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Troll-Strike: Worst Premade Ever CSGO Funny Moments

hang on.. how come we’ve changed sides?! ‘cos it’s it’s now the other side! they have to win one more round of CT and they win the whole thing! gooooaaaal! oh great! we’re just going to play football on our round point are we?! great.. goaal! idiots! oh no.. i can afford a bit more.. you know what? i’m just gonna go for a bit a i’m gonna cuhbit? *commit to this buy! i’m gonna *mad rhythm* sorry.. i thought you were beatboxing! oh god damn it! you scared me! do you know the difference between a and.. whatever i look like?! uhh no! describe me jake! you look like you work for the do you? is it the badges? do they give it away? jake.. i also have your do you want it back? uhh yes please! how do i drop it? uhhm.. press G! you cannot drop i guess i have to throw it! *panic* jackets on the inside! passes back to pirckleton! pirckleton.. at the goal.. yes! no he doesn’t he’s got some opposition coming up on the inside! NO IT’S STUCK IN THE CORNER! aaaand brazil’s coming up on the inside and it’s rio de.. de? janeiro? l;kfg spldfngo akfn943 9o4otgn kljngoiu football? jackets! goes down the inside! gets it past the first player! the second player goes down! oh! oh! he’s getting by a fan on the pitch! can he get it through the goal in time?! GOAAAAAL HE SCOORRRES! alright.. maybe we should play with humans now rather than bots.. my wrist is really itchy! i’m taking my watch off because do you guys wanna go on the opposite team? and i’ll go by myself?! because it seems to be.. basically you’re saying.. you’re better than all of us? i’m kinda doing better than you at the moment tbh dude.. i’ve just been cath and alex over and over.. what was that jake? I’VE BEEN THEM BOTH! they’re coming for ya! watch out cath! go on cath go on! i panicked! oh cath.. we lost the game on you getting hang on.. where did he get from? whaaaat? where the?! *cath* cath was hiding behind a bin for the last like five minutes! i like my bin! oh i left by mistake.. oh did you? why? uhh i? by mistake! kind of self explanatory there isn’t it? but why alex?! why did you leave?! why alex! whyyyy?! omg you just got by a bot with an M24.. yeahyeahyeah and i two with a yeah.. they have okay.. go put some it will literally work.. well no! i also don’t care! so what is it? head or chest?! has already started.. bot sulkynarwhal.. why can’t i take over this bot? it’s doing really badly! why can’t i take over? i can’t commandeer this bot alex.. i football! i football! i football family! i need to commandeer this bot! why isn’t it working?! WREEEEE urrgmg oh have you got the HUGE? yes you do.. or is that the uhh? the mega? negend?! negeff? egg on? egg what?! egg on toast?! AH jake jake jake jake there’s a guy right there! there’s a guy right there! JAKE JAKE oh no.. i thought he was going to stop buy apparently he just didn’t! why would he stop i dunno! just to.. just to give it a break because he might i love the fact everyone here’s saying.. jake is better than i thought he’d be! he’s still not doing great guys! they’ve just got very very low expectations! he’s.. round the other side.. now there’s music playing.. thank you alex for the running commentary! it’s very helpful! ahh damn it! the only person you’re likely to be able t is cath.. i’ve gotta be honest! *ellis* YES IN YOUR FACE! in your face! how does it feel ellis to be the only human to be on this server?! actually fine.. because i was on 20 health.. yeah because of the previous that you had.. no.. you didn’t me at all! i got by a bot! no you didn’t! previously! no you didn’t! i did mate! you did not do a single bit of a bot! also i don’t count zerging someone over and over and over again i don’t know where he is.. *panic* oh you’re going right.. come on then! alright! no no no no no no no no no no no no no did you really trust him? the betrayal! whoever that is walking ’round.. i can hear you.. *panic* OH WHAT?! where is it?! he’s got it! *panic* *gasp* oh god! wooooo! how much time left was on it?! i didn’t see.. but it was very close! oh god! i think i am yes.. yes you are! do i just? okay we’ve got uhh we’re up against four people and a bot.. and we’ve got.. five people and cath so i guess that’s kind of a bot.. thanks.. YES i got the kuh? bot dude! so?! that does not count.. OUTTA NOWHERE! why did you shout that super loudly?! uhhh okay.. he is down near the- don’t tell us where he is! you.. cheater! fine! okay! shut up! he’s behind you! *panics* *also panics* no i think cath’s a lot better at this game than you think you are dude.. like seriously.. i know we give cath a lot of stick a lot of the time for not being very good at games.. but you are like.. better at this game.. than.. than average.. is this meant to be a compliment? because it’s not going well! i don’t know! no it’s not.. it’s a very back handed compliment! it sounds like it’s been driven into the ground! it’s because it is! so you’re welcome.. i guess? don’t say it like that you weirdo! jake rush them! yes i’m rushing them! oh no! that’s the last time i’m listening to you! excellent.. jake then! sorry what was that?! excuse me ellis? sorry?! *panic* where are you cath?! she’s miles away.. oh really? i’m gonna go find her! oooh *cath* wow cath! i was running with and i still had time to switch to my leave me alone! i’m half asleep! i literally just woke up! i’m gonna drink my coffee! all i can see on the bottom is dunno who this nima guy is.. he sounds pretty pretty coooool! toriro junior’s down as well.. it’s just faze! and he’s not actually very good! okay i’m gonna omg! no you’re not! yes i am! you just.. out of your pocket! oh.. did you actually think that you i thought i got to the last level! i’m so i’m so determined *ellis perspective your best bet dude.. is to catch someone really up close and personal.. because it’ll be like *zues* yeah i’m really not fussed about being.. being known.. like.. like that.. what like shroud? yeah.. look.. what have you got against shroud? nothing! it does sound like you’ve got a grudge against shroud.. okay you know what.. i’m gonna go in there some peeps! OH no i’m not! well done jake! *fail* omg.. omg! omg! do you want to take?! until right at the end! it was like i’m only allowed you can only.. you can only get if you actually say it properly.. rather than just going.. ghutgheuiogijhscope? thregurghfynospe! you just got you’re just feeding toro_potro more stop it! *complaining* OHHHH PUP? DAHHH right i think he’s round here.. NO! NO! TORO_POTRO! what was that?! i had an awp at close range and i think the barrel glitched through him body! i watched that.. it was so bad! we should find like another.. i just no- we should i just sorry! go on go on you first! no you go! honestly mate you go! my.. my.. i’m not important! *what i’m going to say is not important! you’re like music to my ears! well go on then! oh sorry.. what umm i forgot what i was going to say.. some of the signs look pretty german.. like schegadarn.. that’s definitely german! no look.. definitely german.. yes.. then it’s german! right cath you’ve got uhh you’ve got alex at B.. *alex* that’s me! sorry alex! that’s meee! you saw him for a good like.. 12 seconds before yes! nice! nice guys! here we go! wait.. what? the bomb blew you up! stealthy tiger that’s weird! do you mean uh.. OH ARE WE DOING ARE WE?! oh god yeah.. i forgot about alex’s auditory sensory? auditory deafening.. i have an awpful feeling about this.. that’s.. that’s.. that’s not funny.. maybe we’ll have the awportunity to win? oh no.. that’s terrible! i’m not laughing you’re mistaken if you think i’m laughing at them.. and i’m pretty sure this has been done so.. shush! what an awpaulling state of affairs? oh god damn it! jake you look a bit like a hopefully we’ll get the awption again! oh god damn it.. what is an awp?

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  2. Yes, WPE in UK Sovietwomble in UK Pewdiepie in UK…..I'm sensing a little bit of pattern here

    I want to see a collab WPE and Sovietwomble

  3. The awp pun was done by Sovietwomble so I wasn't even laughing, but then Cath said what is an awp, I laughed so hard

  4. Ellis is funny: With his screams and directional. Also his precious metal club
    Alex is funny: Sometimes. The least interactive.
    Cath is funny: When she Caths the other guys and her unexpected salt eruption.
    Matt(Former, sorry if I can't say his name anymore) is funny: Classic kind of funny. The actual funny one.
    Jake is funny: Only when the other guys pick on him.

    No hate on any of them. I love these guys and their contents.

  5. As a german I feel kinda offended by your pronounciation of PARKANLAGE SCHÖNECK. German doesn't sound like you want to rip off someones face. I mean an arm or a leg is fine but face is just overkill dude :I

  6. to be honest german only sounds angry if people who can't speak german try to pronounce german words….. At least to me

  7. Hopefully someone doesn't copyright strike you because you brought up the fact that SovietWomble had those awpful jokes in one of his videos.

  8. Love how you mention soviet Wimbledon who is another one of my favourites your……up there jk love your vids and keep laughing it’s great

  9. WorstPremadeEver is living proof that you don't have to be good at gaming to be a gaming Youtuber.
    I mean, take Cath for example…

  10. YourCooking: Jake's doing really well here!

    Me: ….

    …Ok he's the same as ever, my bad. At least Cath is trying to live longer than usual.


  11. 10:08min "does it sound like you want to rip someones face off, than its german yes" i am german and i say fuck you I'm gonna rip your face off! XD

  12. well if you talk aggressively while trying to read german words right AND pronounce them wrong of course it‘s gonna sound like u wanna rip someones face off… 😂 every language does then 🤦🏼‍♀️

  13. I love how at 8:30 the text went upside down as well thats great lol
    its great how after the time spent of jake and ellis talking over each other and debating on who goes first that jake forgets what hes going to say
    I fucking adored cath's "what's an awp?" at the end there xD

  14. Omg.. after all these years, I can't believe I have to listen this terrible awp puns again (-_-;)
    Soviet must be proud 😂

  15. Man you need more subs. We stupid Americans fall for British/Australian/New Zealand/ Any foreign accent. Not to mention your funny. Should be an easy 1 mil subs

  16. You guys really should be getting more subs than this. You've got the finest group dynamics for entertainment I've seen in a good while.

  17. I've always wondered why you decided your name was "WorstPremadeEver." Did some actually say that one of your live streams sucked, and then Alex was like, "Hey, that should be the name of our YouTube channel!"

  18. I would love to see you play Don't Starve Together. I think you'd really enjoy it. Most of the characters have a unique perk that can be an advantage and/or disadvantage to survival. Pretty please with a cherry on top? Lots of love from Down Under!

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