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Troubleshooting 3d Prints Fixing warping and cracking

hi this video continues a current series
on troubleshooting prints. this time we’re covering warping and
cracking. If you haven’t seen our previous video which covers first layer issues you can check it out
here it might actually save you having some of the problems that we show in this
video. All right let’s go! Infill is one of the first things
should look at especially with ABS or other filaments like to shrink, having a
lot of infill will really increase the stresses within the model and cause them
to lift. Try dropping infill down to 10 or 15
percent I never print at more than 20%
and most the time ten percent is plenty. Wall thickness is another factor. Unless
it trying to make a really strong object there’s not a good reason to have more
than two or three walls in a model every wall you at is more material that
attempting to shrink inward and will try and put a model of the bed
which will eventually lead to this. Probably the most common cause of
cracking in prints is airflow it could be an air conditioning
vent, or an open window, but too much air flow around the model accelerates the rate of cooling on one
section and will most likely cause the print to crack. You should keep the printer shielded from
breezes for the entire print if you can you can use paper plastic shower
curtains a cardboard anything to keep the breeze from affecting
the print. One of my customers designed these awesome breeze shields so had some made up and in honour of him we’ve named them Lloyd Guards. They keep the breezes from the prints
and they look awesome while doing it! A low filament temperature will most
likely be the other major cause of cracking generally printing with lower
temperatures will result in a weaker layer bond. As shown here the right side this print
was printed at 220 degrees while the left side as a 230. Going too
high cause issues as well but for most
filaments you want to find a temperature that approaches the high-end the filaments
range in order to get the best interlayer bond.
I’ve made a video which explains this one in more detail you can check it out here or you can
find the link in the description. I hope the video is useful let me know in
the comments if there’s a topic you want me to cover
also in the previous video someone mentioned that hair spray is an awesome bed adhesive I deliberately left it out since I don’t
own any hairspray or hair.

24 thoughts on “Troubleshooting 3d Prints Fixing warping and cracking

  1. Great tips Doodad. I've been trying less material extrusion with ABS,, and it helps.  Still not perfect yet.
    I'll let you in a new exciting secret formula,,, specifically designed for ABS bed adhesion,,,
    it's called,,,,,,  AquaNet  "" EXTRA  ""  Superhold   <<lastword deleted>> .
       (can I get a high-five hairspray fans), oops.
    This "stuff" sprays out very thick.  Worked too-well on PLA,, had to freeze the plate to get the part off.

    You should speak with your mate about making a full height enclosure.  I'm able to maintain 100*F(38c) in side the chamber, to eliminate wall separation.  (I'll take 2, $).

    Hope you are having a great summer.  It's -8*C here currently,,, I just call it good printing weather  🙂

    PS:  " Where do printers go to rest ?  ,,,,,,,,   Home.

  2. Thank you! We need more videos like this. There's a lot of great videos about things people make with printers but not too many good ones yet made for us who use them!

    And yes the hairspray works amazingly well. I use "Dove Flexible Hold" or "Aquanet" and using them with new layers of blue tape every few prints has resolved my warping issues almost completely

  3. great video. Also can u do a video on the bad overhangs. I'm having problems while printing spherical surfaces. The bottom portion has a very bad finish inspite of using support structures. I have a rostockmax v2 as well

  4. Elmers glue and water is the best way to keep your print on the bed. Just put the glue on the bed take a spray bottle and mix it all together in a thin layer. Not the Elmers stick its just not as strong.

  5. Elmer's washable school glue sticks (disappearing purple) are cheaper and way better than using hair spray for adhesion . The hair spray will eventually wreck all your fans as it builds up on them and is very messy to clean up. also you don't have to smell or breath in the hair spray.

  6. I had 5 prsent infill thin wals and a bed on fkn 85 degrees with a shitload of hairspray. Still the piece of shit is warping. This is bullshit!

  7. heres the thing i dont think u always have to turn the temp up on the plate i turned it down and it stopped warping. Id say either its to hot or to cold. find the sweet spot witcfh in mycase was 70 degrees.

  8. Please Cover 3D Prints shifting, (some call it drifting), ( I am waiting to try turning RAMPS 1.4 volts up a touch, I think this will fix my issue)

  9. Please Cover 3D Prints filament feed stopping and Hob Bolt chewing the filament, ( I am
    waiting to try a new feeder, I think this will fix my issue)

  10. plz tell more about prints with t glass shriankage is more than abs in t glass than abs or compared to pla

  11. Air spray works great with out heat bed on abs . I ordered a heat bed for MicroMake printer. I also used heat from a Halogen light bulb 53 watt and it maintained temp in tent of 37c to 40 c keeping it warm and helping with cracking on large objects.

  12. Filament Spool Holder for good 3d printing

  13. Great Video! I haven't seen anyone shut the heated bed off after the print is maybe 10% completed. Would this eliminate the temperature differential and eliminate lifting? Seems worth a try?

  14. Most ABS filaments it very low quality in my 5 years printig i fount only 2 spool printable ABS other 15 spools warping and cracking .. and if ABS its not glossy is a fake por quality meterial ABS its elastic dont crep… satin surface the ABS filent talk don print me 🙂 some filament its degradated in production proces…. for beter results tray print on kapton tape but large 200mm next clean kapton with silicon remover…. alchol or aceton its a por cleaner only silicon remover for car body paintig clean very weel… print ABS on 110 celcius deg. Heated bed make more large thiknes in wall and 0.2 -0.25mm layer high ….. but importand its a glosy ABS filament if have model with thin long part make some large circle for 0.5mm for stabilizis this thin part of model you can cut this material later … sorry for my bad english i scribe from head and never study this languidge. 😛 I love ABS !!! Why ?? Be cose printed part you can make more solid with aceton part later its strong and dont crack quickly. And its easy clean with sand papper and painting no need a primer

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