Laughter is the Best Medicine


and I kill him wait get a squad pick everybody get in front of her everybody get in front of her like this [Laughter] [Laughter] me with the blue [Laughter] oh my god um please I'll give you what you are yeah I'm so said right [Laughter] are these people here [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] driving near is get driving is really far it's like 350 meters oh my god dude there's the best night for now dude oh come on dude [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] hey kiddo grant while they leave I'll look what bar are you over there with the parachute in the cornfields do you needed lifts I'm your uber driver will take you wherever you want to go just give me a destination where you want to go do you want to go boys I'll check where you guys want to go all right we'll just take you to get cut then if you're not gonna say anything yo guy come with me I'll tell you that geckos wonderful and duos dude it's great you'll love it yeah dude oh yeah man we work for free dude you have a min yeah yeah all right here's your stop for your charge oh I'm down I'm down I don't know where he's from I don't see him don't come don't come no that's not safe okay hold on hold on I got a smoker Nate doesn't need Oh iPad I'm not losing these drops to him there he is he's naked isn't he he's naked [Laughter] three times nice other guys on the other building Oh vehicle coming oh my god I missed my entire clip good job guy I did not see you either he's at the window he's at the window case you stand up what kind of shoes do you have on I don't I can't see him can stand up nice try [Laughter] at this point he's gonna take him out he's sitting with a pen push him with a pen oh well off the pan just ball spin [Laughter] [Laughter] we need find a key you are you getting a motorcycle and try to find you a z4 circle I'm dumb it's in this house traitor I'll go search for it's in it yeah I ran you over it's not just go find a Z [Laughter] oh god it's like that game really just crash can you tell when I'm turning around in my seat are you doing it right now yeah it wasn't just that they just fucking looking at you begging for help all right oh my clover wait wait link said is this real life look you look behind you oh my god the other guy just ran fast three guys right I can't believe it I can't fucking believe that [Laughter] run as many agony don't die wait where'd this guy crawl to when he fool die oh he hasn't died yet Jake look Shawn get out get out get the fuck out oh my god he's right here he's out of ammo I hit him a lot we're gonna die here going back I don't know if you guys talk a lot when you're alone Oh guys are talking a lot right now oh we are is dust in the wind and all right sing something else and I'm in a rush turn around oh he's got an 800 you chucked it on the infinity it's all their loot up there then yeah and it is oh my god we're just gonna be swimming next to this guy and worth looting his friends hey buddy hello all right Wow how did your friends die we drowned Oh how did you get shot in front of you know about the native you see sorry how do we even get up there I'm not there we don't want to but I gotta say look I'm reassuring [Laughter] coming up here are you moving yeah is he on my roof what is he on you yeah he's downstairs yeah that was creepy hey did you hear hey let's talk about this what why you go to be like this bro okay so what what obviously looks sexy as hell so we are I mean we gonna we gonna jump in this way together what's up boys I mean I'm downing you okay yes I'm going to say okay move your ass over if you want this to happen okay oh wait wait we screenshot this all right you guys made do with me as you wrote I thought that's not the way this is going I thought you were doing it to us I'm kind of pointing but for this right now all right all right if that's the case you're getting show the dick he was the best I ever had friendly friendly oh come here kid there's no guns here there's no guns here let's see what happens here hold on I'm gonna try something I'm gonna try something really funny watch me beg later bitches laughs guys right here let's guys are here my veto my vehicle he's right here he's gonna take off take it off I have got nothing my best joke alright a captain walks no no no no the wait I got another one [Laughter] [Laughter] right out of cones don't come in Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year oh no one of you everyone up here what up here at the stairs that the stairs come on come on come on for me this guy's gonna kill me come back he just wants to drop mountains poor guy I hate motorcycles I keep motorcycles I hate motorcycles and I hate you I'm just kidding I love you get out of that wait is it yes he's teabagging my fucking body and no you better come back to my fucking body get off my dear but I swear one more one more couch and ice but you better not crotch again fuck you nigga right get off that shit never close the door close the door close the door bar but no get out there close the door but no don't key back he goes oh my god yo sup dude let's leave this guy you want to loot them we'll split the loot and you're on you all right I need to worry you can take the energy yeah we'll just like take one of the times yeah dude all right uh you want the mini you can take the mini yeah uh let's see can I say I'll take oh shit dude he had five first day to take them I know look at that shit I'll take the pains all right there we go I feel like being uh I need it I really need a sizeable take a hollow real quick make the suppressor I'm gonna be a me lord take that handgun fuckin DuPont there you go there you can take the rest man there you go good luck and split yeah take care dude I'm gonna watch this guy dies run himself over Diddy Oh see this could be us in real life but you didn't take the motorcycle class with me okay now they come down the crew down in the pokey [Laughter] sorry [Applause] he has to come into the bug oh okay playing around okay oh my god great I hope the amazing this is how I want to oh my god please [Laughter] give me I see you later fuck just happened right on your fucking phone [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] hello on the fucker faced oh can you revive me surround get it get it get out of me [Laughter] [Laughter] just looking for gas you can have all my stuff and kill me hey hey dude stop dude I can give you all my stuff my god dude I'm just super gas no fuck you I'm doing this yeah I'm Tom I got the eye of the tiger fire dancing through the fire cause I am A champion and you're gonna hear me what a day what I know guys I'm just gonna check your engine oil it's fine thank you yeah who's talking trash now I'm a fuck put me down put me out of my misery hey boys good luck that's what you get that's what you fucking get come on buddy we're gonna go mad just get in myself for the journey do it do it do it [Laughter] [Laughter] yeah go for the van I dare you to now his friends all cautious he's gonna come revive him and now I'm gonna troll them with smoke grenades he got in the van oh my god he's probably shaking right now as soon as he revives oh I'm gonna shoot his friend again oh my god it's actually working he's so confused he's like what the hell what's going on he's just gonna revive him a gun in the middle of the road come on bro revive me I'm dying I keep getting shot what's going on I got no – clack got no clue what's going on oh my god are they dumb do this I'm just gonna keep reviving him in the middle of the street why not oh my god he has no clue what's going on finish it off panting panting oh yeah what's plan now don't you know what plan is we'll scroll through that got it crouched bomber throw this need and then when it blows up what the games begin [Applause] [Laughter] [Laughter]

31 thoughts on “TOP 100 FUNNIEST MOMENTS IN PUBG

  1. 1:22 that's how our social problems in Germany sound like! Main word: Digga
    2nd main word: Fick dich(fuck you)
    3nd main word: ey jungeeeee (ey boiiiiii)

  2. pubg need to fix this type of vehicle bug. Are you guys agree to me? Then like this comment if you are agree

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