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TRIVIA CRACK! w/ Pear and Annoying Orange

– [Pear] Hey, hey, what’s up, guys? It’s Pear! – [Orange] And don’t forget Orange! – [Pear] Yeah, yeah, I
don’t think anybody could. – [Orange] ‘Cause I’m here! I don’t want you to forget. – [Pear] Yeah, I know, I know, so we’re gonna play some Trivia Crack! – [Orange] Did you just say your mom has a plumber’s crack? – [Pear] No! (laughing) It’s called Trivia Crack! – [Orange] You said crack (laughs). – [Pear] Stop it! Stop it! I’m not gonna let you
play this game with me! – [Orange] Well, so far
this game is boring! – [Pear] It hasn’t started yet! – [Orange] Whatever. – [Orange] I’m just picking the options! Settle down!
– Hurry, up! I don’t have much time!
– Okay, okay, okay! We just gotta spend the wheel. Spin that wheel!
– Spin that wheel! – Spin that wheel!
– Spin that wheel! – [Pear] Oh yeah, what are we gonna get? – Oh, what are we gonna get?
– What are we gonna get? – What are we gonna get?
– Come on! – [Orange] (groans) It’s a severed finger! – [Pear] No, it’s not a severed finger! It’s a glass beaker. – [Orange] (groans) How boring! – [Pear] Okay, our science question is what type of muscles make
involuntary movements? – [Orange] Butt muscles! (farting) (laughing) – [Pear] (groans) Come on! Gosh, you made me press the wrong one! – It was involuntary.
– Aw, man! – [Orange] I didn’t mean to. It was involuntary. – [Pear] Your butt is not involuntary. – [Orange] Sure it is! Sometimes I fart when
I don’t even want to! (groaning) I call those times awesome. – [Orange] Stop it! Stop (laughs)! Stop, okay? Now, just get another question. – [Orange] Let’s hope
it’s not scientifical ’cause I hate those questions. I hate them! – [Pear] Okay, I’ll do
everything in my power not to get a scientifical question. – [Orange] Okay, let’s spin the wheel! I’m so excited to spin the wheel! – [Pear] I’m gonna spin it! Okay, I’m spinning!
– Spin it! Spin! – [Fruit] What are we gonna get? – [Fruit] What are we gonna get? – [Orange] A crown! – [Pear] Oh, alright! Alright! So, okay, see we could
choose what to play, we can answer a question to
win a character or challenge. – [Orange] Let’s win a character! I want to win a character! – [Pear] Okay, okay. – [Orange] Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Pick it! – Okay, let’s go with this guy.
– Pick the popcorn! – The popcorn.
– Pick the popcorn! – [Pear] Entertainment! Alright, who is this? – [Orange] Farty McButt Pants. – [Pear] No (sighs). – [Orange] Crunky McMuffins. – [Pear] (groans) You are
terrible at this game! It’s Lila Downs! – [Orange] I didn’t choose that! Why didn’t you pick the one I picked? – [Pear] Those are not names of people. – [Orange] Yeah, they are! – [Pear] And those
weren’t options to pick! – [Orange] Well, they should’ve been. – [Pear] No, they shouldn’t! They would’ve been wrong! – [Orange] Stop being a
farty mcbutt pants (laughs). – [Pear] Hey! (laughing) Stop it (laughs)! Science. – [Orange] Science! I hate science! – [Pear] Which function of the human body is most closely associated with RNA, nitrogen bases, genes and deoxyribose? – [Orange] I got it. Farting! – [Pear] Seriously? – [Orange] No, burping! Burping! – [Pear] (groans) No! – [Orange] Motor boating? – [Pear] No (groans)! It’s heredity. Gosh darn it! (laughing) (groans) You are terrible at this game! – [Orange] What? I’m just giving you the right answers! – [Pear] You have not given me one right answer this whole time! In fact, you have not given me one answer that is actually– – [Orange] (screams) It’s an angry lemon! – [Pear] (groans) Forget it. Okay, which sports team is from Atlanta? – [Orange] Baseball! – [Pear] No, which team? – [Orange] Water polo! – [Pear] That’s not, no! I’m not–
– Skinny dipping. – [Pear] Fine, I’ll just pick Giants. – [Orange] See, you didn’t listen to me! You didn’t listen to me! – [Pear] No, I didn’t listen to you ’cause you were wrong! – [Orange] How do you
know? You didn’t pick ’em? – [Pear] ‘Cause those weren’t options! – [Orange] Well, you don’t know! You didn’t pick ’em! – [Pear] You don’t get an option! They don’t give you an option to write in your own answer, so stop it! – [Orange] Whatever angry mcfart pants! – [Pear] Oh, my goodness. Okay, entertainment.
– Popcorn! – [Pear] What was the name of the kidnapped child in ‘Lost’? – [Orange] Walt! (sad music) – [Orange] (groans) I was wrong! – [Pear] You just pressed it! We didn’t even have a
chance to talk about it! – [Orange] Everything I know is a lie! – [Pear] Have you even seen Lost? – [Orange] Well, no! – [Pear] Then why did you guess– (laughing) (growling) ♫ Spinning wheels ♫ I love spinning wheels ♫ Spin the wheels and spin the wheels ♫ Crown time! Yeah! – [Pear] Crown or challenge? – [Orange] Pick the challenge! I want to challenge! Everybody loves a challenge, come on! Challenge! – Can we discuss?
– Let’s do the challenge. Come on, get the challenge,
get the challenge! – Get the challenge!
Fine! – [Pear] Okay, (laughs) oh, we have to have a character to challenge. We gotta do the crown. – [Orange] Okay, let’s do it! – [Pear] Alright, I picked geography. What does this road sign mean? – [Orange] It’s my way or the highway! – [Pear] No! Turning left not allowed. – [Orange] Aw, you never pick my answers! – [Pear] Level 2! – [Orange] Oh, we made it! We made it to level 2! – [Pear] We did! – [Orange] Ah, I’ve got so
many people I want to thank like my mom and my grandma
and my grandma’s dog. – [Pear] You haven’t done a thing! – [Orange] Oh, no, science! – [Pear] Oh, here you go, Orange. What vitamin can we get from citrus? – [Orange] Riboflavin! What? – [Pear] No, vitamin C! – [Orange] What? – [Pear] Dude, how do you not know this? You are a citrus! You have vitamin C in you! How do you not know this? – [Orange] I have vitamin C in me! Get it out, get it out! – [Pear] You are ridiculous. Okay, art. Which word is a correct plural noun? – [Orange] Butts! – [Pear] No! – [Orange] But it’s plural! – [Pear] Stop making up answers! Look at the four that they give us! Thieves. See? – [Orange] Butts wasn’t on there. – [Pear] I know it wasn’t on! That’s what I’m trying to say! – [Orange] Well, all those
answers are wrong then! – [Pear] No, it gives you four answers. One of them is right! You have to pick from the four– – [Orange] (screams) Scary lemon! – [Pear] Would you stop it? What sport does Jamie Murray play? – [Orange] Football. – [Pear] Okay. (groans) God! – [Orange] Who’s Jamie Murray again? – [Pear] Stop giving me the answers if you don’t know what they are! – [Orange] Babar jafar went
really far in their car? – [Pear] Stop it! – [Orange] (laughs) They did though! – [Pear] Okay, we’re
gonna do one last question and then we’re gonna finish this ’cause I’m getting a headache. – [Orange] Oh, mystery! – [Pear] Alright, in what year did Edison invent the phonograph? – [Orange] (laughs) They
spelled photograph wrong. – [Pear] No, phonograph! – [Orange] Yeah, they spelled it wrong. – [Pear] No, they didn’t. That’s what it is. – [Orange] A phonograph
isn’t a real thing, Pear! – [Pear] Yes, it is! – [Orange] A photograph is a real thing. – [Pear] They’re both real things! They’re just different! – [Orange] No, they’re not! – [Pear] 1877. That’s when it was made. – [Orange] Oh, so that’s when the imaginary phonograph was made. – [Pear] It’s not imaginary! – [Orange] I believe 1877 was also the last year you were any fun. (screams) (laughing) – [Pear] That’s it! I quit! I quit (laughing)! – [Announcer] Whoa,
that was a cheeseburger. Please don’t be a scary clown. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! I need to get out of here ASAP because Scary Town just
tried to murder me. Oh, that’s the scariest
thing I’m gonna see all day. (screams)

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  2. Orange, Pear try to answer this question
    If a train leaves at 2:45 and arrives at 5:50 what is the hour?

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  8. Pear:What sport does Jamie Murray play?
    Orange:Who is Jamie Murray again?
    Pear:Stop giving me answers if you don't know what they ARE!

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  11. Does Orange actually know the answers?! You and Pear are ridiculous together. Have Orange do Trivia Crack himself!!

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