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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Funny Banned Commercials

  1. I never thought sperm in a commercial would look so racist. God I never thought I would never say that my entire life.

  2. Too ironic that like a fascist dictator lying, taxdodging, religion desperately tries to suppress any original thinking or intellectual pleasure and control behavior to the nth degree. TAX CHURCHES NOW and stop subsidizing their stealing of public infrastructure and services while brainwashing the frightened and stupid with unAmerican, antiscience, homophobic, misogynistic fairy tales.

  3. HAHAHAHHAAAAA OH SHT OH MAN dammmmmmmmm ahhh de balls baseBALLS LOL HAHAHA i just got it woups im lttle slow,, baseBALLS comercial TOTALLY over killed me 27yo

  4. Missing from this list: Volkswagen Routan commercial, where a young lad strips naked after his sister spills water on him.

  5. You know what would have made this much better? Being able to watch the commercials without the unnecessary commentary.


    This commercial was banned from Swedish television. The hockey team had been promoted from division 3 to division 2 in the pyramid and the fan club for the team made this commercial with the message at the end translating to “Let’s take ‘em in number two” referring to the division they were promoted to but with slight twist that I guess I self explanatory

  7. You forgot the tango man advert when someone takes a swig of tango a fat man dresses in orange and slaps people on the face that had to be banned in the 80s because children were doing it at school.

  8. A commercial that me and my dad liked years ago that we think got pulled was this A&W Root beer commercial. It was a job interview and the candidate keeps trying to incorporate the interviewer's last name, which he thinks it is pronounced as "Dumbass". It is not until the end where the interviewer tells him that his last name is pronounced "Doo-mass"

  9. i have an idea top ten commercials that made people feel like crybabies just saying

  10. Don't usually go for mojo videos..often a tad incorrect, blind, but you guys killed it here. Props. Hint; put together the funniest condom ads…

  11. When this video first came out I didnt understand what the guy was supposed to be doing with the bears.4 years later I totally understand.

  12. 7:11 fun fact the pain a woman feels when giving birth is less then what a man feels when kicked in the balls. Man receive more pain when kicked in the balls then when woman give birth. But the amount of time that the pain lasts the win God to the woman but the initial pain the man go through more pain.

  13. At number three men dont laugh at being hit in the balls even if its other men. They cringe and feel sorry for said guy. Im a lady and i cringe too.

  14. I think many women wonder what the big deal is when a man gets hit in his balls. Well, gals, it's not because of the "hit" – that same bash on the arm or back would perhaps hurt a bit but it wouldn't incapacitate a guy.
    When the balls are struck hard, the man simply DROPS – he has NO CONTROL over his body at that moment. It's like he's been hit by lightning – his entire body short circuits. It doesn't even take a very hard knock – a direct but not-so-hard hit will do the trick. Most women know this (because their mothers told them). BUT BE WARNED, gals. You'd better run FAST because when he recovers in 10 or 20 seconds, he's gonna be MADDER THAN YOU'VE EVER EXPERIENCED. You won't get a second chance at the "jewels."
    I have no idea if a woman is "stunned" to the same degree should she be hit in the vagina. Anyone know?

  15. 9:40
    Time for a very public ass beating. I'd make sure the parent/guardian was able to escape quickly lol!
    when I was a kid, getting butt beatings in public were met with approval and appreciation.

  16. 3:42 this is just hilarious. If you are in the military or shine your boots/shoes. I have actual leather shoes and my Doc Martens,,,that need to be cleaned and shined on a weekly basis for my office job….for your job you must keep a professional appearance and shining your shoes is part of the drill, like getting proper hilarious on that kind of level.

  17. OK the number 6 one was clever, although can you make a part two of this, hopefully the Trojan man commercials get on the list to be banned

  18. It's not even about being offended… it's about showing obscene scenes that aren't appropriate to show to the general audience. It's only in our degrading society where apparently everyone is OK with woman being continuously objectified and shown in private demeanor. The same goes for men. Why is our culture so damn obsessed with getting people nude and or having sex with everything? Fucking Christ!

  19. Yet we still don't have that coca cola ad with a naked woman that says "Drink coke"

    if you get the bill Hicks reference, you're a legend

  20. I like the milking a bull milk comercial. This boy is eating cereal and his roommate comes in and asked him where did he get that milk because they ran out and the guy eating the cereal said he went and milked that cow outside, and his roommate looks at him and said that's a male bull. Then u realize he jacked off that bull thinking the dick was utters and cum was milk! I only seen it two times on tv a long time ago and never seen again!

  21. Not only have I been kicked in the balls bit it happened twice by the same girl also that last one was just mean

  22. I remember #2 when it was aired on TV (I'm french), I just now realized why my mother changed the channel asap when it was about to end.

    Do depressing legal commercials cause you to be depressed?

    Do you find it offensive of these commercials shouting ATTENTION while you are relaxing in the comfort of your own castle? If so, you may be entitle to compensation. Our class action……

  24. I will always hate this channel why do you take a good video and then narrate through the whole thing Jesus fuck

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