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TOP 10 MOST FUNNY & HILARIOUS AUDITIONS ON BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT OF ALL TIMES! Deep Like you love to do it Together Time to care Pro this is my partner Chantal What we’re going to do now with Chantal we have a cannon here, we are going to On hotel when they explain to you what happens is cannon fires Anton Decker going to throw two packs a half a card toward Chantal And she catches a card that was selected early What was the card that was lifted earlier ace of hearts the ace of hearts was selected earlier? She fires out the cannon, and she’ll grab that core, and this were really impressed her, okay? Stand here. That’s it. Thank you. That’s okay. I’ll say Wayne ready, yeah She looks in pain Chantelle are you happy for us to do this? Okay Okay, so if you got to hold that please and one second We’re not gonna get this over Steady Stop it now for goodness sake the judge knows and there is the Karma she slept in the ice All right a moment to me. Yes, all right, I don’t think be here. I mean just yes What’s your name? My name’s Graham? Well you want me full name. I’ll get all what people they want me full names mark or Graham Blackledge But everybody calls me Graham in fact. I didn’t even know I called Michael so is about 11 because no And then it took me a year to figure out how to spell it because it’s it’s an awkward when I am mad You’re very likable very What are you gonna do what am I gonna do? I’m gonna play the organ and then I’m gonna play and sing whilst playing the organ so the organ playing is what you’d like to Be doing a full time The organ playing yes, yeah Yeah Do you say go, or do I just start You ever you know So that was horrific Because you you were smiling at us in this weird way the whole way through I can cut the smile you Singing and playing the organ together, but without the weird smiling We are going smell, so they just carry on from where I left off. Yeah Singsong Okay, hello are there any guys with big muscles in the audience No good then I’ll talk about them You know you know those big muscles make those guys so heavy that they cannot ride a pony However They can break a fragile toilet seat. I mean I mean do they work out to attract the ladies Well, actually the ladies are attracted to what’s inside of a man Back me up ladies if you agree say yeah Rapidly moving on public toilets can’t live without them can’t live in them either Because there is no fridge and microwave. They’re Often when I use the male toilet some guys their part very loud And I don’t like that so when possible I sneak into the ladies toilets instead because they’re much more discreet about it Well at least when they know that I am there Seeing is believing and weighing is relieving Funny is cool. We’ve had an hour’s good More Very well now you never well you you’re a person What’s going on there hello ladies and gentlemen Could we have a little chat before you start playing what could we have a little chat before you start playing? Can I just get your Connecticut your name? Yeah, yeah, what’s your name? What’s your name Dulli I’m sorry. How low do you pretend? How old are you 25, and we’re about to frog? Hello and so what are you gonna do for us tonight? Why we’re doing everything backwards because we didn’t get a chance to do the chat, I believe all these nobody’s gonna Do we don’t have to start pressing those buttons again, and I have the second Michael Jackson On the news everybody dog for everybody Don’t ya know what you thinking Harry Potter the nasty Quidditch accident Do you know I can’t stand sorry sorry let me emphasize do you know what I can’t stand? Look on the bright side I’ve never had to queue at Disney and Now I’m just gonna throw a disclaimer out there if I do get too energetic. Please stop me. I want to keep my benefits The Cinema scene the new James Bond film the other day And then it got me thinking you know maybe I would have liked him about a girl you know being James Bond, but obviously, I’m a bit inhibited ah Mr. Bond, I’ve been expecting you No late But this isn’t be first Britain’s Got Talent event I’ve been to I was actually a Live tour in Manchester funnily enough two years ago and the stuff. They couldn’t have been more helpful Moving people out the way getting us to a seat And then when we finally got there the view was just fantastic And we sat down and my sister she tapped me on the shoulder turn around and I’ll never forget this as long as I live she said Jack We are so lucky our disabled Very much, I do that huggable Sorry bit nervous Who are you I’m Phil W Greene, I’m 21 and I’m going to be doing comedy impressions Well I do do this full-time No, I don’t know. What do you do? I work at body shop at the moment as a customer consultant, but your dream is to be a big yes Phillip did you bring anyone with you sir yeah, my friend Christy. She work a body shop She did but she’s recently left. Why because she found a better job Where she now works at Barrett’s I hope it’s good after all of this okay. Well Philip. You’ve got roughly two minutes. Let’s do it, okay? Natalie pass today I’d say We’re going to be help working out so everyone put your hands out in front of you spread your legs and do some squats Miami baby, Oh Martin Fowler so far isn’t there I don’t pot wimpy power winching And you know I’m gonna meet her oh My goodness have you seen the bacteria in here is awful It’s me Well I’m at that age now all my friends are getting married and married people forget how horrible It is being single they love to call me and complain about their company problems Always get you’re so lucky being single I get home my wife Just starts nagging nag nag nag up like I have to nag myself. I Get home like what time do I call this? Sometimes, I think I don’t appreciate myself I haven’t always been a comedian. I did some weird jobs. I used to clean houses, and I’ll admit I was tempted to steal I Didn’t steal because the Bible says thou shalt not steal, but nowhere does it say thou shalt not swap I took a stereo left a Walkman took a plasma screen left an etch-a-sketch As I bet should I am from Africa I moved here 10 years ago, and immediately I moved here I heard a lot of British people talking about the fight that your crisis the recession. I’m from Africa What are you maniacs talking about? You call that a crisis if that’s a crisis where’s UNICEF Where is Bono I’ve not seen one save the UK concert You can tell me it’s a financial crisis when their planes flying over Birmingham tossing fish and chips out the window It will be in a Financial crisis when their ads on television saying this chap has to walk five miles of there To get a bottle of wkd blue And 100% you have got a financial crisis when India starts opening call centers here Can you imagine some pro guide Mumbai calls back ends up talking to a Brummie Thank you so much Hey, you can say good evening You speak English It’s my night come on hey we say something know What why not it’s fantastic come on presidency Doge yes Listen English see Spanish if small say okay Hey Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid yes So well you don’t want to speak anymore no okay, and now oh yes, I want You know you know how to sing you know, what yes, yes Where we listen to you It’s bow-wow and you understand Music plays we’re gonna sing something for you all right. Okay, don’t look at me look at me audience connect their feelings come on Okay, please come on you say. It’s pretty good talent. Okay. Go get that feeling


  1. 2 made ne laugh like crazy tears started flowing with laughter the guy in a pink dress and the Malawian guy😂😂😂😂

  2. Sad thing is, the dog was actually in a lot of pain during the performance, and animal welfare institutions had to get involved. Guy went off the map after , for obvious reasons.

  3. Dilaso talking rubbish about India. What he thinks of himself. People here in India are hard working and talented that's why they get call centre work here. And one day will come when India will open call centre there too… ….

  4. that impersonator guy must be strictly for british people cuz i haven’t any idea what he’s talking about or why it’s funny

  5. Wow this is a secret for young looking And keep you updated with us And thanks for sharing funny and I appreciate 😁👌 congratulations

  6. 2:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Funniest thing I have witnessed in my life!!!! My stomach is aching right now. Even after 5 years it's still very much hilarious!!

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