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Top 10 Funniest Kid Test Answers

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet! I am your most amazing host, Rebecca Felgate
and today we are talking about the Top 10 funniest kid test answers. You guys seem to love our school based top
10s… I guess, school is something we all have in
common in that pretty much everyone here has been to school or is currently in school. Whenever I wear my glasses, you guys always
say I look like a teacher, which…stereotyping…cool… but I guess it works for this video so let’s
roll with it. Before we get going I just want to remind
you that we have Most Amazing Merch for sale at Most Amazing … so if you want
to join the most amazing team, please do check it out. Okay, kids…answering tests…in funny ways! This is so cute, but also, I respect this
kid’s ambition and outright Slytherin sass! At number 10, This kid knows what they want
and I am here for it. So, in a quiz, the kid was asked the three
things that they want to do in the future, which to be totally fair is a pretty deep
question no matter what age you are. Most kids would probably have said like, toys,
games, pizza….. but this kid wrote 1 – get a girlfriend, 2 – kiss her, 3 – rule the
world…… which, mate, I think you have hit the nail on the head. I would say these are petty much my exact
same ambitions, apart from I am not that into girls…. Definitely need an evil co-pilot though, because,
as this kid knows, you can’t do it alone. This kid has some pretty good logic here at
number 9…. In an in class test, they were asked would
you rather be stuck on an island all alone or with one person you hate, why? I don’t know whether to be scared or impressed
at this kids answer… they wrote – I would rather be on an island with someone I hate
so I have something to eat. Blimey. Intense but not exactly wrong. I hope their parents are keeping a close eye
on this kid. Straight to the Finish Line at number 8
Things were going so well for this kid in their Geography test. They correctly drew the Danish flag, then
the Swedish flag…. But when it got to the Finnishflag, they really
plummeted. Have a look. Ha. I get where the confusion came from…. I love how fancy they’ve made it with the
posts and everything. Hands hands hands at number 7
This is really sweet…. A kid was asked to draw a clock at a quarter
to four, and they were specifically asked to draw the hands….so…. this is what they
did. There is the clock, it its indeed a quarter
to four, and….oh…yep….there are the disembodied hands. Great! Pokemon are always the answer, right? Wrong…. But nice try at number 6
Matthew had a long algebra equation to do… but Matthew, well, Matthew came across a problem
I think we can all understand ….the fear, the blind panic…he can’t figure out…. No worries, he had another trick up his sleeve…. If in doubt, crack Charizard out… that is
my motto! Matthew drew a sketch of his favourite pokemon
and wrote I couldn’t figure out this problem, but here is an amateur drawing of a Charizard. I hope this helps. Unfortunately it didn’t help, they still
failed…but their pretty cool teacher did get in on the joke by cracking out some classic
blastoid action. Distraction is key at number 5
This is an ingenious way of avoiding answering a question. Think about it… you can’t answer a question
that you haven’t been asked? Why haven’t you been asked? Well because you can’t see it. Why can’t you see it…because there is
a bear in the way. 10/10 ingenuity. I guess this is more a classic homework cheat,
but I love it! Find out how this ingenious kid got out of
their homework at number 4. So the kid obviously needed to get some work
signed by their parent, however, they decided to forge it. I get it, I used to forge notes to get me
out of gym all the time, however, endearing or stupid, you decided, this kid hasn’t
thought this through. The parent signature, simply says mom…which…ah
dear. Foiled again! This kid has invented their own answer….which
sure, most of the kids on this list have done… but THIS kid is a SAVAGE at number 3
So, in a test for lesson 3, feelings, we have a boy who has fallen off a bike, and the question
asks whether he is happy or sad. Well… the kid answering thought he was neither
and instead wrote 3 – Ugly. My favourite thing here is the teachers comment
– ENOUGH IS ENOUGH JUDY. Judy, didn’t your parents teach you that
if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should say nothing at all? Sticks and stones, or the odd bicycle accident
may break this boys bones, but names will never hurt him. Hear that Judy. Bobby is always on my mind at number 2
In this maths test a kid is asked : if Bobby has four dimes and Amy has 30 pennies, which
child has more money? The kid correctly identifies that Bobby is
the richer, but when asked to show their thinking, ….well… this is what happened… it’s
a small sketch of the kid, just thinking about Bobby. Cute. Shapes are our friends at number 1
OH I love this one! So the test was on Quadrilateral Perimeters
and it asked for the person taking the test to name the quadrilaterals. I love that they have literally given them
names. Up on the top left there, we have my mate
bob, then as we move across, we have Sam, the big yellow rectangle is Hary, one R, then
we have Tedison and Cate. I think Tedison is my favourite. I am pretty on board with all the other names,
but I see Hary with one R as way more of a Rodney. So that was the Top 10 funniest kid test answers! Some kids, hey! They might not be getting the answers right
but at least they’re being inventive, and honestly, I think that is just as important! Which of these did you guys find the funniest? Let me know in the comments section down below. For now, thanks so much for watching this
episode of Most Amazing, I am your Most Amazing host Rebecca Felgate, please do leave a thumbs
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  1. I've only ever forged a signature once… basically, in secondary school I was part of something called the base for people with difficulties (I have autism), each kid in the base had a blue book, with a requirement for the parent to sign, but occasionally I forgot to get my mum to sign, once I tried to do it myself. First attempt I didn't leave enough room, second time was slightly off… a little too wonky. When it was called out, I wasn't in any trouble, but was explained the importance of not forging signatures. That was the first time I tried any I will make it the only one.

  2. it's not stereotyping to say you look like a teacher most teachers were dresses or suit and glasses id say it's accurate you seem to virtue signal a lot don't you

  3. Bob has 87 candy bars. He eats 50 of them. What does he have left?

  4. haha!
    The one where they think that both sad and glad are the wrong answer, and wrote, "UGLY". Back then, if I had that question, I would've answered the question correctly, but with an additional answer: "UGLY AND SAD"

  5. one day me and my friend challenged to watch urban legend
    me: that was scary
    my friend:please stop (crying)

  6. My best friend from my first high school told me her life goals was to become a drug dealer and years I just like her dad she wasn't joking that was in 2010 she's clean and healthy

  7. So-much-amazingness the most amazing shop the most amazing top 10 WHHHEEN WILL IT SSTTOOOPP rebecca: it will(sike) it wont and it never will!! Muahahahaha

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