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Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies

They were expecting but their characters weren’t. Welcome to Ms. Mojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 funniest ways TV shows covered up actress’ pregnancy. You could sing the baby to sleep and tell it fairy tales and act out all the witch parts. You’re serious? Before we begin, we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content. For this list the actresses had humorous ways of hiding or working their pregnancies into their respective TV shows We’re excluding shows where they wrote the pregnancy into the story line Because some of these pregnancies reveal plot points, consider this your Spoiler Alert. What the hell do you think you’re doing, huh? Showing my unborn baby how an ass gets kicked. Number 10 , Angela Kinsey. The Office. So glad we were finally able to do this. So glad. No. No. Fans of this sitcom will know that Angels Martin was little preg in season 8 but in season 4 actress Angela Kinsey was pregnant in real life. Since her character wasn’t pregnant this time, she used some typical and not so typical ways to hide her baby bump. Playing a character in an office environment sure came in handy. Angela was often filmed in her cubical, at the Xerox machine, or hiding behind objects. But in a particularly memorable scene from season 4’s Goodbye Toby, Angela and Dwight find themselves in a compromising position to say the least. She might have been caught in the act but her pregnancy wasn’t. Number 9, Leah Remini. The King of Queens. Oh I just stopped at that falafel place. I don’t know why I keep having falafel. I kinda hate it. This actress has openly discussed gaining 80 pounds during her pregnancy. Instead of making Carrie Heffernan pregnant, this sitcom embraced Leah’s weight gain in a very convenient way. In a recurring story line, Carrie finds herself looking for work. But also lounging around in sweats or a bathrobe. Perfect outfits for concealing a baby bump. She can also be seen clutching a pillow on her stomach or relaxing in bed. Carrie finds work just as Leah’s pregnancy becomes more noticeable giving her more ways to hide her bump. We actually get brief shots of her pregnancy towards the season finale but overall we’d say this cover-up worked in Carrie and Leah’s favor. I finished my report. What? Yeah, I worked so hard this week and then I finished early so for the rest of the weekend it’s just you and me on the couch buddy. Number 8, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Seinfeld. Elaine, you gotta have a baby. Elaine Benes didn’t have kids of her own but Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a mother of two Julia was pregnant throughout season 3 of Seinfeld. Since Elaine wasn’t expecting, the producers had to get creative there were the usual larger coats and hiding behind objects. In season 3’s The Subway, Elaine is on her way to a lesbian wedding wearing an oversized red coat and carrying her gift on her stomach. Things get claustrophobic pretty quick and the subway stalls for what seems like an eternity what results is Elaine’s totally relatable and hilarious internal monologue It’s moving! Ha, it’s moving! Yes! Pregnant or not, We’ve all been there. Elaine also went to Europe for the first couple of episodes of season 4 returning after Julia’s maternity leave. Number 7, Lauren Lane. The Nanny. This actress who played Maxwell Sheffield’s business partner Cici Babcock was expecting throughout season 5 of The Nanny. Cici dropped some very obvious hints that Lauren Lane is having a baby. I was watching this rerun of Seinfeld and Elaine must have been yeah, I don’t know, 12 months pregnant. And they didn’t even acknowledge it. They just kept hiding her behind these huge props. She first jokes about another pregnant sitcom star and carries the usual large props. In an especially funny scene, Cici later enters with a giant sign that says “Baby”. There’s no subtlety whatsoever, but that’s what makes it work. As Lauren’s pregnancy progressed so did Maxwell, Fran, and Cici’s love triangle. After Maxwell and Fran become engaged in a later episode, the devastated Cici is institutionalized. But not to worry, she comes back soon enough. Hello Hello, I’m back! Well what’s with the sourpusses? Who died? Number 6, Zooey Deschanel. New Girl. Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. For much of New Girl’s 5th season, this adorkable actress and singer was pregnant The show used conventional and not so conventional ways to hide her growing bump In the season premiere, Zooey was not far along so they stuck to the usual baggier clothes and hiding behind objects. And of course, no premiere is complete without Jess falling down stairs and using a motorized scooter. By episode 3, Zooey was further along so Jess began serving on Jury Duty which gave her plenty of screen time sitting down Meghan Fox served as a replacement roommate until Jess’s Return. Hi! Oh My God! I am so sorry. No one was here when I got home and the bed just looked so good I went full Goldilocks. And you must be Reagan! It’s so good to meet you! Number 5, Chyler Leigh. Grey’s Anatomy. Being a doctor is not an easy job. Especially at Seattle Grace. Ever wonder why Lexie stuffed her face in season 5? In real life Chyler Leigh was pregnant so while Grey’s Anatomy used the usual filming techniques to hide her baby bump, they also made Lexie stress eat. Lexie chows down at home, but especially at work. She’s also got quite the sweet tooth, craving Reese’s Cups, Twinkies and chocolate, Frankly, we don’t blame her. All the stress eating causes Lexie to put on a bit of weight. Which leads to a brutally honest, but cheeky comment from sister Meredith. Humungous butt or not though, the Greys are as close as ever. It’s true, I had to get the scrubs with the elastic waistband. Number 4, Jane Leeves. Frasier. You’re light as a feather. While Niles and Daphne have their own baby in the series finale, Jane Leeves was pregnant throughout season 8 Instead of hiding the pregnancy in a conventional way, the show had an ingenious solution. Go on, I need a few more minutes to get ready. Daphne starts overeating and even hides snacks around the apartment. Strangely enough, everyone but Niles seems to notice. That is, until she falls and can’t get up. After some heavy lifting by Niles, Frasier, and Martin Crane, she’s back up again as her overeating goes from bad to worse, Niles suggests she goes to a weight loss retreat which explains her absence for a few episodes. As far as covering up a pregnancy goes. this way is funny, clever, and poignant all at once. Oh God, I can’t stop eating, I’m out of control! Number 3, Melissa Fumero. Brooklyn Nine NIne. Is anyone gonna buy it? I mean do I look pregnant? Unlike some other shows on this list, Brooklyn Nine NIne didn’t always hide Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy. Early on, they chose the usual oversized bags, coats, and even a gift basket but as season 3 progressed, the show decided to make the most out of her growing bump In the episode Maximum Security, Amy goes undercover as a pregnant prisoner after Rosa’s fake bump backfires. While Amy’s real identity is under wraps, her pregnancy sure isn’t. She tries to get information from inmate Maura Figgis putting herself in all kinds of danger well, at least Jake thinks so. Amy earns Maura’s trust regardless making her one badass mama to be on and off screen. This is so sweet, now kiss her belly. (both) Boyle! Number 2, Jane Krakowski. 30 Rock. I’m a little baffled over here. To quote 30 Rock executive producer Robert Carlock, “No child should have Jenna Maroney for a mother.” So when Jane Krakowski became pregnant with her son, the show went to great lengths to hide her bump They started out with conventional tricks like having Jenna hold bags and filming her sitting down. But as her pregnancy continued, they came up with more unique ideas. The notoriously non-maternal Jenna suddenly really wants a baby and even has a hysterical pregnancy. In the 5th season finale, Jenna out does herself. Walking around Central Park in an oversized dog costume There you are! Bad dog! You’ll go in the crate tonight. 30 Rock not only covered up Jane’s pregnancy, they also used it to her character’s advantage. Seriously, imagine if Jenna really was a mother. It would be horrible. Number 1, Alyson Hannigan. How I Met Your Mother. Lilly, The Belly, Aldrin! This actress’s second pregnancy was written in to season 7 of this beloved sitcom. However, the show decided to hide Alyson’s first pregnancy in season 4. That is, until we learn about the gang’s resumes. While the friends discuss entries that don’t have anything to do with their current jobs, Lilly’s resume shows her to be quite the competitive eater. Back in 1995, Lily won a hotdog eating contest after downing 29 dogs in only eight minutes. As she is proclaimed the winner, Lilly, The Belly, Aldrin, lives up to her nickname revealing Alyson’s real life baby bump. Hilarious, and incredibly creative, this pregnancy cover up is not only our number one, it’s also legen- wait for it-dary. How is that relevant to teaching kindergarten? It teaches kids that I can eat a lot of hotdogs very quickly. Yeah but you can’t do it anymore. Do you agree with our picks? Check out these other great clips from Ms Mojo and subscribe for new videos every day.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Funniest Ways TV Shows Hid Pregnancies

  1. With most of them it was quite easy to tell at the time because their faces changed so much. Not that I minded. Hooray for baby bump work! Scary to think what hormones will do to your body… Brrrrr.

  2. What about ellen pompeo on greys anatomy! They played it out where meredith had to have surgery dealing with her kidneys! And she had to stay in the hospital bed for a couple episodes

  3. Courtney Cox During Friends. Roxanne Dawson during Star Trek: Voyager. There are also, at least, two actresses from the Walking Dead that were pregnant during filming.

  4. In the pilot episode of modern family, Julie bowen was pregnant, she was either holding a basket or clothes in front of her bump

  5. I came here for Melissa Fumero since I didn’t know that she was pregnant but then when they started saying all those names I was like they better put Alyson Hannigan in here since I loved how they “hid” her pregnancy 😂😂 and I was getting worried that they wouldn’t name her and I was ready to fight anyone until I saw she won the first place 😂😂

  6. Are you going to make a second one because Karla Souza was pregnant during "how to get away with murder" in season 4

    In the show how I met your mother Alyson Hannigan was pregnant so to get her off the set the character Barney told Lily a dirty joke to repulse her for weeks hiding her pregnancy. Oh never mind. It’s on the list… sorry guys.

  8. How about the actress who plays kensi on NCIS at the end of season 8 she is in an accident and then when season 9 starts she is in a coma for few episodes and then in rehab that's how they hid hers.

  9. So none of these are funny. Basically they sit down, wear baggy clothes, eat alot, or use big props. Is there anything else to make it funny?

  10. It make since now why alyson hannigan always sitting in season 4 and in the end of season you can see that she trying to hide her pregnancy belly

  11. What about kelly rutherford from gossip girl!?? she was pregnant at the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 they made her have cancer so she could get her maternity lesense

  12. Tragic how many of these shows immediately went "hey that’s an excuse for fat jokes! Those are ALWAYS hilarious for everyone!"

  13. Best thing about Zoey Dechanel was that in one episode the others watch the news and it says „An otter was born at the Zoo.“ Her child’s second name is Otter!

  14. Don't forget Marishka from Law and Order: SVU. In the sixth season, she was mostly filmed sitting down and by her last episode, she was looking a little plump. There was certain scenes where you can see a small bump. Cleverly her character went away undercover.

  15. I know this was made before the Handmaid's tale, but fun fact: Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Serena Joy Waterford, was pregnant during filming season 2. It's funny because the show is largely about the character not being able to have children. Her belly kind of shows and it's very funny.

  16. Melissa fumero deserves number 1 cos it was so creative 🙂 also just bc Brooklyn nine nine is the best show
    NO I LIED HIMYM DEFINITELY DESERVES NUMBER 1 lily is so perfect and cute oml himym and b99 are my 2 fave shows

  17. Claire from modern family was pregnant in the first episode they hid it with pillows and even cereal boxes

  18. Snow white actress from "Once Upon a Time" (2nd one)

    Edit: When the original Snow White got pregnant the first time, they wrote it in the script. But when she was pregnant a second time, they did not. That is what I was referring to.

  19. They did the same thing on The Cosby Show when Clair Huxtable would either lay in bed after she hurt her back, and they had to put a Hole in the Bed. She sat down a lot or The Counter was made larger. On the UK Soap Opera Coronation Street Brooke Vincent who has been playing Sophie Webster since 2004 beginning at 11. She's pregnant so she will leave and have her character go on a Pony Trek Trip with her Partner Paula.

  20. I was waiting for Debra Messing of Will and Grace to be on this list. They did a good job hiding her baby bump too.

  21. Top 10 Pregnancies that were written on TV.

    10. Janet Hubert-Whitten (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
    9. Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries)
    8. Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother)
    7. Holly Marie Combs (Charmed)
    6. Jennifer Garner (Alias)
    5. Katey Sagal (Married with Children)
    4. Lisa Kurdrow (Friends)
    3. Jenna Fischer (The Office)
    2. Ginnifer Goodwin (Once Upon a Time)
    1. Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy)

  22. NCIS L.A. and "What's in the box!??!!" That was an obvious one. And when Kensi was in the hospital after the helicopter crashed.

  23. What about Marcia Cross pregnancy on season 3 of Desperate Housewives? Her pregnancy forced to end the mystery very soon in the middle of the season.. then she could return at the end of the season and make jokes about a fake pregnancy by her character Brie

  24. I love how in Frasier, Niles announces "Daphne has already lost 9lbs, 12oz"….such a cute way of letting the audience know the weight of the baby! 🥰

  25. On Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo hid her pregnancy in real life by giving part of her liver to her dad in the show so she could hide her belly under a blanket till she had the baby.

  26. so we just not gonna include karen from one tree hill ? her actor got pregnant and they literally took her off the show for the rest of the season 😂 she went to a cooking school in italy or something

  27. Cobie (i think that's how you spell it) was pregnant around the same time. And during a few episodes you can see how both of them are hiding their bellies.

  28. Lexa Doig's pregnancy on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda was hidden because her character was an android. So for the first half of season 5, she was shown on video screens using shots from her neck up. A new character was introduced (Doyle). When they had to use her android form, they filmed her from behind. It wasn't until episode 18 that she was shown in full front view.

  29. Lol what about Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)??? They hid her in a bed and made Meredith have surgery while Ellen was pregnant 😂

  30. i really like Angela Kinsey, Leah Remini, Lauren Lane, zooey Deschanel, Jane Leeves, Melissa Fumero and Alyson Hannigan they are my favorites of hid pregnancies in shows

  31. and julie bowen in modern family. they would cover it with cereal boxes and laundry baskets most of the time 😂

  32. i’m pretty sure every women in greys has been pregnant on the show and jessica was pregnant on the show 3 times

  33. My mom had a long soft bathrobe and turns out my mom hid her pregnancy for 8 months, it was so much to process cause in 1 month I was gonna have another sister who is 2 years old now

  34. I think an honorable mentions should include Nana Visitor in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where they put the baby of another couple into her character because of an accident. There were some halarius bits.

    Also, Barbara Eden found out she was pregnant after filming the pilot of I Dream of Jeannie, and was going to leave, but they worked around it in the standard ways.

  35. Phylicia Rashad in the 3rd Season of the Cosby show, it was hidden by bed rest, big purses, sewing a huge teddy bear and a lot scenes in the bed

  36. You forgot Julie Bowen in Modern Family, She was 8 in a half months pregnant with her twin boys when they shot the pilot episode of Modern Family so instead of writing in a pregnancy for Claire Dunphy, Julie’s Pregnant belly was hidden behind pillows, cereal boxes, laundry and big purses all throughout the pilot episode of Modern Family.

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