. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) What could be rude about a British nanny?
Well, quite a lot, when you cast Robin Williams as an undercover, cross-dressing, vengeful
husband. The improv genius ran amok with his lines,
and the outcome was so spectacularly vulgar that 3 different edits of the movie were created:
PG-13, R, and NC-17. If only he wasn’t so good with double-entendres… [I should never buy gribene from a Mohel.
It’s so chewy! ] [ON SCREEN TEXT – *He’s making a foreskin
joke] I miss you, Robin. Did you spot those jokes when you were little?
What’s your favorite dirty joke in a kids film? Tell me in the comments below. If you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Dirty Jokes In Kids’ Movies

  1. No wonder I knew about sex so young before being taught about it at the age of eleven.
    Huh, I didn't know Mrs. Doubtfire had different ratings, I thought the one shown was the only one. XD

  2. I remember an episode in good luck charlie:

    Parents: Ok Teddy were going out
    Teddy: Ok mom and dad. Have fun. Not too much fun. We have enough kids already.
    That show is on Disney and rated 7+

  3. there is a very dirty joke in ice age 1 , Sed was milking a goat when goat was sleeping , and there is another scene sed was running and saying I did not know you where a guy. lol

  4. I remember this from a movie I loved as a kid called 'That darn cat'
    Some police officers are looking for a girl's cat.
    One guy asks on the phone: What do you see?
    Other guy: I see a vixen delivering meat to a couple of guys
    1st guy: Um, there's a young lady here
    2nd guy: no, really, there's this woman delivering meat to some guys
    and sure enough, there's a woman carrying lamb chops to her neighbours.

  5. Dirty jokes certainly open up 'kids' movies to an older audience which is great. It's a great marketing ploy used by animation studios in particular.

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  7. 3:00 Robin Williams was offered a shit ton of money to do Aladdin, but he did it FOR FREE . He wanted to do something "for the kids"

  8. The best one was on Animaniacs when Yakko tells Dot they need prints. And she has Prince the singer and says "I found Prince" Yakko: "no….FINGER PRINTS." (finger Prince ) Dot: "I don't think so…"  RIP, Prince…we'll miss your crazy ass!!!!!!

  9. Shrek isn't really a kids film it's a family friendly movie. Family friendly means they can get away with dirty jokes as long as they don't take them too far.

  10. wean the shep girl siad to woody i gess im going to have some elseto whach the sheep ionly live a few blocks away

  11. How about the giant swinging balls full of seamen (!) in Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC? And then they all have to race each other to the… Pearl? I always thought that one was a bit cheeky.

  12. My favorite adult joke was in Cars when the rusty car said "Well my brother is always lit but he still needs headlights!"

  13. The fact that I've seen everyone of these movies and didn't catch them is funny, and its odd that I've seen every edit of Mrs.Dountfire and didn't catch them.

  14. In the movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Bill Clinton show up at the end of the movie. Bill Clinton says "I've done worse."

    In the same movie, Mr. Peabody stops Sherman from a booby trap. Sherman laughs when Mr.Peabody says something about a booby trap.

  15. Almost all kids movies are inappropriate and dirty because most of the characters kiss or something like that, watch the secret life of pets at the end with gidget and max, gah every kids movie always finds a way to get dirty.

  16. the other one from Shrek is in the Robin Hood song: "I like an honest fight and a saucy little maid, what he's basically saying is he likes to get…paid!"

  17. haha when I first learned the cuss word from my cousins for ass was a day later I was at her house and we were watching shrek and as I was singing along with it I didn't follow with it and I said Ass my cousin had just laughed it off while her sister just said for me not to repeat it again

  18. One dirty joke I found was in Robots. One guy accidentally goes into the ladies' bathroom. It's there that we know what each sign represents: the plugs are males and the outlets are female. Yup, they made that joke.

  19. DR. LIPSHITZ? In Rugrats, the pediatrician that the kids see is mentioned in more than half of the episodes, he is the baby psychologist and author who's advice on child rearing is deemed genius. His name is often talked about to solve problems the babies are having. The highly regarded Dr. Lipshitz. Come on guys. Lipshitz is awesome but perhaps it wasn't covert enough being that it's constantly said very openly and his authored books are everywhere. Why is this never mentioned. There are entire episodes about lipshitz. Lipshitz!!!!!

  20. Everyone has been missing the dirtiest hoke of them all from Toy Story 2. The line where where Buzz lightyear asks Jessie or insinuates that shes into Woody and she responds: "no thanks, I have my own Woody at home."

  21. 1:52 – "So it's a girl-house (vulvula)" "What?!" I am dead 4:09 – me "Oh, Fluffy Useful Caring Kangaroo!" :DD

  22. Surprised you left Fantastic Mr Fox out… that is a swearfest with weird 1970s/80s action movie references that NO kid would ever catch …
    "Yippee ki yay mother cusser"
    "A Complete Clustercuss"

    and tonnes of innuendo

  23. Does any one remember the scene in the Aladdin movie where Aladdin says "come on good teenagers, take off your cloths"

  24. In toy story 2 when buzz goes down the buzz light year I'll he looks at a clone of him he whisaled and almost "touched his button" as in touched his d -_- I just noticed that's today

  25. Jack Frost: After Jack realised that he's a Snowman he's feels for his… candycain. To see if he's still got it. And he reaches for his crotch as he says. "Please be there. Please be there… (Shocked and annoyed noise)." It goes something like that.

  26. What about when in the original toy story bo peep says to woody that she might get someone else to watch the sheep tonight

  27. What about the part where Potato Head took off his lips and tapped it on his behind and Mr. Spell was saying Har Ha Ha Ha where he got the symbolism

  28. I am DYING to see that R rated Mrs. Doubtfire now! That was my favorite movie when I was 5 years old, I watched it all the time.

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