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Top 10 FUNNIEST Kids Test Answers

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Anybody who’s ever had kids or even spent
a little bit of time around them knows that they can be absolutely hilarious. They often don’t even mean to be funny,
but their innocence and their tendency to always be honest can result in some very amusing
situations. Teachers know this better than anyone, and
sometimes they receive answers on tests and worksheets that are too funny not to share. Which is what brings us this list of the top
10 funniest kids test answers! But before we get started, why not become
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done as a kid! 10. A Certain Future
When Warren was asked to draw a picture of what he thought he would look like in 100
years, his teacher probably expected a wholesome image of a grandpa sitting in his chair surrounded
by his family. But Warren had other ideas and drew this,
a tombstone which says “Warren R.I.P”. I mean, to be honest, Warren is just being
a realist, so A+ for that. 9. Hunger Games
Overpopulation is a huge issue for our planet right now. In 2017, it was reported that there were 7.5
billion of us crammed onto Earth, and that number is only increasing year after year. Scientists and governments are working hard
to find a solution to this problem, but so far they’ve come up with very few solutions
and we’re still speeding towards a catastrophe. Perhaps that’s why one teacher took it upon
themselves to find the solution to overpopulation right in their classroom. This was one kid’s solution. The funny part is he didn’t leave an explanation,
so you just imagine a child with a stern look on his face, completely confident with his
short solution, as you ask for more detail. 8. She’s Right… Kids are king at stating the obvious and sarcasm
flows out of them, seemingly at every given moment. This kid took this to a whole new level though
when they were asked to complete a history quiz. One of the questions asked what ended in 1896
and this was their answer. I guess they’re sort of right, but I’m
willing to bet that the teacher was hoping for a different answer. Does anyone know what actually did end in
1896? Let me know in the comments. And no, it wasn’t my college education,
I’m not that old, folks! That was 1901, thank-you-very-much. Pft.. Kids these days and their fancy record players
and lawn darts.. 7. All You Need is Love
Geology tests usually aren’t of interest to me, but this adorable answer has made me
change my mind. Asked what the strongest force on Earth is,
one kid decided this was their perfect opportunity to show off their romantic side. Their answer? Love, of course. I’m with the kid on this one – but my answer
would have been, “What is, what gives a Jedi his power, Alex. Now let’s go for Funniest Kids Test Answers
for $600, please.” 6. Wolverine’s Biggest Fan
In my opinion, a dumb question deserves a dumb answer. And this kid clearly agrees with me. When they were asked what their favorite hue
was, they answered Jackman. Despite the spelling being different and the
rest of the quiz being about math and science, this kid either truly thought that the teacher
might be enquiring into their favorite man named Hugh, or he’s just a wise guy that
watches too much Top10Archive. I think it’s probably the latter. 5. This Kid for President
This next answer proves that the kid who wrote it is perhaps the most enlightened person
on the planet. One kid was asked the question, “what do we
call the science of classifying living things?” And their answer was, well, pretty spot on
actually. They went with racism, which is a perfectly
valid answer in my opinion. There’s no word on whether the teacher marked
the answer as correct, but I sincerely hope that they did. 4. Do Not Touch
This isn’t technically a kid’s test answer, but it’s so funny that I had to include
it. During a spelling test, one student had an
embarrassing mishap where their nose ran all over their paper. Did they choose to keep their incident a secret? No, they absolutely did not. Instead, the student came clean to the poor
teacher that had to mark it. Circling the offending snot puddle, their
warning reads “do not touch, is snot it fell from my nose.” Gross as it is, I really admire this kid’s
honesty and think he’s going to be a future president. Mark my words – Snot-Nosed Kid, 2060. 3. Mean Girls
From honesty straight to cruelty – we can all learn a lot from this kid, too. One girl was completing a worksheet about
the environment when she was asked whether she’d want to take a dip in a filthy lake
with a fellow kid. The girl’s would-be swimming partner was
illustrated on the worksheet and this clearly distracted her when she went to answer. The first part of her answer is correct – nobody
wants to swim in trash-filled water. But the second part? Dang, girl!! She gave the answer that the boy’s chubbiness
would also put her off, which the teacher rightly declared to be cruel. 2. High-Frequency Noise
There’s no way that this kid wasn’t having a laugh when they filled out this amusing
answer. In a test, they were asked, “What is the
highest frequency noise that a human can register?” What did this kid answer? “Mariah Carey”, complete with three hearts
that must have been intended to show how much they love the superstar singer. The answer is actually 20,000 Hz, although
as we get older this reduces and we lose the ability to hear sounds that are around this
higher level. Which probably explains why I think my computer
speakers are broken every Christmas when I go to listen to “All I Want For Christmas
Is You”. Not like I haven’t heard it million times
already like the rest of YouTube. Oh, zoinks! Err.. What do the kids these days say?A savage. Yea guys, I did a savage. I savaged her good!Ok.. moving on.. 1. Naughty Buzz Lightyear
Number one on my list of the top 10 funniest kids test answers is this incredible spelling
error. Technically it’s not a test answer, but
it’s so hilarious that it deserves the top spot. We all know and love Buzz Lightyear from the
Toy Story movies, but this revelation might be enough to put you off him for life. When an innocent kid decided to draw their
space captain superhero, they gave him a cute speech bubble that was intended to say “I
am Buzz Lightyear, I come in peace.” But sadly, there were a couple of spelling
issues that resulted in a very different message. My question is, is he just a bad speller,
or is there a Toy Story and American Pie crossover movie that ya’ll aren’t telling me about?

25 thoughts on “Top 10 FUNNIEST Kids Test Answers

  1. I must not have much of a sense of humor I actually only chuckled twice during the whole thing and nothing funny here at all

  2. Wait, Jim you have a home theatre, I see that blurry, background shot, and the super comfy seats?! 👀 How cool is that?! 😎🙂
    I just like how conformity is not the way children think these days. 💯

  3. The snot one reminds me of when my daughter had a birthday card from her 94 year old great grandad. When she opened the card to read what was inside there was also a £10 note with a massive green and brown bogey attached to it. It’s been nine years and that tenner is still in the card inside the envelope. I don’t blame her, it kinda grossed me out too!! 😳🤢😂😂🤧

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