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Trevor Responds to Criticism from the French Ambassador – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

I wanted to share this
little story with you. I got into a little
bit of trouble with the French Government. (audience laughing) I know. The French Government. So what happened was, let’s
start at the beginning. France won the World Cup. (audience cheering
and applauding) And so on the show,
we celebrated that
and I had this joke where I said, I said
Africa won the World Cup. (audience cheering
and applauding) Yeah, and I was shocked at
how angry a lot of French people got, like genuine,
a lot of French people were angry and they were like,
“Oh Trevor how can you say this, why would you
say these things? (audience laughing) You know this is horrible.”
and I was like okay, I get it, not everyone
likes every joke that you tell and I get that
but this was interesting. I got a letter from the
ambassador of France. And I’ll read it to you,
it was about that joke. And he says, I’ll try to read
it how I hope he wrote it. (audience laughing) Which was he says, “Sir I
watched with great attention your July 17th show when
you spoke of the victory of the French team at the
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia final which took
place last Sunday. I heard your words about
an African victory, nothing could be less true.” (audience laughing) Now, first of all, I think
it could have been less, I could have says they
were Scandinavian. (audience laughing) That would have been less true, that would have been less true. He says, “As many of the
players have already stated themselves, their parents
may have come from another country but a great
majority of them — all but two out of 23
were born in France. They were educated in
France, they learned to play soccer in France,
they are French citizens. They’re proud of
their country, France. The rich and various
backgrounds of these players is a reflection of
France’s diversity. France is indeed…” Now that
line there was interesting. The rich and various
backgrounds of these players is a reflection of
France’s diversity. Now, I’m not trying to
be an asshole but I think it’s more a reflection
of France’s colonialism. (audience cheering
and applauding) Because it’s not like it’s
just like random players, like they all have
something in common. Like all of those players
if you trace their lineage you’re like how did
you guys become French? Like, how did your family start
speaking French? Oh, okay. (audience laughing) And it says here, he says,
“France is indeed a cosmopolitan country but every citizen is
part of the French identity and together they belong
to the nation of France. Unlike in the United
States of America, France does not refer to its
citizens based on their race, religion or origin. To us,
there is no hyphenated identity. Roots are an individual reality, by calling them an African team
it seems like you’re denying their Frenchness. This,
even in jest, legitimizes the ideology which
claims whiteness as the only definition
of being French.” So now here’s the thing,
first things first. I understand what he’s
saying ’cause I read up on this afterwards,
right? I take criticism. I’ll listen to what
somebody says to me. I genuinely believe you
should, and what it turns out is in France, a lot
of Nazis in that country use the fact that these
players are of African descent to shit on their
Frenchness, you know. So they go you’re not
French, you’re from Africa go back to where you came
from, you’re not French. They use that as
a line of attack. Now my thing, my opinion is
coming from South Africa, coming from Africa and
even watching the World Cup in the United States of America, black people all over the
world were celebrating the Africaness of the
French players, right. Not in a negative way but
rather in a positive way going look at these Africans
who can become French. You know what I mean, it’s a
celebration of that achievement. And so, this is what I find
weird in these arguments is that people go they’re
not African, they’re French. Then I’m like why
can’t they be both? (audience applauding) Right, why is that duality
only afforded to select group of people, why
can they not be African? So what they’re arguing here is, in order to be French
you have to erase everything that is African,
’cause what do they mean when they say that
our culture, our this. So you cannot be French and
African at the same time, which I vehemently
disagree with. I go if you see those
players I love them, Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kante,
I’ve watched all of them. Like, I love those players
and I love how African they are and how
French they are. I don’t take their
Frenchness away but I also don’t think you need to
take their Africaness away. And that is what I
love about America. America is not a perfect
country but what I love about this place is that
people can still celebrate their identity in
their Americaness. You can go to a St. Patrick’s
Day parade in America celebrating that you are Irish. You can go to a Puerto
Rican day parade in America still celebrating the fact
that you are Puerto Rican and American at the same time. You can celebrate
Juneteenth as black person and be like “yo, I’m
African-American,” which is the duality
of the two worlds. But here they’re going,
“No you are only French.” (audience laughing) And here’s why it
vexes me, to be honest. This is what I find interesting, is like, when I read
stories from Africa and I watch what
politicians say, especially in France
about African migrants: when they are unemployed,
when they may commit a crime, or when
they are considered unsavory, it’s the
African immigrant. When their children go on to
provide a World Cup victory for France, we should only
refer to them as France. And we even saw it with
that African man who climbed the building to rescue the
baby, do you remember that? – [Audience] Yes. – We watched him
climb that building, he rescued the child and
then they gave him French citizenship, they said
you are now French. So now I’m going so is
he now no longer African? (audience laughing) Is that what you’re
saying? So when he was on the ground
he was African. (audience laughing) And then he climbed up
and as soon as he rescued the baby now he’s French.
So if he dropped the baby, The African dropped the baby. (audience cheering
and applauding) I don’t believe that you need and here’s like I would
say again with respect I understand what the
ambassador is saying. I’m not joining the attack
and I know don’t get me wrong, I know we live in a
world where like nuance is something that
is in short supply. And so you will find in
America for instance, the alt-right saying, “That’s
what we’ve been saying, they’re not French and
we’re saying but if Trevor says it it’s not racist, but
if we say it it’s racist.” Yeah, yeah. I’ll
say yeah, you know why? Because I believe
context is everything. There are certain things
you can say to somebody that like when I
say to my friends, What’s going on, my nigga?”
and if a white person came and said the same thing, yeah
there’s a big difference. (audience laughing) When I’m saying they’re
African I’m not saying it as a way to exclude
them from their Frenchness but I’m rather using it to
include them in my Africaness. I’m saying, “I see you my French
brother of African descent.” Do you know what I’m saying,
that’s what I’m trying to say, when somebody else
says it the other way. You can use the same
line in different ways. People are like,
so it’s different? Yeah, yeah it’s different,
it can be different. It’s like somebody saying, “So
if you play with your naked child it’s a problem but if
I do it I’m a pedophile?” Yeah, yeah there’s
a big difference. There’s a huge difference. (audience clapping) So I will continue to praise
them for being African because I believe that
they are of Africa. Their parents are from
Africa and they can be French at the same time. And if French
people are saying they cannot be both, then I think they
have a problem and not me. (audience cheering
and applauding)

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  1. Wow, the disconnect from Trevor here. I dont see being proud of a player or granting them citizenship for a heroic act is the definition of racism, but a democracy to be proud of.

    Unlike Trump wanting to kick black politicians in power out of the country for opposing his shitty policies.

    I wonder would Trevor condemn the backlash on white farmers in South Africa ,Zimbabwe, having their lands confiscated, their family's raped and murdered as racist too? Or justification for decades of abuse under a corrupt regime? Two wrongs dont make a right.

  2. Really amazing from a country of emigres. We hit on French colonialism but where are the Indians? Americans always give lessons. We should not forget your story. And without your first allies you might still be English today.

  3. What you tend to forget about ……-Americans is that all those terms started as derogatory terms which were used because they weren't seen as full Americans.

  4. "Popular South African comedian, Trevor Noah, has reacted to the ongoing xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other black foreign nationals in South Africa.

    Trevor described the attacks as "misplaced priority".

    He pointed out that Nigerians and other African Nationals aren't the ones taking jobs from South Africans as they claim because Africans in South Africa "may lay claim to less than 0.00001% of wealth in SA", whereas "Whites in South Africa makes up about 8.7% of the population and controls over 85% wealth". "

  5. I agree with Trevor. The same can be said with Spains’ national team when they won the world cup in 2010. Almost half of the team were Catalan, like Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and Gerard Pique. When they won, they are considered Spaniards. And when they got eliminated in 2014 world cup, they were considered Catalan.

  6. Trevor Noah is a smart, articulate man. Every word he said in the clip was actual fact. You really can’t dispute the truth

  7. He is an idiot. He is confused and struggling to make his point. I am black but he is a moron. Those players are African but they play in France and being trained by French resources. The stadium the equipment the coaching the French fans all play a role in making progba and the other stars become stars you idiot

  8. With all this trumptness going on, France hasn't had the chance to be lippy to the US. About time.
    Also, we stan an African-French king, yas hunty.

  9. Being pro black doesn’t make you anti white
    Black is not less or greater than white
    Black is not a colour it is mindset
    Do not confuse Black with darkness

  10. "France´s colonialism" … you can never make it right, if you don´t have diversity it is racism, if you do have diversity it is colonialism.
    This is why many don´t care one bit for all the diversity wishes we hear from a specific group every time.

  11. I disagree. Why distinguish between black and white. All are human beings, all equal. I think that is a problem in both sides of the argument.

  12. Speaks a lot of sense Trevor and he has great comic timing. I am English but it is clear we are all equal. Africans are very giving.

  13. I have saved this video and every once in a while I watch. Not only for encouragement and support, also because it is to remind my self of how mainly the white race (what I personally have come across more often than not) have had seen an issue with mixing with other races, mixed races, people of other races, want to profess an ethnic cleansing by showing an aggression in body language, speech, intentions, demeanor, or go a step further and legalize ones(meaning their own toward others) behavior using Jim Crow Laws, or New York’s version Stop and Frisk (only used manly on minorities not whites), or stopping anyone walking or driving that look Latino(places like where Alabama and Mississippi type of folk would be found) in these predominantly known States they would have used Jim Crow Laws in the past, just to ask for a birth certificate, social security card, and identification card. Now you tell me who the hell walks around with their birth certificate? Well guess what, if you don’t have it they treat you like a criminal that crossed the border illegally and arrest you on the spot, now why don’t they ask white people for their papers and if they don’t have them deport them treat them the same, why not anyone else? Because they wrote it into law to make their hate legal and just as Trevor Noah said they choose to tell you when you can be an American hero with no hyphen or if you are American hyphenated which is a little less but acknowledges your culture, or straight just black, or Latino, or Indian -feather not dot (not even the nerve to call you Native) ….Trust and believe hate runs deep and has no home (race wise), if we honestly are trying to dictate whether it’s justified to blame only white people; however, let’s take a step back for a second, since the beginning of recorded history we’ve only had Alexander their great and his empire, then the Roman’s, then Europeans and their colonialism, then came collecting people based on religion, then divid and conquer anything left in the know world so that it does not gain the strength to attack back the pope did that (we still see the fall out of that today with the countries in Africa where tribes don’t agree with government put in place by the UN, and the same to be said in the Middle East and South East Asia near Tebet and India). It has become comical that for anything to be approved on a global stage it has to first be acknowledged by a select group of old white men in Europe. Most of the world has been changed and resources have been depleted by the same race, but if you look at the other races, their intentions on the planet.. no other group has ever been as egregious that the human race as a whole would be able to agree on a daily bases and show new proof daily of how ugly and hateful one race is over another. It speaks volumes when the planet agrees.

  14. You going to France anytime soon, Calais is nice at the moment. The duality issue is tricky, if you are South African, irrespective of race, colour or creed, your passport states South African, not white, coloured, black South African.

  15. I like how he doesn't bring up that he's only half black. My ancestors are from africa too. You know why? Fucking evolution nigga. Stop trying to excuse your racism. Someone does blackface, they're racist. You mock their accent, and you're like fuck them, who cares, I'm black (even though I only look black) and will do whatever I want.
    You should go around Asian people and pull your eyes back so they're all squinty and say "ching change chong". Or would that somehow be racist? Betty White.

    Fuck black people making excuses for why they are always racist. I have friends with people named Trevor Noah, but fuck this bullshit, "I do whatever I want cuz I'm black, but it's different for you." A racist is a racist. You don't get a free pass.

  16. When he was on the ground, he was an African. When he climb up and saved the baby, he is French!! If he drop the child, an African dropped the child!! Very unique way of observation.

  17. The French look around to find someone or something to be angry at. Don't feel special Trevor. Lol. You're just one amongst many.

  18. Two years before, Africans lose the Euro 'Cup to a mix of Portuguese/African National. A broader one on mixing… Portugal won that Cup with a lot of Portuguese, African and one Brasilian guy, Team. And i look up at them. They made me very happy men. France 0 – Portugal 1, and the scorer was an African/Portuguese player: Éder its the name of the hero

  19. Why can't Trevor Noah ask the actual players how they identify instead? If you are born in a country, you can pick if you celebrate your identity as a citizen of a country, just your origins or both. Only thinking you should do both or celebrate your origins is not ujderstanding another perspective.

  20. This happened to a German footballer!!!! Mesut Ozil was one of the MAIN players of the German World Cup winning team, they have always referred to him as a German player too. But as soon as he took a PICTURE with a political figure or a public figure from turkey (He has Turkish roots too), EVERY GERMAN started to call him nasty names like "Goat f*cker" and he was then known as "The Turkish man" to germans who discriminated against him. As a result, Ozil ended up QUITTING the SAME national team he won the MOST important title for!

  21. why a black Frenchman even if he was born in France must be "French and African" so that people do not come to the idea that a black reacts differently than in his "natural environment" as an animal what…

  22. This reminds me of some remarks of the german party AfD (the far right party) about german football players of african or turkish roots. "They can play in the german team, but we don't want them to be our neighbours" (something like this)

  23. Hi. I am French. Usa France. Different way of speaking. Nuance….. France is one country. Usa is a lot of different country to do one nation. In France , we have « laïcité «  to separate government and religious. To goal : to make French people all the same. Together. The same. In America , you don’t live like that. White here . Black there . Muslim here . Jews there . I don’t say this is bad. This is your way of life. But in France , tho goal is , in public , street , work…. the goal is to be the same. Not separated by skin or religion. To live together in peace. In America , I see on tv , you easily « show » someone by the skin. This white woman. This black man…. for american, this is normal. Not in France. In France , show someone and say you are black. You are white. For us , in France , this is racist. We don’t talk like this. That’s why your words/joke about football hurt us. You are French before to be black or white. One nation. United. And the most strange thing you say is : about football player : they are African. No. Just because someone is black he is African? Just because black skin? Sorry. No. Black guy born in France is French. Black guy born in USA is American. In France , we want to be together. We don’t want to separate people. My friend are white black Asian. French. Born in France. This absolutely impossible for me to say to my black French friend Stéphane : you are African. Just to write this I can cry. No. He is not African . Je is like me. He is French. Of course , humanity come from Africa. Human, all around the world come from Africa. But for me , you « are » where you are born. The American actress , Charlize Theron, is born in Africa. When I see this blond white girl,me , I see African woman. Not American. It’s complicated to say what I want to say in English… the guy who save a child. What you say about him is horrible. The guy is on the the floor the guy is African. The guy save the baby the guy is French. When you say this it’s like is you say : French are racist. No no no. You can’t say something like and make a joke. This was in France. Ha start the process « paper » to become French. But with this act , saving a child, the president accelerate the process .thats all. With or without the president , this guy will be French. That’s why your words are choking for French. You make bad conclusion and say French are racist. Usa is a very big country. France is a small county. 67 millions people. 10 millions unemployed. Yes,African migrants everywhere. In America you need a green card to come. And if you don’t work you have to leave usa. For me this is normal. But in France , it’s not like that. Anybody can come. And even if you are not accepted and if you don’t become French, you can stay. And people who come know the system. They abuse. In France we give you free money to live. We give you money to pay your apartment . When you are not French but living in France, all your health care are free. Big scandal in France this days , because migrant ( in France , migrant is not only black people. White people for est Europe come too. Arabe people comment too. Migrants is not only Africa…) women migrants women come to do breast esthetic surgery for FREE ) we try to do the best. All the free money we give come from the people who work. Money is directly taking on « pay check ». We try to do the best to live together . France is not racist. But your words, many because the different ways of speaking USA/France , your words sounds racist. Usa is a strong country. You don’t work you die. No money , sick , you did. Gang kill gang with guns. People live separate. Black with black. White with white. Jews with Jews. No. In France we can’t. Small country. We have to be together. When you walk in the street ,in France , and you meet someone black , you meet someone French . Before to meet someone black. And…to finish . Black does not mean : African. You can be American black. Italian black. African black. You canot say to a black man born in America, who live in America , who never go outside America : you are African. No. Country nation culture . You are where you are born. The culture you learn. Yes some people have both. But you don’t know. You cannot know the life of someone just by skin color. Usa and France are so different sometime 🙂

  24. well he has a point about french black which are french when they win and foreigners when they loose/but also lot of them are born in france and raised there4 and little of africa might be left, be it of their own choice or a african american can feel awkward in africa it is for black or arabian or asian european,color doesn t mean culture and genetic doen t say where you belong. which i think is the generous interpetation for this letter.the french point of view on race is different as the american or south african.not always good but you Trevor for asking the Questions…

  25. It is so true and it's a 2 way street, And happens here in Africa too. I'm Caucasian Born, bred and lived in Africa my whole life. But often get told I'm not African and classed as a European. We also get told we do not belong here and we must go back.

  26. That's exactly what india is doing to nepal. Tries to take away what makes nepal, nepal. Gave citizenship to talented people of nepal, and tries to influence nepal through entertainment industry, there are Indian channels people dont even watch than nepali news channels. Moves borders and what not

  27. If I remember correctly, Einstein said something similar. "If my theory is correct, Germany will call me a German and France will call me a citizen of the world. If my theory is wrong, Germany will call me a Jew and France will call me a German."

  28. Same thing happened in Germany and Özil then he now the the world cup with them he was a German hero. he takes one picture with President of Turkey for his parents/culture now he is a imegrandt again

  29. Trevor, on this you're stupid. African is not a citizenship. French is. With principles attached to it. And that explains why the ambassador wrote you. Same for every nation, country located on the Africa continent. Their citizenship is coming with principles attached to it. So you comparing African and French is pointless, thus stupid. Your country USA, which is not a nation but a federation, is sick of racialism for centuries. We, in France, don't give a shit about the skin color of people. And yes we have a nation. Made of different people, none of them being perfect, me included.
    So yeah, contrary to your conclusion, you've got a problem. And it has nothing to do with you assuming your "african-ness". That your privacy. It has to do with you using words without knowing their proper meaning and making a mixture of them in front of a large audience, and thus perpetuating the racialism your country is sick of. We love you Trevor, but on this point you should have thought twice before talking.

  30. 😂 you're complete right. Africans won the world cup as everybody know the french are indeed not black skinned. 😜
    Btw this fits for many soccer clubs in Europe.( most not even talk the language of the country they are playing for. So congratulations to Africa 👏🏽
    PS all these "french" loose being french as soon as they demonstrate . France is hypocrit

  31. I as french think the ambassador meant that, beeing french doesn't mean beeing white. Everybody can be french.
    Saying oh the African team won is for us frenchs more like a. Ah the frenchs can't play football so we need the Africans for that. And that's not True

  32. Oh my god so accurate! I am half and half and this is exactly what happens in France. In France, immigrants are immigrants and they are seen as something disruptive and shameful to France. However, if they do something good that will benefit them, they are all of sudden proud of immigrants and identify them as French. France always has this awkward attitude towards other ethnicities. They are ignorant and struggle to handle people differences. They rather celebrate similarities.

  33. French is like classical mechanics, whether you can be particle or wave not both and USA is like quantum mechanics where you can be particle and wave at the same time… only physics lover will get it..

  34. Good one Trevor because when zidan won them a world cup he was French but when he lost he became Algerian ,the same thing happened with benzima ,so they only think you're French if u provide them with a win

  35. Whether you agree with Trevor or not, you should admit that the French ambassador was being defensive. I mean, he actually spent his time writing a letter just to chastise Trevor over a joke that is not even risque or crude.

  36. I LOVE Trevor, but truth is this whole video was so racist! It's the kinda usual american racism line… Quite sad Trevor goes down so much to please some American citizen…

    Just one example among many others: He basically said that if you are black you can't be French (in this case all humanity is African…). Sorry, you're born in France, your parents are born in France, hence the kid is obviously as french as any other. Where is the line to consider someone from a country? 1 generation? 3 generations ? 5 ? Yeah you got it, this whole video is bogus! Unlike USA, France consider ALL his citizen as fully french. They don't refer them as afro-americans, hispanics and this kind of very racist american shit…

    This video is VERY VERY racist and illustrates quite accurately how stupid and uncultured american society is nowadays. I expected so much more from someone like Trevor Noah!

  37. As a french I was (of course) ready to be offended and criticize Trevor Noah on this one… then around 4:00 minute I realised that the guy is totally right "from A to Z" like we say… lol

  38. You are right.
    I'm a filipino, and in the USA Filipinos celebrate a certain day to commemorate their being Filipino.
    They are african-french.
    I love africans. I love how talented they are and knowing their history, i like them a lot.

  39. 3.50:
    why would i celebrate becoming french as an africa. is it a big deal to become french and is it something big that need celebration for becoming french as an african person?

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