Laughter is the Best Medicine

24 thoughts on “Trump | Stand Up Comedy by Rahul Dua

  1. I'v never commented on a YouTube video.
    But I'm commenting just to tell you that you are awesome.
    Mja agya
    God bless you brother
    Bahot aage jaoge aap.

  2. Here down commenting and enjoying idiots trying to go US to pay any amount their parents… that is called organic shit

  3. Some of them sounded like jokes of Hasan Minhaj (in the white house correspondents meet) if I am not wrong but still loved it😂😂😂

  4. Ohh wow. You are a gem. Hidden. Such a wise humor and right degree of political sarcasm. Sharing your video now

  5. I wonder how people go there to watch these so called nonsense stand up comedy that too by spending money.
    Kuch bhi bole jaarahe ho… Mindless stand up comedy bacche jaise baate, aur use haske comedy ki waat laga derahe niche baithe paagal log ..

    I am very angry..

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