Laughter is the Best Medicine

Top 10 Funny Pranks You Surely Missed Out ๐Ÿ˜‚

Joecy what? behind you TOP VIRAL VIDEOS
LIKE & SUBSCRIBE He wears the freshest clothes you know. He’ll be so pissed. I’m late to court yea, whats up? i just texted you
it’s 10 okei pie smash! nut tap! bitch slap! auu why would you do that? that was so so
unnecessary that was so unnecessary i have to shower now ouu my God dude, you got to see this thing! is pretty sweet ok? what the **** do you guys do? check this out check this out Oh, that feels like an egg cracked. yea it really does It feels like it’s opening and stuff. sit down you you need to try this shit Yea, belive me! what the f***
i do no that was a bad egg Freaking hands Hey it kind of felt like an egg. what the **** you mother****** This is Sam Dunner watching teletubbies walking out just watch it dude don’t play with your phone you fell over you fell over ou my God ( desperately screaming ) Im here with? Tyrell Are you going trick-o-treating? no, probably… ( unstoppable laughter ) ( firecrackers sound ) you ****ing prick just turn it on (chainsaw sound) party blowers sound party blowers sound we found them huddled together under the blankets in one bed all the lights on Dad just can’t
miss this kind of chance to wake the boys up ( chainsaw sound ) ohohohohoooo oohohohohooo what’s wrong with you? TOP VIRAL VIDEOS

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