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36 thoughts on “Top 10 Friends Jokes that Would NOT Work on TV Today

  1. Omg !! What the hell is this ?! I thought you were a fan of friends ?! Stop hating on it … it’s all funny now ! How dare you diss Ross, he’s the most innocent of the lot ! It goes to show you received more dislikes than likes ! Haha

  2. “Because awareness of trans-rights have a come a long way, it makes these scenes hard to watch”

    It’s funny cause I have a family member who is trans and we still find friends hilarious and binge watch it every day.

  3. It's always the ones who are corrupt that play moral police. Don't fall for their trick, there is always an agenda behind their actions. That's how they rule the world sadly.

  4. This is why television sucks now cause we have pussies like you saying “that’s not okaaaaay” with every humorous situation.

  5. Breaking News: It's called comedy. Do you know what sarcasm is?They didn't offend anyone, people should stay calm and just laugh sometimes…

  6. I think all of this jokes and running gags were ok and handled with respect. The one I had trouble with and you actually left out is the one about Phoebe's mother's suicide. I just can't stand when they joke about such a sensitive topic.

  7. All of these things would still work today. Our generation is waaaayyy to oversensitive bro like chill out bruh. And sure it’s a way more progressive time but there are still some things that may disturb some and shit if everyone has the right to be this or that, then some pple should have the right to be disturbed as long as they not hurting anyone.

  8. What a lot of crap!! who made this video must be an offended millenial who watched Friends expecting a politically correct show with politically correct jokes. THIS WAS MADE IN THE 90!!!!

  9. jesus christ, people want to be entertained by your video, not told what is no longer "allowed" to be funny. fuck me. plus you just showed all of the jokes you deem "wrong" for likes and subs.

  10. Lol. Offended fanboys have taken over d comments section.
    Looks live they themselves are d snowflakes that can't handle someone pointing out problematic aspects from a dated tv show.

  11. No. It is funny now. And that stuff, that you said about Ross, about his jealousy and this Barbie thing… It's all okey! And it's not just funny reaction, it's right reaction

  12. Today's world is to pc ridiculous. As for breastfeeding. It's great to do it. And you do have to feed babies wherever they get hungry but…. People do feel uncomfortable at times. Turn your head away you get accused of being insensitive, look to long you're a pervert.( Oh I'm a woman)
    You can't make anyone happy these days.
    And the Barbie doll in the real world alot of men feel that way. So that episode was a learning chance.
    Come on people most of the jokes turn into a chance to learn to be more accepting.
    I'm so glad I grew up in the 70s 80s and 90s.
    These time suck.

  13. everyone is offended by everything these days so pretty much any show that was out before 2015 will offend someone somehow today, we are getting softer and softer its becoming a joke in its self

  14. Occident civilisation is dying because of all these "politically correct" spirits, and communautary minds… It's so sad to see our world goes down about mind's freedom and humour… (sorry for my approximate English, I'm French) Viva "Friends", best tv show ever!!! 😉

  15. Most of those would be a tiny bit diffrently done and it would be fine. But Ross would be known as the toxic fucker that he actually is.

  16. yes most of these jokes are offensive and won’t work today and you know it’s a good thing right? I’m tired of everyone saying people are sensitive today when it’s the other way around lmao everyone gets so offended when people say they won’t take your shit and offensive “jokes” when they aren’t even funny in the first place. Tired of people thinking jokes have to be homophobic, sexist or racist to be funny. Just admit you’re an asshole and not funny and move on lmaooo.

  17. There is a huge difference between a joke, and bullying, and I think script writers sometimes get it wrong.

  18. I love friends and have some problematics teams that are understandable by the time of the show. It's not like HIMYM or BBT that our contemporary and full of problematics jokes

  19. Phoebe was not assaulted because first of he did not follow her around and and then pushed her up against a wall and grabbed her but no she was massaging him so calm down msMojo

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