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TOP 10 Funniest Comedians EVER on Britain’s Got Talent | Got Talent

With [the] Fairy Tale of love . Thank you This is a story about love when a guy [eats] a girl in a bar. He sees a girl I Want to say he’s a great big hello She looked lovely the dress that night. She was wearing She wasn’t looking at it. So he showed her his best dance [mouth] Hey, you want to drink what you want, okay? Why? fair enough The girl looks the guy in tears. I’m sorry. I’ve got a little taller. Don’t go he says please don’t go I love The girl comes back. I’m sorry [hey], let it come back to my place of coffee the guy says hey, God The guy got the girl and now they’d be together for 45 years It’s a fairy tale [Pablo]. Thank you Dear 25 8:48 a.m. And the new Celebrity Housemaid have arrived by big brother car ah [did] somebody mention car? [oh] yeah? Oh? Hello, Simon, or can I call you daddy? in 49 [a.m.], the housemates are having donuts for breakfast, and it’s emily nature donut oh No news is there anything they can’t do mMM marge? You’re talking about donor to [your] homie the Harpy Will be back after the bridge arthur the night she said Nothing is harder to do so pay attention 949 Am Trying to find out if you’ve got the x factor You left like a pop star. [you] sound like a pop star. [I] cut your food but Gara Gara Jar Jar Jar jar oh Garth Garth We need to find ice the thought up once final judge Simon Hey Okay, let me stop you there Like you Thank you very much. Yeah Careful you’re gonna lose my voices. Oh, I got [the] loyal car After hot we got the wild card. What’s the guy’s deal? You make me talk. I made you the finest [sis’s] I’m a [bitter] look with off that right ear chickity China the tiny ticket yet again sticking everything [-] get away – no [I] took it away no, God [he’s] a little weird [any] [business]. No now the hypnotist puts people to sleep All right, so you miss the Manda this week? Yeah? I didn’t think I was going to see you again [Des] You know what she didn’t call on me this week awesome, and I’ve been calling you pasty oh Hey [seize] that because we’re on [television], and you’re in high definition notices on a hot dolly who? Okay, let me out no Mandarin Simon. [oh] not you. I thought I’d sent you home Finish my act yet you see you’re a sensation with the ladies all over the world. Yes, I am Just tell me can you let me in on your little? Secret where I speak [your] [language] [is] this really can you speak Spanish? Can you know how am I going to do it then? I’m going to count to ten [in] English and then you translate okay. Let’s see what you got One Luenell – does 3 hang on what this isn’t going to work? Why not [you’re] going to count to 10? Yes, how do I know when you get to 6? Is it going to hurt? [okay], Amanda Amanda. Shut up, Louie. That’s not Louie It looks like in no time Amanda [have] all [y’all] y’all ready? Okay, fine fine Hello, Sunita. Oh Listen to me yes, you two always together masters. We go together so well We go together Saga the lingered on together forever [I’m] sorry cranky I love TV. Man. Anybody here remember blind date ladies and gentlemen It’s flying today, and here’s your host miss Bella black We’ve got three bonnie lads behind that screen [and] [less] family [do] clapping. How are you? And [is] the gorgeous girl is Gonna meet him and name’s Amanda come in Amanda You know I’d love to see the screen goes back. She doesn’t like a look at the guy. She makes it clear good It’s Gonna do Pray women why do you always come to the club with a friend that doesn’t look as cute as you? Yes, and guys just as you’re about to get the cute ones number the friend comes along and messes it up completely Yes, let me set the scene Alicia. Hi. You’re kind of cute. Oh, you’re cute too. Here comes the friend Who are you? [who] are you? [who] [are] you? Then they turn to their friend who is hate him is hate harry Payne Are you enough? Huh? You look like an [outcast] you [act] like an ass could you not another exactly [awful]. You are [another]? If I’m not getting the man no one getting the man Total Recall Predator commando action films I love them favorite action Hero Arnold Schwarzenegger Yes, because swats [negger] is always asking [questions], huh? Huh, what [the] hell is going on I? do wrong And he’s always trying to explain his drama to other people that don’t care so some men just try to kill me [I] Think [they] must fight or something harry from work He was the boss organized a lot on my hands blood on my knives. He tried to take my life get down [launched] me. So you know the now. It’s after a few cold days It’s getting warm outside, and I like the warm weather because it makes me warmer That’s my form of joke When my chicken has a birthday, I don’t tell him because he would not understand It so I have another animal joke woof woof woof woof That’s a joke you can take home for your dog ha ha Simon have you got a dog [3] will you tell your dogs my joke? I was thinking about that when you said it. Yeah, let me hear it work work work work I’m not [sure]. They’re gonna understand can you try this my accent both? [ok] thank you for making me sound so sexy So does anybody like seeing couples kissing public? No now? What will I do? and every time I do I always got to them and I stare directly at them and Usually they stop and then then they ask me do you mind [and] I’m like I don’t mind that My name is [gustus] candace, and in case you want to follow me. This is what I look like from behind oh septic Don’t worry. I know what you thinking harry Potter the nasty quidditch accident Do you know I can’t stand sorry sorry let me emphasize. Do you know what I can’t stand Well look on the bright side [I’ve] never [ID2q] it Disney on Now just I’m just gonna throw a disclaimer out there if I do get too energetic, please stop me. I want to keep my benefit Otherwise otherwise, how would I hate the jacuzzi? I’m joking I’m joking it’s a pool Over there I was at the cinema seeing the new James Bond film the other day And then it got me thinking you know maybe I would have liked to have had a go you know being James Bond But obviously. I’m a bit inhibited ah Mr. Bond has been expecting you Noli but this isn’t the first Britain’s got talent event I’ve been to I was actually a Live tour in Manchester funnily enough two years ago and the staff they couldn’t be more helpful Moving people out the way getting us to a seat and then when we finally got there the view was just fantastic And we sat down and my sister She tapped me on the shoulder turn round, and [I’ll] never forget this as long as I live she said Jack We are so lucky are disabled you Cannot sector anywhere Thank you very much. I’ve been at Malibu Okay excellent Well, I’m at that age now all my friends are [getting] married and married people forget How horrible it is being single they love to call me and complain about their coupling problems? Always get you’re so lucky being single I get home my wife just starts nagging nag nag nag up like I have to nag myself I Get home like what time do I call this? Why don’t I ever do the dishes? Sometimes I think I don’t appreciate myself I Haven’t always been a comedian. I did some weird jobs. I used to clean houses, and I’ll admit. I was tempted to steal I Didn’t steal cause the bible says thou shalt not steal, but nowhere does it say thou shalt not swap I took a stereo laughter Walkman Kick a plasma screen left [an] [etiquette] I like that should I am from Africa. I moved here ten years ago, and immediately I moved here I heard a lot [of] British people talking about the Financial crisis the Recession I’m from Africa. What are you maniacs talking about? You call that a crisis if that’s a crisis where is UNICEF? Where is Bono? Hahahahahahaha I am not seen one saying the uk concert You can tell me it’s a financial crisis when their planes flying over Birmingham tossing fish and chips out the window It will be a financial crisis when their ads on television seeing this chap has to walk five miles a day to get a bottle of WKD blue And 100% you have got a financial crisis when India start opening [call] centers here Can you imagine some poor guy mumbai [closes] [bag] ends up talking [to] a [brummie]? Thank you so much All right, then guys I’m a little bit nervous about introducing you to add because he speaks a [bit] too much it gets me in a bit of trouble But I [want] you to be nice to him He’s only 12 [years] old and he’s been under my bed in a box for the last three months Covering dove I read oh Where have you taken me jane through all these people I told you this morning. We’re auditioning. [oh], I see There’s alesha dixon once really come dancing my house in Solomon No, Alicia’s on citycam dancing day. I told you this morning Simon cowell porch. That’s that’s so so so so scandalous hey stop messing about Come on. We need you on with our rats, or get buzzed off, okay? Who’s that on the end not David Walliams you know David Walliams nice wander [turns] [to] did the Channels bas-relief David William? Not Williams Williams is like the greatest comic genius of our time now Do you know he did comply [with] me? Will that coffee with that [court] without sugar without sweetener? We got [just] to make a hot hot fire? But the Lord decided today would be the day when we’d have no water. So we’ve got no choice, [but] to close it off But you do know [here’s]. [oh], [here’s] there’s no Who’s that there [they] watch David hasselhoff back? Thank you from one with a boot are you saying that we’re in the same room as hammond run. Oh From cheaper by the Dozen – why didn’t you say who’s the funny-looking one on the end? That’s Simon cowell everyone knows Simon cowell. [he’s] like the king of england. [he] wears his trousers up to here If it what’s his talent james, what’s his talent? Whoa does he clean up? [weekly] [know] What [doesn’t] wash, huh? Is he washer? Does he brush off? no, he is a [crook] so you’re telling me that he Does nothing the boy does nothing? laughing I don’t want to go in the fucking ball. Let go in the ball. This is run. Call me bubbles everybody does Daily Pass today I’d say we’re going to be help working out. So anyone for your hands – again spread [your] [notes] – squat Light [as] [a] baby or Martin Fowler’s [price] [bar] [if] there are job hot would be punching oh It’s going to be here. Oh, man. You sure and just get just a boy fantastic. You know what I’m Gonna meet her hello Oh, thanks. [I’m] [in] [a] [jungle] beginning oh my God. I mean I saw this one. That’s more even more one. Oh, whoa. Oh oh My goodness. Have you seen the Bacteria in here is awful isn’t my right kim. Oh Don’t ask me like a little oh Hey, you can say you good evening. You speak English? It’s my knife come on. Hey. We say something now What what why not? It’s fantastic come on presents eat dirt. Yes? Oh no, listen it English Spanish free okay, okay? Hey, Wendy listen to me. You think [I] am stupid. [yes]? So well you don’t want to speak anymore. No, okay, and now oh yes. I want you [know] you know how to sing know what yes yes, yes Well, we listen to you It’s about wow and you understand yeah Music please we got to sing something for you. All right, okay? Don’t look at [me] look at the audience like [that] feeling come on Nothing wrong – you Crying – okay? All together okay, no, please come on this age. What is a good talent, okay? Go get that? feeling three four amazing oh

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  1. You have no right to insult India. Britain is rich because they stolen Indian money. Read history you lad. But africa was, is and will be always poor and ugly.

  2. I just realised that the dog uses some kind of contraption to stick it under the mouth and he probably press a button to make it happen

  3. The dog one with the older guy the guy is saying it , you know because he never talks when the dog does and the dog is clearly fake so, btw love these videos
    Especially at 25:22
    My bad the dog isn’t fake

  4. Pause at 24:07 behold the face of astonishment 🤣. Also, pause at 23:45 and watch for the potential cringe factor! The last one is the better one because everyone looks a bit nervous, maybe a bit puzzled and then the live dog talks!

  5. That first guy tho what an absolute lad. If he doesn't make it as a comedian, he could be a dancer.

    Edit: 7:06 Simon delights in being made fun of.

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