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Top 10 Funny Minecraft Animations ( Minecraft Videos )

Oh oh wait you put it there now my dad did a few years back you can still see him waiting for it so long you stupid island we're friendly out of that place Patrick need a pee really you should have said something before we left the island just go off the side of the raft better good now we just need to make it to the mainland ah no no no no looks like this is the end for us no I don't know how to swim what we've been on that island for years and you're just now telling me that you know how to swim that information could have been useful yesterday huh that was close oh my god yes we'd made it buddy our long journey is finally over yeah I never liked you [Applause] boom you see that that's what it feels like you're stupid creeper stupid creepers I swear to God dynomite oh not just the floor what's in ceiling – okay let's go cautionary measures protecting my secrets if anybody steps on the wrong part of that floor they'll know what's what by blowing your house into pieces yep won't take too much time why don't you just put a lock on your door fair question maybe in the next house see it's already working what wait where's my dog Hey hey wake up man let's go scare some stupid players it's nighttime time is okay let's go yeah man that's stupid Steve gets scared every time he sees me stupid idiot one time he killed me and I respond in his house you shouldn't seem to look at his face Oh – quick quick quick quick quick hide hi let's scare him the hell out whoa it's already nighttime and I better go home before all the zombies show up well man it's nighttime want to go grab some drinks eat some food cheap seconds coffee man I told you to hide I wanted to prank him oh that's not a good thing is it yeah what does it say [Applause] see I told you not to hire him you stupid villager this idiot can't do anything did I get the job okay we came here to find out who killed your husband first we need to know what was the weapon used to kill him now get out don't ever come back my soda [Applause]

34 thoughts on “Top 10 Funny Minecraft Animations ( Minecraft Videos )

  1. Wait you put it their
    NO my dad did a few years back
    You can still see him waiting
    dads bone head falls off
    turtle gets scared and jumps into water

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