Laughter is the Best Medicine

16 thoughts on “Try not laugh With Funny Babies – Baby’s Funny Face

  1. Comment peut-on faire du mal à un bébé il faut absolument détruire les réseaux satanique pensez-y bande de connards

  2. Que font les gilets jaunes de mon cul rien ils en parlent même pas ces connards de la Pedot criminalité et satanisme du gouvernement qui viole nos enfants personne n’en parle vous êtes tous des connards

  3. How totally cruel for the adult in this video to play act slapping the baby. WHY? The baby thought it was for real. Nobody told the baby it was a joke. They did it for the sole reason of making the baby to cry. That's SICK!!!! Did you enjoy your laugh?

  4. Oh god. Did anyone else notice the dirty, brown fingernail of the person diddling the kid’s mouth at 4:40–4:45 seconds into the video?

  5. Parents – will you figure out to turn your cameras sideways?? Why do you always take videos in portrait mode?? Flip those things around!! Sheesh.

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