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what exactly is wrong and you are history [Laughter] [Laughter] use that bulldozer to move the pipes hurry please sneak some gas in here hurry please you should get some help with their personality of yours you don't have many free there he is let's do this not perfect but it will do for now perfection is a cruel mistress yeah I don't think we made this I could barely get this car down here they see me really close I think we made it [Applause] [Laughter] let's go watch me hit this door back out for a sec let me tv1 these guys you saw I mean fuck Wow nice carbon what would you say for you some fools I knew we're running a little racing competition and this luck would have it they got this really beautiful silver medal with your name on it I say go fuck yourself bronze medal then here it is it just pulled up all by itself the future is now and it comes in the shape of this little round bubble of a car Google invited us to be among the first outsiders to ride in their prototype self-driving car a ride like no other feel free to text and drive or take a nap for that matter it identifies Cooper's other colors everything this is what the cars radars and lasers not coming soon exactly but according to Google sooner than you think make my skin crawl you neo-nazi you are all the same this racist insulted me I was Sabu who you calling a nigger no no I'm not calling nobody a nigga what the fuck I mean n-word that's not cool man I don't see that fucking right and you better keep it right cuz this mayor right here he's an international businessman of multiculturalist that I could not have said better than myself [Applause] surprise motherfucker like when you figured out how that brain of yours works and here comes the very first customer of the deep why don't love you lion always right look at upstate we left the day here at Kenyon that's your exit plan yes now and how do I shoot you god damn it I did it you owe me I tried to kill me what the heck no how did he kill me me oh my god keep going keep going well done you are very resourceful I like that really I do right up here homie I'm about to go nice and slow for your bitch ass oh you want me to start trying now or spiritual how can I be of service and then there's the hawk to drag right what if you landed on this freaking Hydra and got stuck with the rocket car and like I could fly you around or something that would be like super big oh shit you charming as ever okay see you soon she's loading the hardware into the back of a truck tools for the job I don't know how to it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up here's trip grade looky looky huh a bunch of government shit bags and their favorite stoolie what's he been telling you no he just said how you guys were happy to help the government any way you can oh really less ha ha in bed with the bureau and the new running buddy yeah he's more of a protege yeah well you gonna teach him to be old before his time there to never grow up that seems like a good kid Michael I look at this I new city new set of problems but the idiots they stay the same yep I guess I J I'll see you later better buddy hey you [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] fucking business all right he's dead to me and chances are if and when I see him he's gonna be dead to everyone else as well hey come on bro don't do that you're pushing you was that what was that alright alright modern medicine can do we lose them if we keep going this way that's where the TV people at drug dealers perhaps now you want to kill me yeah maybe old man maybe not you and your civil Border Patrol friends you're all the same ignorant fools trying to protect something that's not even there they're not my friends time with them yeah I spend a lot of time with fucking people I don't like alright it's one of my favorite hobbies Border Patrol man fuck you you want to fucking die you don't you're in trouble okay I'll deal with it is anybody jobs get away from the cops and to get upstate we left the day here at Kenyon that's your exit plan there's a route coming near G from the cops stay together go a different way if you want but this will be the safest route and his name is John see my good deed for today [Applause] oh I feel for your friend [Applause] so for Flickr surprise motherfucker oh my hey killing them I'm destroying the whole highway I'm taking advantage of the private ease right now I would get 5 stars by now by how many people I've just killed Oh what what what oh geez for the bush it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up we got two ideas it's gonna take a while to get them together or work them up but I think there's a way it's not impossible alright well start thinking about the breakout to Bradley Snyder he's getting far it is Brittany what you're looking for nah I put my own on can you protect them cut it destroy all of the helicopters because that's quickly quickly quickly quick quick quick quick yes quickly get him clear the runway cut him clear carry him clear the runway get him clear the runway did he get in okay pull up get him you almost hit us okay can him stop shooting and lose the cops no no no no Karim no yeah he's got blue blood [Laughter] initiate stay clear the blades all right we're here your best jump in right here's the place to go you expect I'm always rushing lettuce Rosen wants to knock me out bok-bok-bok dodeca [Laughter] thank you my boy thank you I am honored to call you my son we're another mother if you know what I mean Epsilon isn't still growing and what brings you in today [Applause] [Applause] this is a spot right I don't think so you oh my god dr. Burdick you ask me how goodnight oh shit you're still attached to my plane thank you for dealing with those hugs police do nothing around here no offense intended but you disgust me Michael Davey are you behaving yourself oh but of course and how are the kiss incoming get clear the landing zone surprise motherfucker hello this is 911 emergency service do you require thank you paramedics run [Laughter] [Applause] what that was perfectly in your bowl in hand I don't think

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  1. Hi bro’s this a reupload of the oldest top 500 fails i had to edit it and now its available again!
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  2. I wake playing last night around midnight I went to the Ron oil works and found a ladder that wasn't there

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