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21 thoughts on “Tough winter day for the dog – Funny dog video

  1. Reminds me of my old 3 dogs…We were walking all three during winter and it had just snowed a lot but it was that snow with that hard layer on top that you had to break to get to the softer snow. Well 2 of our 3 dogs were big and they had to trudge their way through the snow while our third, a medium sized dog, was walking on top on the snow like she was as light as a feather xD

  2. should be put on a diet…. he is waaaay too fat ….. OWNERS: So as we humans get bad joints and overweight diseases, so do your overweight pets. Ask a vet for proper feeding and food. 

  3. This song sounds like it belongs to the We Love Katamari game. I'm not sure if it is actually from the game. It sure sounds like a song from that game.

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