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Top 10 Funniest Music Videos

they’re fast becoming an art form in their own right and these are the most amusing audio-visual masterpieces out there welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest music videos for this list we’ve looked at music videos from all genres and we’ve selected the ones that made a smile or laugh out loud the most we’re excluding parodies covers and comedy focused acts like Weird Al tenacious key and so on and if you didn’t see a video you think should be on here be sure to check out our lists of the top 10 ridiculous music videos of the 1980s and 1990s number ten hopeless wanderer Mumford and Sons you heard my voice I came out of the woods by when you think hilarity in music Mumford & Sons might not be your first port of call so Yoho the London lads can sure have a laugh though in this video they substitute themselves for famous comedians and a folk ‘if renze ensues homey far schism ed helms jason sudeikis Jason Bateman and Will Forte capture the waist coded Wanderers almost to perfection as they poke just enough fun to be funny Wow and the banjo bashing finale is just brilliant number nine so what pink I guess so in our next video the couldn’t care less lyrics are directly translated into film I want to say Pink’s cut a reputation by sprinkling the mainstream charts with a little bit of chaos every now and then and that’s exactly what she does here whether she’s getting a defunct tattoo urinating into beer bottles or driving a lawnmower through the city it’s an offensive hand signal to her pop peers and a silly take on celebrity culture number eight weapon of choice Fat Boy slim the Torrance community dance group put on an absurdly entertaining show for crazy but weapon of choice is Fat Boy slim at his funniest everything about this christopher walken dance routine is awesome a suit the setting the hip gyrations the guy who we usually associate with guns and gangs shows he has rhythm and style you don’t see it coming but you don’t want it to ever stop its toe-tapping jaw-dropping side-splitting genius number 7 got your money old dirty bastard featuring police I called you up you act like a pussy oh hey sera I don’t have no trouble what you good move number 7 the comedy cuts a little deeper as ol Dirty Bastard heavily features the blaxploitation movie dolomite what engine mounted now Joe did you take my money hey where’s no $400 I have Joe blue he love for me you should be paying me in the film the title character is framed for drug pushing and robbery and in the music video there is continuous repetitive mention of money the two just seem to flow together and ODB subtitles fit seamlessly oh I would but in the end wanna be with me Rudi’s Oh in my video 24 years that exist between their releases do nothing to dispel the relevance number six hash pipe Weezer seumas just got sexy wrestling their way onto our countdown is Weezer and a video that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination the rippling body-fat is one thing but the constant close-up crotch shots the band couldn’t have picked a venue in which they looked more out of place but the sumo singing is sensational also slow motion has never looked this good bullet time just got blubbery and oddly beautiful will the real Slim Shady please stand up I repeat with the real Slim Shady number five the real Slim Shady Eminem all that but you never seen a white person before jaws all on the floor like panic ami just burst the net go Eminem is a master at making us laugh with his lyrics but also in his videos all way no way you’re kidding he didn’t just say what I think she did pity his outing as rap boy for without me was wonderful but this close to the bone classic is as riotous as rap music gets my vomit on your lips my mama’s on your lips and if I’m lucky you might just give it a little kiss and that’s the message that we deliver the little kids often imitated but never bettered the real Slim Shady is top quality toilet humor and every single person is a slim shadey lurking he could be working at Burger King spit on your mind Britney gets a battering Kristina’s cut down to size and Pamela Anderson’s parody to perfection won’t the real Slim Shady Nathan no one’s safe and everyone is smiling if I’m Slim Shady if I’m the real shady all you other slim Shady’s are just imitating so won’t the real Slim Shady please stand up number four the bad touch Bloodhound Gang sweat daily sweat daily sex is a Texas drought me yeah you do the kind of stuff that the prince would sing about next we have some footage of grown men dancing around Paris in monkey rat costumes with oversized ears it’s a simple enough concept and a seriously funny videos I’ll show you module talking love just like Lao and then we’ll do it doggystyle so we can watch x-files camels and man switch places for a vague political message about animal cruelty and a clear comical look at society oh the kind you meet up with the mop and bucket The Lost catacombs of Egypt folding God knows where we’re stuck the band rounds up some exotic human beings and they point and laugh at them in their cage it’s like Planet of the Apes after one too many drinks Oh number three you got a fight for your right to party the Beastie Boys they made us laugh with 2011’s cameo filled make some noise but it’s this 80s music video that is pure beastie boys brilliance that’s for no man providing us all with one of life’s lessons the band is not about to let a good party peter out bad people certainly showed up and they screamed shouted and smashed their way into popular culture for years to come there’s a whole lot of drinking a whole lot of making out and a whole lot of pie – a whole lot of faces it’s brash basic anarchy and it’s hilarious you gotta fight so you’re right number two what’s my age again link 182 I took her out it was a Friday night I walk alone to get the feeling ride we started making these boys post a particularly funny filmography the boyband bashing and all the small things and the hot girl hunting and Josie could have made our list but for sheer naked ambition this video takes it rage it’s less what’s my age again and more where are my clothes again as blink-182 bounces around town and nothing but their birthday suits and that’s about the time she walked away Los Angeles is used to the scantily-clad but this is something else entirely and we love it before we unveil our top hit here are a few honorable mentions I won Miss Asia to a table a bar gay bar gay bar I want to break free I wanted the new video for aimee mann’s labrador take it away I’m so happy the band’s doing well by the way what’s with the hair it’s a part of a new image Daisy shouldn’t do the things you do number one learn to fly Foo Fighters it’s good this videos our winner but ever long and big me could have taken the top spot as well Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are masters of the funny and here they fly to the top of our charts fat suits and all the tenacious d cameo holds the key to the chaos as coffee is spiked and pilots pass out but it’s all about the minor characters the cute girl the crybaby and the camp steward because it’s those that have us howling with hallucinogenics laughter do you agree with our list which music video makes you laugh the most the more laughs along top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to hey girls father

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Funniest Music Videos

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  2. Except for Pink I didn't find any of these even mildly amusing. Whoever put this together has the sense of humor of a turnip IMO.

  3. I dont remember the name of the band or the song, but I saw one where they were all killing each other to have a golden dildo. It was funny

  4. Ok, so why didn't Sabotage make it in there? It was funny, and played out like a movie trailer too! You also can't forget Primus with Wynona's Big Brown Beaver!

  5. Mental As Anything – Spirit Got Lost –
    Mental As Anything – If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? –

  6. BTW – "Fight for your right to party" is funnier than you think, because the joke was on all of us as the song was a tongue in cheek parody of rebelling and anarchy. They actually hated that song.

  7. Theory of a Deadman – Lowlife and I know they said no covers but Dynamite Hack – Boyz in the Hood are both great and funny videos

  8. Videos that are TRULY funny:

    Guns N' Roses „Garden of Eden”
    Blur „Go out”
    Kasabian „Re-wired”
    Slaves „Sockets”

    You don't need much fluff and slapstick explosions to make your shit funny.

  9. So….Just a Gigolo is a cover and you said covers weren't eligible…do honorable mentions not have to follow those same rules?

  10. Ya Mama would have been a better fir for Fatboy Slim

  11. Slim Shady was on here once? TF? His videos would take over this entire list. Most of these music videos weren't even funny.

  12. For the first time, I'm totally in disagreement with Watchmojo. None of these videos is funny. Slapstick and corny hamming is hardly amusing. Sorry guys. You're good otherwise.

  13. This list isn’t right!

    “Baby got back”
    Indian version of “thriller”
    Katy Pery “Friday night”
    Pink “stupid girls”

    Why aren’t these on the list?

  14. Yeaaaa….think billy’s got his beer goggles on should have been on here Mr mom from lonestar And at least one toby keith video Many to choose from When you say all genres did country just get skipped over?

  15. One made me chuckle, a couple more got me to smirk, the rest were just regular music videos. Not your best work Mojo. And I kind of get that you are targeting a newer "youtube" generation, but the 80's should have taken 70-80% of this list.

  16. Walk this way… or anything from Beck's Odelay, or MJ's Thriller (which was more humorous than spooky), Peter Gabriel's Sledge Hammer, Supertramp's Cannonball, Almost anyghing by Gorillaz, Psy's Gangnam Style…

  17. So you covered metal? You might have missed these (there are so many that could have replaced some of the videos totally not funny included here):

    Devin Townsend – Vampira: ?v=cjjIna3j1Nc

    Iron Maiden – Holy Smoke: ?v=xPV4jlOlWjA

    Pain – Shut your Mouth: ?v=067YF8KHdTM

    Type O Negative – I don't want to be me: ?v=LXIWRan3XGY

    Rammstein – Haifisch: ?v=GukNjYQZW8s

  18. New Bibi Hindl by Taeko Ischi, aka A Japanese guy in lederhosen modeling in German about chickens that's funny!! Or Die Woodys Fitchl's Lied! Yeah foreign music, but funny

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