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TOP 10 FUNNY DIY PRANKS || Crazy Prank Wars by 123 GO! GOLD

Amy’s about to blow! oh geez that’s disgusting! Sorry
allergies. Well Amy’s away Sofia will play. For this prank you’ll need a tissue
and some black eyeshadow rub one end of the tissue into the makeup. Perfect! oh
sorry about that oh he’s still got a bat in a cave there.
Oh thanks ooh keep rubbing you missed a spot did I
get it all oh good right yeah ready to head out and
I was like no you can’t call me that Oh God there’s Michael quick do I look
okay oh yeah never looked better oh hey Michael Oh since when did Amy
start rocking a beard where is he going uh beats me oh my god yeah Sophia you better run have a friend that will never put their
phone down hello I’m trying to talk to you here’s a way to get rid of that darn
phone for good ask them to hold out their phone with one arm with the other
hand on their wrist then one by one lift each finger whoops there goes the phone
that was tricky wasn’t it unlike you this chump didn’t have their
opposite thumb holding the phone in place like so see sorry not sorry Wow look at these two lovebirds looks
like they’re posing for a romantic pic hey watch those hands mister whoa that
was Vicky the entire time you can trick your friends by doing this too
just dress half of your body as one person and the other half as the other
oh is it yoga supposed to be relaxing all this
bending and stretching is anything but if only you had a little help ah there we go just breathe and stretch
huh Wow look at those legs go this is
amazing wait a minute how did Vicky suddenly get
so flexible those aren’t Vicky’s legs hey those are Hailey’s legs no April
Fool’s Day would be complete without a good old-fashioned snake prank am i
right break out your family or roommates by dropping one of these rubber bad boys
into a sink full of dirty dishes epic yes I’d love to watch another episode of
The Office thanks Netflix oh it’s Vicky’s Dish duty
way to be a buzz kill Vicky oh so that’s what a week’s worth of dishes looks like
no better time than the present I guess all right one plate down oh good into
our dirty dishes I’m never washing dishes again oh look how peaceful Vicky
is in her slumber too bad it’s not going to last much longer at your next lumber
party try out this next trick if your pal keeps slippers next to her bed find
some double-sided tape or sticky material and stick those shoes right on
top of it Oh careful there looks like Vicky’s gonna start our
morning off on the wrong foot literally remember if you’re pranking next to a
sleeping friend you’ve got to be extra quiet don’t forget to stick both
slippers there Helle oh right here goes nothing well good morning Vicky did you
get enough beauty rest no time to sleep in it’s up and Adam for you jeez I feel
parched glad I put this glass of water here last night mmm yeah that’s this
stuff all right let me slip on these guys and get going
oh why aren’t I going I’m going needless to say if that glass of water
didn’t wake you up that fall sure did the trick
Helly have some foliage lying around you’ll also need some crash don’t worry
you’ll get it back this empty spot on the beach is the perfect scene at the
crime now start diggin and we should have brought a shovel this is hard work
go ahead and lie down in this little crater you’ve made once you’re in there
cover your limbs and torso with sand keep going
you’re almost there where it’s so dang windy there you go behold its Mount Vicky
remember those branches go ahead and cover Vicky’s face with them lastly
stick the money in the sand so it looks like someone dropped it there all right
now go get your victim Olivia look someone dropped some money oh I wonder
if they’ll come back to get it I’m just gonna snag it whoa did you see that the
sand isn’t moving ah well that ought to teach you not to steal money oh man that had to hurt well thanks for the scare but I’m taking
the catch whatever that was totally worth it what a gorgeous day days like
these and during a snack outside in the fresh air is usually a great idea what I
said usually you hey why are you laughing this isn’t funny
oh man I just bought this thing oh why are you laughing at me well something
tells me Lana won’t be laughing so long if you’re in need of a simple but
hilarious prank pluck down some hazelnut spread on a bench or a chair just like
this wow it looks just like do I really have to say it man
that was hilarious Lana wait no so this was super fun
but I gotta get back to class oh I forgot you’re quicker than bird
poop smell you later Amy joke’s on her she just doesn’t know it yet
hey Lily what’s up Oh couldn’t find a bathroom Lana
what what’s on my foot I swear it’s not poo I don’t understand
if you post this I’ll never talk to you again too late looking for something to
do to spice up the afternoon Oh this will do it Emily’s gonna regret
leaving her keys lying around for this prank you’ll need these
and a deflated balloon like this one go ahead and stick the key fob into the
balloon it may be tricky but try to get it all in there there you go
but hold up and quite finished yet hard now oh right that ought to do it all
right I’m heading out to the mall have you seen my car keys by any chance seriously I’ve looked everywhere
everywhere huh hey what are my keys doing in there how am I supposed to find
it in this sea of balloons looks like a flippin birthday party in here looks
like Emily’s going to be sorted through balloons instead of going shopping
phylidia why do you do this stuff enjoying a quiet evening in are we ah
time to get lost in a good book let’s see where did I leave off Wow Emily’s
really fast asleep isn’t she so peaceful no what are you gonna do to her Olivia
all pranksters no a sleeping friend may well be a giant bullseye let’s try this
prank on for size thank oh thank goodness she’s in a deep sleep I’m just
going to slowly take your phone yes now hurry up and get out of there
girl oh right let’s see how we can screw with
Emily today shall we if you have access to your friends phone quickly look up
images of broken glass aha I found a winner now go to settings
and make this image the phone’s block and home screen okay it’s finally time
to watch this awesome press and action get up and make a loud stomping noise oh
no Emily your phone it just shattered what this is a brand new fun one yikes
that looks pretty bad doesn’t it hey Emily don’t cry
it may not actually be as bad as you see yep she got you good Emily

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