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TOP 15 fotos más PERTURBADORAS (humor) de Google Maps

Sometimes there are paranormal and inexplicable stuff around the world but the truth is in all cases everything has an explanation and all these foolishness are the desire of explaining in a subrealistic way things which are very simple so… Welcome everybody TOP most terrifying pictures of Google Maps Number one One day, A woman was putting on a mask… uh… an Iron mask? This woman had giantism problems and she had a huge face so that meaned that she used to swallow 20 at 20 When the iron was no longer cast She took away her mask and throw it away of the window car I mean… throw it away of the tank she was in and well, her skin was perfect but, so the scrap remained like this forever… the iron scrap mask. *Chan chan chan chan* Number two In this inexplicable picture someone entered to Paint and draw at the top of the building something stupid uploaded it on internet and everybody thought it was… terrifying uuUuUUuuuuUuUUuuuUUUuuuu Number Three I shove it up your ass (spanish joke because number 5 and shove up are rhym words / double joke because he said numer 3 not 5) One day, the satanic forces of evil decided it was too easy to burn the whole world and consume their souls in hell so… meow they thought it was a better idea to make a stave in some weird place and wait until Google maps took a picture of it sure… everyone would notice the evil push out into their ass definitely their little ass!! Number four Sometimes to masturbate We see photos of hotties sometimes We see photos of kangaroos Yes, to masturbate also and sometimes both come together to form a beautiful natural beauty a sort of humanoid victim of pajilleros since the time of the Maya UuuUUUHH i fear rare panning effects! fdhojhbbguuaaaaaaaaa xd Number five you eat a biscuit there are times the bad milk, antipathy and amargamiento It is invoked by black magic and takes human form to call ….. GRANDMOTHER… and sometimes evil forces conspire to join TWO !!!!!!!! and you have twice “How great are already” or “I at your age was not so p * ta” or “I do not understand my mobile” or “Help me to become a Facebook” Y….. “I sent an SMS and now I got the bill hundred euros to mobile *deep sigh* double madness, twice grandmothers number 6 number 6
For the ass you I kneel down For the ass you I kneel down This time, Google Maps He traveled to an alternate universe where everyone can see how it feels to be a piece of bread on the floor observed guarded about to be devoured chan chan chan chan Number seven When you get to take the test technical drawing and you leave the leaf uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Number eight Someone needed to express the face low bar script script such an incredible way which ended up posting with kilometers long Well done You may have noticed your facepalm even on the moon. Literally, you can see from the moon Number nine We Vladimir Diet which it is wank and sleep Also this diet Cornet it is to eat little and fuck a lot But when you combine several of these Abraham Mateo appears from behind while Gemeliers do a Gang Bang on your face and you get something just so … And so no need to combine drugs UUUUUU … Terrifying Really All these images’m taking a page trying to give fear with this It is STUPID! Number ten Come on! But if the salon manga Area 51 I like it because they always make good cosplays how this wolf uh … the … poncho? Number eleven In in 1991 a dehydrated bear was invented if it became super large mojabas But what did these owners He was leaving stuffed in her garden while went on vacation And when they returned … The rains had returned to bear bigger than your own home … It’s kidding, me I just invented all but it would molado the bear woke up and killed them all by sitting on them or something Number twelve We’ve spent years asking a special container for mummies and nobody gives … So in the end, we are forced to do this *sigh* Disturbing image … Number thirteen Here we can clearly see a couple who went to McDonalds and they gave him the bags open ketchup The poor came to the lake without ketchup for the fries A whole tragic story Both she fainted and ended, I had to take as a good Gentleman A very romantic scene number fourteen By the ass you kneel … the aliens They are among us costumes felt UOUOUOUOUO Number fifteen A normal person would think this is the end of a road and already is and that’s all it is … But we can find this image in terrifying thousands of websites and perturbadorsitas because it puts “hell” on the floor oh..ohh I miedoo and even here the 15 photos ParTurvaDorah dE Guger mΔx, today If you would like to do more video shit … * cough * * cough shit … * This style When we get to twenty-five thousand likes do another Put me in the comments most disturbing things tops or whatever I want it to do And if you want to see more things perturbadorsitas And you have laughed a lot with this video or a little, do not forget to look at my channel. And I leave you with a … chinoninoninonino background Bye… Uuuuu fantansmas, “espíritos” strange things, Pokemons Pocket Monsters UuUu

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