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‘Trump’s kind of bad for comedy,’ says Dave Chappelle

Eli Glasner:We’re not used
to seeing you here that often,
how does it feel to be here
at the Canadian Screen Awards?
It’s amazing. You know, it’s funny,
Canada’s so close yet so far away,
in some respects. And you know, if I go to
a country like Australia, they watch so much
American television. They have their own thing,
but not to the extent that Canada does,
you know, so it’s kind of
interesting to see, I’m meeting celebrities
I’ve never met before, and it’s nice, man. It’s like a nice vibe
here tonight. Eli:Now we, of course,
have been watching
what’s been happening
in the United States,
I see you’ve been
very outspoken.
Do you think comedy has
a role to play right now
with what’s happening
in America under Trump?
Interestingly enough,
it’s turning out that way. I wouldn’t normally have
made that assumption, though. I think Trump’s kind
of bad for comedy. Eli:You think? Really?In a way, yeah.
Most comics in the States have started to do
the same jokes just because Trump makes– is so on
everybody’s mind. So it’ll be nice when we don’t
have to talk about him as much. Eli:When you have
something like this,
when you feel as
strongly as you do,
do you sometimes think, like,
this is bigger than comedy?
Like, I just want
to speak,
I don’t want to try and
get a laugh out of this?
Well in my life,
nothing’s bigger than comedy. Eli:
[chuckles] I guess so.
You know,
I love my genre, and my genre allows me
to be more honest than most people’s,
but it still is, this is still comedy, man. Like you know, it’s got to be
in the spirit of levity because it kind of helps us get
through tough times like this. Eli:
Let’s go back a little.
When you were just– Dave was
just breaking into the biz,
is there someone that really
made that difference for you,
that you wouldn’t be here today
if it wasn’t for them?
There’s many people,
but today in particular has to do with the people
that carried the Montreal Comedy Festival. Eli:Why is that?Because I’m one of the few
people that came from America to Canada to
get a break. Like, I came to
the Montreal Festival, I spent a weekend here,
and it changed my life. You know, it’s never
been the same. And it put me on a path
to become a better comedian than I would have been had I
not come through the festival. Eli:So how did the fest force
you to raise your game?
Because I’d never seen comedy
taken so seriously before. You know what I mean,
it was, it was, it was comedians from
all over the world, I was exposed to more talent
in a single weekend than I had seen
in years, and it was the festival,
so everyone was playing their A game. And it made me want to be
more serious about my work. Eli:Who are the comedians that
are inspiring you these days?
Oh these days,
there’s tons of them. I think that most of these guys
that you see working are wildly courageous. It’s like, it’s such
a strange time with like, people being
bombarded with information, and I think comedy
is an important valve in like siphoning through
all that, and I think that
the comedians– like, I feel like
my genre is secure. The guys that I see coming up
carry the mantle well. And then a lot
of the guys who have been banging
from the beginning have come back
to stand up. You’re seeing
Chris Rock back, you’re seeing Jon Stewart
in the clubs, you’re seeing
Seinfeld back. So I feel like the genre’s
just very strong and healthy and everyone inspires me. Eli:Except you seem to really
kind of protect your space,
like you pick
your moments.
Is that about kind of finding
that place to create
so you’re not overexposed?I enjoy comedy,
and I enjoy celebrity but it’s not something
that I completely trust. Eli:
Ah, you don’t trust it.
Yeah, it’s one
of those things. You get big enough, they blow
you up like a balloon animal, they just twist you in whatever
shape they think you fit. So I like to just
stay out of the fray and try to just focus on
the things about my work that I really enjoy. And you know,
keep good people around me and try to have fun, man.
Just try to have fun with it. Tell us about
theNetflixspecial. I got two specials– Two? coming up. You got that huge deal, right? Yeah, I got
one of ’em. Netflixis just
changing everything.
They did change the game, they
changed it for me personally. March 21,
I’ll release two specials. These were in my vault,
so they just bought ’em. So they’re not like
specials. The most recent,
I think, is a year old. But they’re funny specials,
and then I’m working on a third forNetflix
that I’ll put out probably by the end
of the year. So you might get three Dave
Chappelle specials this year. Eli:That’s all right.
It’s been too long,
so people are ready.All right, good deal.All right, great stuff.
Thank you, man.

100 thoughts on “‘Trump’s kind of bad for comedy,’ says Dave Chappelle

  1. Trump under America. What is happening? The lowest unemployment since before the Great Depression. The highest home ownership since the early 50s. What is happening in America under Trump? How about we talk about cold hard facts?

  2. 00:58 Listen and learn, Hollywood. Stick to what you are good at. And if you want to "make a difference", do it through your work. Nobody wants to hear you stand on a soapbox and talk down to everyone on things you have no clue about.

  3. This guy is the Eminem of Comedy He gave a group of like 10 to 15 people GOLDEN comedy

  4. Trump is bad for comedy, Dave please. If anything goes to show how much liberals would rather hate than laugh

  5. It's not Trump that's bad for comedy, it's the liberal Marxist collectivism that rule the slave puppets that's bad for comedy. Who TF wants to live like that?  Liberal Marxist slave puppets aren't allowed to think for themselves. You all have to think exactly what they want you to think because they control you.  Anyone who wakes up like you, puts the same puzzle pieces together. Once you do that, you can never go back to the oppression and lies of the Marxists.  It is the white liberal billionaires like George Soros who are connected with Rothschild's and the British Crown people should be going after with torches and pitch forks. "I'm going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups. We'll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate."  -George Soros (interview with Germany's BILD -Sept. 2014)

  6. Has Dave Chapelle had his lips done and his skin bleached because that ain't the black comedian I used to love.

  7. So Dave is upset that the Black unemployment rate is at a historically all time low? Or does he just think it’s funny because it’s under Trumps presidency.

  8. Chapelle, love you brother, These are great times (not bad times as you say) for all of our Americans, no more hyphens, that is where you are wrong. Texas.

  9. One of the most honest and tremendously funny working comedians today. So glad he got back in the game. I really missed him when he went away for a while. Fantastic interview AND interviewer.

  10. for all you trump haters plz think you demonize trump for heresay with absolutely no real evidence yet he brings peace to the korean conflict which nobody has been able to do, trying for decades……. when you watch politicians do research and no fox news nor cnn or any other bias news source which really means any news source for that matter, theyre all giving it bias PLZ learn and research FACTS

  11. I'd love for Dave to address the cabal that took him out of the American comedy scene; the ones who threatened him to stop.

  12. dave chappelle is great. awesome comedian and hopefully… hes able to speak his mind and not be controlled by SJW maniacs

  13. It is hard to joke about something that is already a joke, but it's fun to try:

    Trump forced congress to pass a new sedition law against insulting or vilifying the United States. It includes a 90-day prison sentence for saying " President Trump"!

    Trump seldom laughs; the last time he laughed was when Melania asked whether he had ever cheated on her.

    The increasing numbers of cross dressers and transgender people has got Trump frustrated. These days when you "grab them by the pussy" you never know what you'll get!

    Trump's hair can no longer be cut or washed; it has been declared a federally protected animal sanctuary.

    Trump claims he appoints only staff members with high IQs. It turns out that IQ stands for "I quit".

    I like to save the best joke for last:

    Trump was unhappy because his legal defense team was in disarray, so he hired Rudy Giuliani!

  14. one of the better comedians , good thing he is around to offset for those low down pukes like Colbert and kimmel

  15. You know whats bad for comedy Chappelle? Disappearing for years like someone in a witness protection program.

  16. I don't think he's bad for comedy. I think he's too easy for comedy. Comedians will always find a way to make political humor, even if we have a boring president. I agree though, because of how easy he is, he's over-saturating the comedic landscape.

  17. Trump makes it too easy for comedians, when he gets the boot the poor lot will have to start working their brains again.

  18. Dave Chappelle "lost his funny" when he went bonkers a while back. It's palpable; almost like he's been beaten down. Very sad. Also he needs to be careful with what he says. The Trump Curse is real.

  19. He didn’t let the industry ruin him. He’s still his own person and does what he wants. He didn’t sell out.

  20. Insightful, candid, down to earth and definitely on top of his game intellectually speaking. If this interview is any indication, he has a firm grasp on the success he has cultivated and the burdens that come with it.

  21. Listening to this interview confirms for me just how brilliant this man is, and how involved and dedicated he is with his art. Everybody loves him, and it's obvious why.

  22. You have a very interesting byway of educating the younger people. Thank you buy doing it and contributing more on education where you grow up.

  23. Yo when he talks now- he feels like he has 18 phds in sociology, philosophy, political science…. yo he’s a genius I can literally want his point of view on everything it’s crazy

  24. Chapelle has complained many times about how he can't do comedy like he used to, because now all his jokes offend people and he gets hit pieces wrote and career ruined if he's offensive, that comedy has been neutered by the far left. He's right.

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