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Top 5 |  YouTuber Chains (Part 3) | CJ So Cool, Funny Mike, Omi In A Hellcat & More

Over the last couple weeks we’ve dropped videos
on YouTubers buying some insane chains and featured the likes of DDG, KSI, Logan Paul,
Jake Paul, Blazendary, Supreme Patty, B Lou, CJ So Cool, Backpack Kid and even Aaron Carter
but I think his ice was fake. I was checking out the comments on the last
video we made and you guys mentioned a whole ton of YouTubers, some I ain’t even heard
of before… Omni In A Hell Cat, DeShae Frost and of course
you guys were all pretty eager to let me know that CJ So Cool finally got his new ice. Last time we made this video he hadn’t showed
it off just yet. Not to fret, I’ll be talking about all these
guys and more in todays video. All the selections were hand picked by you
guys and I’m noticing not one white dude made the list. I wanna give a shoutout to a YouTuber named
NameBran. He’s got over 1/2 a million Subscribers and
makes all sorts of videos buying rapper chain knock offs. Seems
like a good kid so be sure to check him out. My name of course is MichaelMcCrudden. Keep sending in your requests. I actually got a hook up with a delivery on
it’s way of chains, watches, rings and more and I’ll have a promo code to share with you
guys to get some new ice for cheap. Be sure to Subscribe, turn on Post Notifications. Now Let’s get into this video. First up in the number 5 spot we got Funny
Mike This one was requested by Lilnc 9:
Funny Mike’s laughing emoji peace is nice it should be in there If ya’ll don’t know Funny Mike he trolled
his way into the game as 22 Savage and nearly got killed by the real 21. He rebranded, has become an MTV star and has
even fathered a little baby. Not bad for a kid who was facing a murder
charge just a few years ago. Arighr, so the kids got a few chains in his
collection already. There is his Travis James Ent piece. He’s got an M and Mike. A few silver cuban link chains. & most recently he went out and bought two
dripping TJE pendants and a rolex from Johnny Dang. couldnt really find much info on Funny
Mike’s new Emoji peice besides him dancing in a wal mart with it but I did check out
his views on YouTube. The kid is blowing up on multiple channels
and I’ve say he’s making over a million a year on YouTube alone. Good for him. Moving onto the number 4 spot we got,
Omni In A Hell Cat: This one was requested by 941DMoney who said:
You should def do omi in a hellcat. He got way more ice than most of these dudes
out there. Thanks for the suggestion – I’ve definitely
seen this dudes name before but this is the first time I’ve checked out his work and let’s
just start of by saying he probably got the most chains I’ve ever seen a YouTuber own
and wear at once. The dude has ovr 1/2 a million subscribers
on YouTube from Philly and just a couple weeks ago he dropped a video titled Buying over
300K in Diamonds. The description on that video reads: I went
to danny jewlers to inquire about a 1 carat diamond chain. this is super rare.. the quality and sheer
size of this chain is un matched.each diamond is one carat or a tad bit bigger making this
my most expensive piece ever. The chain alone is over 300k because now i
want it longer.. The dudes got a nice collection of chains,
including his Omni In A Hellcat Logo but the baddest one in his collection from what I
could tell was his GotchuCTFU double R Reloaded. He’s also a got in memoriam piece for a friend
I believe is named Christian. The caption reads: THIS PEICE MEANS MORE TO
YOU I got no idea what this piece cost exactly
but it looks like Omni can afford to spend whatever he wants. There are a few websites are reporting that
this dude is worth $50 million. Might need to make a The Rich Life on him. I also saw a headline that the FBI seized
everything… Sounds like a really interesting cat. Let me know if you’d like me to make any other
vids on this dude. Aright, moving onto the number 3 spot we got
Damien Price It’s been a while since I paid much attention
to D&B Nation. I think they used to react to my videos – anywho. The couple is now an empire with their own
family channel. This one was requested by HBE-Visiri YT:
You should see Damien piece chain “prince family” like it to make him see it Cruising Damien’s multiple YouTube channels
there were no videos about him taking trips to the jeweler. It looks like they got a real PG family thing
going on. I did find this video where he’s sporting
his DAP pendent, this clip from a video with 2.5 Million views. Them family friendly views have been good
to Damien as he’s looking decked out on IG with an assortment of whips, clothes and of
course chains. Good for him This video was requested by Lil Kelz who wrote:
Put Deshae Frost on there his piece is fire fire. Another new YouTuber I ain’t ever heard of
with 2.5 Million Subscribers and 2 Million on Instagram. The kid is only 18. This guys pretty clever on a recent visit
to IceBox he figured out a way to get exactly what he wanted and have the viewers help him pay for it. Can’t knock the kid, that’s a pretty savvy
entrepreneur right there. Although is buddy got him good with a diamond
tester prank. Dude took the battery out… damn. Really regretting giving Omni that number
4 spot once again but don’t worry. For number 1 I got a crowd pleaser. We are back with CJ So Cool: This one was requested by Laquan Thomas:
We need a part 3 Cj so cool got his new piece from
Johnny Dang A few of you guys hit me up in the DM’s sending
me videos and yes, the ICE is strong with this one. His latest piece of his moniker CJ So Cool
he picked from Johnny Dang and he titled the video with the big reveal The Best Thing I’ve
Ever bought In My life and his reaction was priceless. No word on how much it cost but this is clearly
something that’s priceless to CJ he made like 5 posts about it on his IG to his 3.4 Million
followers. Happy for the dude! CJ & me go way back… I even interviewed him and his brother back
in 2016 at VidCon I’ve since had a little sit down with Jinx
when I went on a recent trip to Las Vegas. We talked about a lot of stuff including him
getting cancelled when he was on top as the king of reaction videos. I’m thinking about making a Where Are They
Now on Jinx and including that interview in it. Is that something you guys wanna see? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  1. Yes please make a video on cj so cool’s brother. I’ve always wondered what his story was. We need a whole before, during and after.

  2. You should do Cory off of Carmen and Corey he got that ice ice ice fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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