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Top 8 tips to prepare for and crack campus placement interviews

Hey guys! I am Saakshi and today we will discuss some
tips for you to do well in your Interviews for Placements. I have a total of 8 tips for you which will
help you prepare for the interviews and also avoid some common mistakes. So let’s get started! Tip number 1
Do thorough research on the company and job profile that you are applying for. Google extensively, and know more about the
company, its working style, its revenue model, its competitors and how is your role fitting
in the big scheme of things. Go up to linkedin and try to see some major
people in the company. This shows the interviewers that you are interested
and have put up efforts. Tip number 2
Prepare answers for atleast 50 most asked interview questions. You need to do this so that, when the interviewer
asks you – “so tell me about yourself”, you don’t fumble and start talking about your
nursery teacher. Preparing answers means knowing what to speak and when – before the interviewer asks it. Tip number 3
Be friendly and calm with everyone you meet during the interview – from the volunteers
to the interviewer. Always have a smiling face. Tip number 4
Answer the questions in a short and concise manner. Elaborate only those answers which would help
you make your point clearer. Tip number 5 Your body language speaks a lot about you. So walk in the room with confidence. Greet the people in the room. Give a firm handshake. Maintain good posture. After the interview, smile and thank them
for their time. Tip number 6
Carry a good file which will hold your Resume, certificates, necessary documents, a small
notebook and a pen. Tip number 7
Prepare a list of questions that you might want to ask post interview. This shows that you are interested to know more
and interested in the job. Tip number 8
Before walking out of the room, let them know you are the best fit for the position, that
you’re excited and ready to be a part of their organization. I hope you find these tips useful. Subscribe to FACE Prep for more tips on preparing
for Placements!

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