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Top 10 Ron Weasley Moments

Harry’s got the fame. Hermionie’s the brains. But where would they be without this guy? Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top 10 Ron Weasley moments! For this list, we’re celebrating Ron’s
best bits from the Harry Potter film series. Not only is this the first time the trio meet,
but it’s the first glimpse we get of Ron. And we’re immediately on side. Shuffling in with a smudge on his nose and
a sandwich in his pocket, he’s open-mouthed at seeing Harry, but he’s soon teaching
his new friend all about the wizarding world over a chocolate frog or two. And then, in walks his future wife. But it’s not exactly love at first sight. With a dodgy spell and a disgruntled rat,
Ron’s role as the underdog is cast. Yes, the Mirror of Erised
is mostly Harry’s to gaze in, but Ron’s time with his own reflection is a vital moment
in establishing his character. A middle child in the Weasley clan, Ron’s
anxieties are what makes him relatable. Will he better his older brothers? Could he ever outshine Potter? Either way, he seems glad to have been dragged
out of bed, even if he can’t help Harry explain the appearance of
his parents. There’s even time for a trademark turn of
phrase. While the later films are fraught with romantic
tension from all sides, Ron’s quest for love is one of the rockiest. What with Fleur Delacour, Lavender Brown and
the ever-complicated Hermione situation, it’s enough to leave anyone dazed and confused. But then Ron eats a stash of sweets spiked
with a love potion, and gets Vane on the brain. Romilda, that is. Racing through a fierce infatuation and hitting
hilarious emotional highs, it’s up to Slughorn to make him see sense. To a particularly tense moment in the penultimate
movie, but leave it to Ron for some comic relief. Assuming the identities of government officials,
Harry, Hermione and Ron go undercover in search of Umbridge and a horcrux. But Ron brings at least a little bit of fun. Whether he’s complaining in the cubicle
or fretting for his other half, as Regi Cattermole he causes chaos at the Ministry. At least he gets a kiss for his troubles,
much to everyone’s confusion. Quidditch can be a sore spot for Ron, who
has Harry and his brothers to compete with. But our boy did get his moment in the sun
(on a pretty cloudy afternoon), and he beats the conceited Cormac McLaggan, too! He’s vulnerable, unorthodox, and one wrong
move away from serious injury. Basically, Ron plays Quidditch like he lives
his life. And it’s all worth it when he stars against
Slytherin, without Felix Felicis, we might add. Even Hermione’s impressed. He’s a keeper, in more ways than one. Having already bust Harry out of his bedroom
prison at the Dursley’s, much to his father’s delight, Ron gets behind the wheel again for
this scene, seeking an alternative route to Hogwarts. The whole thing is Dobby’s fault, of course. But Ron’s got it under control, sort of. He nearly derails the train and almost kills
the Boy Who Lived, but they get there in the end – despite a wand-ruining park job. All this around five years before mere muggles
get their L-plates. Ron’s been at Harry’s side through all
sorts, and he’s faced his worst nightmares. So, this speech really hits home. We’re at The Burrow, when Harry tries to
quietly slip off in search of horcruxes, but Ron’s having none of it. Stepping up for his friend’s time in need,
it’s he that leads Harry this time, with determined words and unwavering loyalty. Sure, staying for the wedding might not have
been the wisest move, but Ron’s honesty is admirable. And he’s probably onto something about Voldemort,
you know. We all knew it was coming, and it was worth
the wait. Ever since first year, Ron and Hermione have
bickered their way through everything Hogwarts could throw at them. But here they finally quit quarrelling, and
smooch like there’s no tomorrow – which, at this point, there might not be. True, there are probably more romantic spots
than in a dungeon under a bathroom by the skeletal remains of a Basilisk, but with the
Battle of Hogwarts raging above them, who cares? And another horcrux down, too! Happy days. A favourite game of Ron’s throughout his
childhood, wizard’s chess isn’t for everyone but few can play a better game than he. And Ron’s tactics are put to the test on
the way to finding the Philosopher’s Stone. Of course, this particular game requires more
than just mental strength. Realising that they can win, but only if he
sacrifices himself, Ron’s knight meets triumph with destruction to ensure that Harry can
continue. Proving himself prime hero material, he bags
50 house points in the process, too. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. We’ve already seen how the trio swiped Slytherin’s
locket, but it’s Ron who’s most affected by its power. In fact, the strain of wearing it even triggers
him to desert his friends. But that didn’t last, and Ron’s crowning
moment comes on his return. First he saves Harry, and then he faces his
fears once and for all. Wielding the Sword of Gryffindor, Ron refuses
to be blinded by the visions put before him, and promptly shatters some of the Dark Lord’s
soul. What a man.

65 thoughts on “Top 10 Ron Weasley Moments

  1. Bloomsbury hated the amount of times that Ron swore so they asked J.K. to tone it down .

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  2. Oh–haha—my God—mmf–ha!
    can barely breathe because of this for laughing

    That's basically how I react every single time I see Ron Weasley on amortentia (love potion). 😂

  3. Ron – “Bloody hell, bloody hell, bloody…WHA-WHAT ARE THOSE!? WHAT ARE THOSE!?”

    Harry – “My dress robes.”

    Ron – “Well, they're alright. No lace, no dodgy little collar."

    Harry – “Well, I except yours are more traditional.”

    Ron – “Traditional? They're ancient! I look like my Great Aunt Tessie. I smell like my Great Aunt Tessie.”


    Ron – “Murder me Harry.”

  4. I always thought that scene where Harry shows Ron the Mirror of Erised where Harry saw his parents, gives Ron a glimpse of himself playing Quidditch, that was predicted in the Half-Blood Prince.

  5. “Follow the spiders! Follow the spiders! If Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban, I’ll kill him!” 😂😂 I know that wasn’t in the video, I just really liked that scene.

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  7. I love Harry Potter, I’ve not seen them all though, I’ve only seen the one where there all in a school and there’s all magic and wizards and sh!!

  8. ''Why! Cos you-know-whos back you tosspot!'' was an honorable mention we were surprised he was able to get away with saying that in 12 certificate film.

  9. He has better moments in the books. A lot of great things he did or said were taken away from him in the movie and either given to Hermione or discarded all together. He was a brave and faithful best friend.

  10. & then in walks his future wife…
    Hermione:are you sure that was a real spell???

    Another one…
    Ron:why spider?why can't it be follow the butterflies?

    Another one:
    Ron:She needs to sort out her priorities…

  11. My 2 Favourite scenes:
    HP and the Philophesers Stone:
    Draco: I'm Draco Malfoy
    Ron: Chuckles
    HP and the Chamber of Secrets:
    Harry: What is it?
    Ron: Uhhuuhuuh Points up

  12. Ron- Harry if we die for him I’m gonna kill him

    Deathly hollows part 2 while there’s a big fire in the middle of the war

  13. Ron's tactics are put to the test on their way to finding the philosopher's stone xd I really hope you meant the sorcerer's stone

  14. Movies made him a comic relief that he isn't . I read the series and never knew how Ron grew from the 'sidekick' to my' superman' . He is my favourite charecter and he will forever be. He is a loyal friend , a brave soldier and a true lover and whoever has the books will know it.

  15. number 5 made me boil of madness🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯😤😤😤😡😡☝🏻🤛🏻🔥🔥🧨💣🚨🚨 GO FUCK YOURSELF WATCH MOJO

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