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42 thoughts on “Traffic Ka Gussa | Hindi Stand up comedy Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi | Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai

  1. bina biwi ko galat sabit karke aurat ko kharab driver sabit kare tum logo ke jokes nahi bante…ghisa pita content….kuch reality based facts par comedy karo jaise dusre comedians karte hai…

  2. Yesterday I saw your stand-up routine at QUIKR Event at Marriott Bangalore. It was Hilarious. Enjoyed a lot… Fun.

  3. Hats off to you . Anger control cannot be described better than your way (thru sounds) specially after drinking.. hahaha😄😄

  4. sir….i have seen u have liked everybody's comment and also replied to them
    this shows that u don't have any kind of pride like other youtubers

  5. I was almost enjoying your stand-up comedy, till before you dropped the sexist misogynistic bomb which makes you sexist misogynistic.

    Recommend you to read 'Trauma & Recovery' by Dr. Judith Lewis Herman to gain a new perspective. And to understand how women & children are often living under persistence trauma, some loud & visible, but mostly invisible trauma & abuse.

    Only a person oblivious to such harsh ground realities, would ridicule labels of sexism & misogyny

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