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TOP 10 Yo Mama Jokes – 2016

(farting) (electronic upbeat music) – Yo mama! – Yo mama so fat, she’s a citizen of every country! (sirens blaring) (screaming) (tense music) – She’s back and she’s bigger! (French music) – Sacre bleu! (Mexican music) (farting) – Los fartos es muy mal. (birds chirping) – What’s new? (Australian music) – Oh yeah, now that’s a lady! – Yo mommy so old, when she went to the museum she saw some of her exes! (tense music) – You came back, you finally came back. I saved this kitty for you. (meow) (sizzling) No, no, ah! It burns! (harp music) – Yo mama so freaking ugly, The Terminator said… – Ew, I won’t be back. Hasta la vista ugly. (tense music) (bubbling) – Yo mama so stupid, she tried to take Snoop Dogg for a walk. (hip hop music) – Yo, I’m not yo dog, dog. This is why I don’t get high with you. I prefer that shorty over there. (hip hop music) Stop pulling so hard. – Yo mama mia so fat, in Super Mario Galaxy, she was a freaking planet! (whimsical music) – Yahoo! Oh no! (squeaking) (farting) Yahoo! (game over music) – Yo mama so ugly, when Deadpool saw her, he said… – Oh! Oh god, uh-uh. I can’t even look at this bitch. (tense music) And here I thought I was ugly. No, uh-uh. Excuse me, could somebody get
me the fuck out of this joke? How long are these things usually? Like a minute? Oh, I can wait. (whistling) Too long. (gunshot firing) Could somebody get me
a fucking chimichanga? – Yo mama is old, she pre-ordered the Bible. – Pre-Order the DLC and you get five Johns and if you act now I’ll
throw in two Corinthians with a behind the scenes of Mark, now with 100% more Moses. – I didn’t agree to this. – Yo mama is so stupid, she threw baseballs at Batman! – I’m Batman. Ow! Hey lady, stop throwing shit at me. Ow! Stop it lady, ow, I’m a, ow, I’m not that kind of Batman, ow, ow, stop it! Hey mom, she’s throwing baseballs at me. Oh wait, I don’t have a mom. Shit. Now I’m sad. I’m Batman. – Yo mama so damn ugly, the devil saw her, he started going to church. – God, it’s me, the Devil, yeah, sorry about all that stuff I did. I feel like just like
a real, real asshole, so just please, please take me back. Come on God, we used to be buddies. Oh god, oh she’s here, I’m sorry a thousand
times just take me back! Come on man! Stop being a dick! – Yo mama so fat, Donald Trump used her as the border wall! – Oh it’s perfect, it’s huge! Take that China. (farting) – The farts, the farts are too much. I have no choice than to climb over. (tense music) (upbeat electronic music)

100 thoughts on “TOP 10 Yo Mama Jokes – 2016

  1. yo mama o frkin stupid she found a broken dollar so she fixed it by paying the Smith three dollars

  2. YO MAMA SO FRICKIN' FAT, that when she got her fidget spinner customised for her size, SHE FRICKIN' CREATED TORNADOES ON THE OTHER SIDE OF EARTH!!!!!

  3. Your mum is so so down fat when she went to Burger King she said I would like $100 and then the man said why the hell do you wanna hundred dollars and then your mamma far as Facebook and blocked the whole world with Freddie fares bear

  4. yo mama is so fat she sunk the titanic
    yo mama is so fat when she went to the zoo to see the elephants they went hey girl whats up

  5. Yo mama is so FA A A T, that when she plays super smash bros…SHE GOES OF THE FRICKIN SCREEN INSTANTLY

  6. my top 6
    6. yo mama so fat she is a citizen of every country
    5. yo mama so old when she went to the museum she met some of her exes
    4. yo mama so ugly dead pool said…. and yo mama so ugly she started to make the devil go to church
    3. yo mama so short when she smokes she cant even gt high
    2.yo mama so ugly her pictures hang themselves
    1. Yo mama so fat when Dracula sucked her blood he got diabetes

  7. Yo mama so stupid, she ordered American food instead of Italian when she went out with Mario, Mario’s also stupid for going out with her

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