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37 thoughts on “Top 5 CSIR NET tips and tricks to crack CSIR NET exam

  1. though before this video i have qualified 2 times but if i could say about the only person who help me make csir easy its SUMON da… love you

  2. Sir I belongs from a very backward village under Assam, belive me sir, aap ki every video mujhe bht hlp krta hain, aur mera concept clear krta hain, Main ak poor family se hoon, aur mujhe to insob ke bare main kuch bhi pata hi nahi tha, exam ka pattern kya hain NET ka aur kaise porhna jaruri hain etc etc. Thank u very much sir, we need more video s from u, ☺

  3. Sir i have a doubt i have completed m. Pharmacy specialization ( pharmacognosy and phytochemistry) i want to know which csir exam i have to appear for life science or chemical science plz tell any one… It would be help full to me

  4. Sir I'm msc agriculture (plant pathology) student. I want to prepare for net exam can u please recommend me books for that.

  5. Hi sir… thank you so much for your valuable tips before exam.. i tried csir net for the first time.. i saw your video one day before exam i solved part c first it is really helpful helpful to me.. i have attended all the questions i known before 30 minutes of my exam… thank you so much sir

  6. i can't call u sir b/c i feel u as friend… u r really creating a change.. by your precious suggestions i could complete my exam 1st A than C & B respectively…thanks alot my frindly tutor

  7. Hi sir…I need your help i know you won't see this message but just incase you do I thought I will give it a try. So I'm currently doing a bioinformatics workshop which was made mandatory to us by our college. The teaching is horrible I didn't understand anything. Now they are telling us to do a project using bioinformatics on the plant bauhinia purpurea. There isn't much information in ncbi about this. What should I do sir. It can be easy and small but still I don't know what to do

  8. Sir csir net life science k liye kaun si book aur kis writer ka achha rhega pls reply sir mujhe book lena h

  9. Sir we have cell membrane on sem 2 so we need these topics (1) its ultra structure and coomposition (2) fluid mosaic model (3) active passive and facilitated transport and (4) tight, gap junctions and desmosome.

  10. Hi sir thank u so much for your valuable tips it's 💯 % true 20 mins savings.sir plz provide ans key of Dec exam

  11. Please sir AAP ka ek app bna lo us me par topic ki unit add kr do ..sir mne yh phle be bola h AAP ko ….🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏plz accept me ideas

  12. The problem i faced was i attempted a total score of 124 and I got pretty tensed if I start getting one or two wrong even I'm gonna miss my chances getting a jrf.

  13. The tricks wat u said, I implemented in today's exam… 1st solved Part C, then Part A n last Part B… I really could complete the exam before And got extra 20mins to check the paper.. and soccer ball rule … Passing question rule also helped to choose better questions… Hoping for the best sir…
    Thank you for your videos sir 🙏

  14. Your hack no 2 didnt work this time… I found the begining of part c and b to be easier than last questions…
    Pls do evaluate the question paper

  15. Sir, what should be the time for filling the circles in OMR sheet…. after solving all questions or after every single question?

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