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TOP SIBLING PRANKS! Trick Your Sisters and Brothers || Funny DIY Pranks by 123 GO!

Hanging out with your siblings is always fun. Especially when there are stakes involved. It’s almost as if playing games and pranks
were made for siblings. Who else in the world will still love you
after you pull a sneaky trick on them? If you’re looking for some new awesome pranks
to play on your bro or sis, we’ve got a fresh new batch coming your way. Aw, she really got you there, Lana. Spending the night in watching movies, huh? And the best part about it? You get to eat all the snacks. Hey, give me a chip! Aw, looks like there aren’t any more for
ya. But you can go fetch us another can little
sis! Ah, the perks of being the younger sibling,
right? Ha, sucker. Lana wants another can of chips? Oh, I’ll give her another can of chips,
alright. For this prank, all you need is a deflated
balloon and a can of chips. Simply fill up the balloon with water from
your faucet and hold it in the can just like this. Now, fill ‘er up! Make sure it fills up all the way so it’s
about ready to pop. Once it’s full, don’t tie the balloon,
just hold it off to the side like this. Once it’s over the edge, roll the foil back
over and place the plastic lid back on. Let’s do this. Alright Lana, I got you a new can of chips! Oh no, she’s in for a messy surprise! There she blows!! GAH! I asked for a snack not a beverage! Oh wow, Lily, you got your sister good, this
time! That’ll teach her not to order you around! But for now, you’d better start running! I’m gonna get you back, Lily! Ooh! Watch out! Ugh, she sure runs fast. Now how am I going to get her back? Looks like these eggs sitting out in the kitchen
counter just gave Lana an idea. Things are about to get egg-tactic up in here. For this prank, you’ll need one raw egg
and one chocolate candy egg. Pour some melted chocolate onto the raw egg. Be sure pour it over the chocolate egg too
so that they match. Once they’ve dried, they’re ready to go. Oh, Lilly! Where are you?? Ooh! Quick! Pretend you’re reading. Hey, Lily! I’m not mad at you anymore. In fact, I made us a yummy dessert! Want one of these chocolate eggs? Wait a minute, I’m not that stupid. I’m not eating the egg you want me to. I’ll take this one, okay? And in a surprising twist, somehow Lilly still
got the raw chocolate egg! That is seriously so gross. HAHA! See! I got you back! If I end up getting salmonella you’re in
big trouble, Lana! While siblings like Lana and Lilly are experts
at pranking each other, sometimes they join forces to commit the ultimate trickery. Oh man, could this class be any more boring? Maybe if I just rest my eyes for a couple
seconds no one will notice. Uh, did you hear that? Geez, Kevin must have a deviated septum or something, cuz snoring like that is definitely not normal. But for pranksters, a sleeping body is just
begging to be messed with. Oh yeah, Lana is definitely up to no good. Hey Lilly, wanna help me give Kev a free manicure? Yes, let’s do this. If you’re sure your buddy is in a deep sleep,
take press on nails like these and give their hands a makeover! Simply put some nail glue on the back of one
of the nails and press it onto their finger. Once all ten fingers are “beautified”,
go ahead and wake your victim up. I’m up, I’m up. Huh? When did I get my nails done? Gotta say Kevin, they may be a little girly,
but those nails look pretty fabulous. I gotta hide these things before anyone sees
them! Watch your back girls, Kevin is definitely
gonna get you back for that one! Hey Lilly, aren’t you gonna help you sister
with all those grocery bags? If she didn’t have her head buried in her
phone, she’d realize her sister needed a hand. Seriously, Lilly? Fine, I’ll open the trunk, geez. Say, if Lilly keep her eyes glued to her phone,
she’ll never see this prank comin’. If you have a fake hand like this one, you
can totally scare you sibling into thinking you had a terrible accident. After you stick it in your sleeve, place your
arm on the edge of a car door or trunk just like this. Once the trunk closes on your fake hand, it’s
show time. Ahh!! Lilly! My hand is stuck!! What?! Oh no! I’ve gotta open the trunk!! HA! You’ve been totally fooled, Lilly! Ugh, you scared me half to death, Lana! Wanna freak out your sibling? Try this sandwich prank! For this trick, you’ll just need some food
coloring and a sandwich, obviously. Mix a little black coloring into the white
coloring glob and stir it up. Now lightly put it onto the bread. Now add in a tiny amount of blue coloring. See, as you mix it, it starts to look kind
of like mold. Next, sprinkle on a little flour onto the
spot. Once you’re done, be sure to blow off the
excess dust. Oh man, that looks pretty nasty. Now go and hide it before Lana comes into
the room and sees that it’s a fake! Alright, time to catch up on my favorite show! Oh hey, guys! I’ve missed you! Okay, it’s officially go-time on operation
moldy sandwich. And she has no clue what’s coming to her. Hey move that tush, I wanna watch too! Ugh, fine. Oops! Looks like I knocked the remote over! Okay, then pick it up, it’s no big deal. I’m just so clumsy sometimes! Oh my gosh, Lana, did you leave a turkey sandwich
down here? Lilly, what on earth are you even talking
about? Ew! What are you holding that moldy sandwich for? Mmm! Throw it away! Lilly, you can’t eat that! Do you have a death wish or something? Yeah, I”m gonna get a good bite here… No! Lilly! Don’t! Ugh, even though it’s fake, it’s still
so gross to watch! Mmm, so good! Oh god, I think I’m gonna be sick… Turns out, mold ain’t so bad, sis! Here! Try a bite! Haha! Looks like this prank was a major success! Nothing’s worse than showing up to class
and realizing your forgot a pencil. Hey! Lilly! Yoohoo! Turn around!! Do you have a pencil to spare, pretty please? Thank you so much! Seriously?! What am I supposed to do now? Lana! Think I can snag your pencil sharpener? Please? I’ll buy you a cookie later! You’re a life saver! Almost there… Ugh, SHH! He ruined my concentration so I may as well
take a water break. Ahh, that’s better. Psst! Lilly! Can I get a sip of that? Hey, I’m really thirsty, okay? Sure, you can have a sip, right, Lana? Oh yeah, definitely. Okay, hold on just one quick second… Never miss the opportunity for a good water
prank! Simply take a blade and make a small cut just
above a water bottle label like this. Pretty simple, right? Still thirsty, Kevin? It’s all yours. Ooh! Poor guy definitely didn’t see this one
coming. Barely any of the water’s even getting into
his mouth! Oh man! This stuff is ice cold! This is so embarrassing! Up top, sis! I’m still thirsty, you know. Looks like Lana’s got herself a hole-y sock
situation. Aw man, I loved this pair. I may as well try to salvage them before the
hole gets too big. Let’s see here, where should I start? Hey sis! Mind if I sit here and eat my lunch? Mmm! Roast beef! My favorite! Alrighty, I’m digging into this beast. Okay, thread the needle…. OW! Who am I kidding, I can’t sew to save my
life! Geez, I didn’t know dirty socks were on
the lunch menu today… Wait a second… Maybe I can get Lana back by giving her a
little scare… For this freaky prank, you’ll need one large
safety pin like this one here. Put some glue on the pointed end and then
fasten it. Once the glue has dried, go ahead and cut
that same side so that it’s split open. Some sharp scissors or pliers should do. Now place it on your finger so that it looks
like it’s going through it. Add a little ketchup to make it look like
blood’s oozing out. If this doesn’t scare the pants off Lana,
I don’t know what will. Yikes, look at that thing! Gah! She’s coming back! Lilly, look at my poor finger! You think that’s bad! LOOK AT MINE!! Is that…blood? It’s okay, sis! It’s just ketchup! Love playing pranks on your siblings? Then you’ll love watching these side-splitting
bloopers. Don’t forget to share these pranks with
your siblings and friends! Be sure to subscribe to 123 GO! YouTube’s channel for more fabulous pranks!

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