Laughter is the Best Medicine

|| Try not laughing || Skype – A fun filled Short film

Hey! Why dude!!! Since yesterday I am watching you you are doing like this…like that…and drawing pictures on air it looks so weird what are you doing? In an hour, I have an interview in Skype and am preparing for that. Interview for you!!! Whatever…okay! Listen to me you go ahead with your interview I am going for shower and I am going to switch on the motor. While I am in shower make sure no one switch it off. If someone switches off the motor, I will come out in the middle Then don’t blame me for that. Please make sure no one switch it off Still one hour is there. You carry on. It’s up to you. Hey! What is this… water is not coming!! Hey! Deepan…Heyyyy Hey! Where are you? I can’t see anything! Oh no!!… Water also not coming! Hey! Deepan…Hey! What are you doing…water is not coming Dude!!! Why you came outside like this, my interview is going on… Hey! Aravindaaaaaaa

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