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Transparent Acrylic Sculpted Stiletto Nail – Cracked Ice Design – Step by Step Tutorial

Hi I am Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and
in this video we are gonna do some Ice Queen inspired nails, just for crimbletime and if
you don’t speak Stoke on Trent that means Christmas. I am gonna start by prepping the nail, pushing
the cuticle back, taking away any non-living tissue, as alwaysGotta get that non-living
tissue away, gotta get it away, get it away. Then i am gonna go over with a block, to remove
the surface shine, to be honest there is not much surface shine on these nails, because
we soaked off the nails, So they have already had a bit of a going on. ] Just gonna put a sculpting form on, we are
gonna do a stiletto shape, So sculpting form tab on the back, to double that thickness,
lets give it a rock and roll between my thumbs. gonna close the end, and then i am going to
fit the form. Gonna prep with nail prep dehydrator just to suck the living life out of that nail.
I am only joking, it’s just going to deyhdrate it, take away the oil and shabang. Then we are going to put the acid free primer,
we are gonna put two coats of that on. I have got highspeed liquid because we are gonna
work really really quickly THere’s gonna be no trickery, they are not
gonna speed it up, this is as fast as i am gonna work. Gonna get a clear bead, right at the edge
of the nail, sweep that over a little bit, stretch it out. Then i am going to use warm
beige, on the nail plate, drag that down, pointing the finger down so it does not run
back anywhere, and just blending that down. Now i am going to build out a thin clear platform,
Now we need this, if you were using a tip, you wouldn’t have to b=create this platform,
obviously the tip would already there for the platform, So we are just creating a nice
thin clear platform. I tried to do it without a platform and it went terribly wrong. Didn’t
it fay, it was quite funny, NOT. So i realised that we need to fix that by
using a platform. What you will need to this next step is one of these sponges, now I use
this in theatrical makeup, so you can get this from, a Makeup Store, a theatrical makeup
store, online, or you can use any kind of sponge, that has lots of holes in, So you
can see that it has lots of holes through it so it is quite, it’s not dense, what’s
the other word, there’s lots of pockets in it. IT’s not like a makeup sponge. Can you
imagine putting makeup on with that. That is not what it’s used for, it’s used for other
things but, you need to go over to the makeup channel to see that. You can fin the makeup
channel at Naio Makeup, if you look here theres a link. just for you right there. I am gonna give this a pincharoo, Just to
make that have a nice c curve. now that it set, Iam gonna work quick, really quick. If
you can’t work really quick, unlike me. then you need to use medium speed or max adhesion.
I am using high speed. nice big bead, and i need to cover the length of the nail evenly.
And before this sets, get your sponge, and i am
gonna dip it into some of the clear powder, and i am gonna press that into that acrylic
that is not quote set, I hope this works again. This is only the 2nd time i have don this.
Yes, check it out. Sorry gets me a bit excited. Just gonna dust off that powder that we have
left on there. The reason we put the powder on there is some that the acrylic doesn’t
stick to the sponge, so you can see what i have done, it'[s create all of those little
recesses on there. Now we are gonna fill those, and we are gonna mix some powder together.
So i have got metallic Blue, We will have a smidge of that, so a little bit of that,
a little bit of lightening blue Neon Acrylic powder, Then clear, we’ll add clear, 8 scoops,
we want this transparent. I will test it before I use it, so i will get a little bit of it.
and i want that a little bit more blue. I am gonna pop a bit of that lightening blue
in and a little bit of the metallic blue. I have popped the metallic in because i wanted
a little bit of shimmer to it, I am mixing the potion, lets mix the potion. Test it again.
That;’s better. I can see when i pop that down. It has some transparency to it. Now
we are gonna take this colour, this little potion that we have mixed, and we are gonna
press it into those recesses, so i decided to do this because it looks like cracks in
ice, So i was researching a little bit, how can i do these Ice queen nails, So i wanted
to be inspired by ice, not just younknow, people dressed up as an ice queen, i wanted
to be inspired by actual ice, so as i was looking through lots of photography i came
across pictures of ice with lots of cracks in it. So the imagery of ice itself you know
with all of these little cracks in, those little imperfections that you get in Ice,
i wanted to create them on the nail, as my inspiration, I am just going over with a dampbrush and
cleaning up anything that is gonna be sat on top of the clear acrylic, because i want
that transparency that create that gorgeous design, something a little bit different.
just cleaning up with a wet brush that’s all. Then we are gonna encapsulte that with clear
acrylic. This will build structure as well with this. I don’t want to do it too dry because
i want it really transparent, the drier the powder, the drier the ratio that you do, the
liquid and powder. the more ari bubbles you will get in that nail. I want it too be quite
transparent so. i am making sure I am doing it quite wet, But i am still controlling it
at the same time. So you will notice that i am using a smaller bead than i would do
normally. Gonna let that set. before i file it. I am just testing to see how set this is,
if you were doing a full set, by the time you came back to the first one they would
all be set. the wetter the product is, so the ratio between liquid and powder, the wetter
that is the longer it will take to set. Gonna take the form off now. Open it at the back,
wiggle it and drop it down at the front. and pull away. I am gonna do my usual filing technique.
So i am gonna do the side walls first, and obviously doing them first it will do your
free edge shape aswell, at the same time, when you do a point name, or a stiletto. I
am gonna support the nail at the same time. So as i am filing i am filing up, so i am
putting pressure up on the nail. and i don;t want to damage any of the natural name, so
i am gonna support that. and now i am gonna support it with my thumb. Now i am gonna go over with buffing block.
I am gonna smooth out those demarcations, that are caused by the file. get it all nice
and smooth, now i am gonna get it wiped over with some pur acetone and that will smooth
it even more so. Now i am gonna get my palette, and using a
thin brush, detailing brush, some white paint and water. because this top section looks
a little bit boring, we are gonna add some white, making some little cracks of our own.
and we are gonna bring them towards the middle. So we are gonna start on the outside and come
towards the middle. just literally wiggling the brush, the beauty about this is that it
does not need to be perfect, they are just little cracks. I love that, you see that’s
your moto, it doesn’t need to be perfect, but the problem is yours are always perfect.
Once that is dry, we are going to use, Mega Gloss for a bit of Mega Glossiness, This i
gonna seal in the paint work, it’s gonna bring out the design, it’s gonna show the transparency
of the nail. And i am gonna cure that in the lamp. I am gonna finish off this nail with
some, cuticle oil, I am gonna rub that in. That nail is completely finished now, it’s
a gorgeous transparent ice thing. what would you call it, I don’t know. Let me know below. I hope you have enjoyed that tutorial of how
to do that cracked ice effect. before the ice queen, are you the ice queen, i think
we should dress you up as the ice queen. I have some white facepaint, yeah, Maybe on
the next makeup video., Oh yeah. There we are So i hope you have enjoyed this video anyway
and don’t forget to subscribe all of the products we have used today are in the description
box below and we will see you in the next video, see you next time. Bye Bye. I have got to come up with name for it now.
when you don’t tell me a name. We’ll come up with our own name, you can come up with
something else, we might call it the cracky ice nail, I don’t know. Snow Queen Ice Queen
Cracky Ice Nail Stop Talking Now.

100 thoughts on “Transparent Acrylic Sculpted Stiletto Nail – Cracked Ice Design – Step by Step Tutorial

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