Laughter is the Best Medicine


(laughs) – My mouth was open, you did that twice. (laughing) – Oh my God. (upbeat music) – Hello everybody, it
is We are the Davises. What’s up? – That’s Kayla. – This is Kayla. – That is Dadda, this is Ty-ty. – I just got left hanging
big time right there. – Ha ha – Yes, I’m daddy Shawn. – Today we’re doing dad jokes. – Don’t laugh at dad jokes, or try not to laugh at dad jokes. – Try not to laugh at dad jokes. – Yeah, try not to laugh at dad jokes. – Try not to laugh. – That’s going to be impossible because dad is like hilarious. – Yeah – We are going to put water in our mouth and then dad is going
to tell us some jokes and if we laugh then
obviously the water falls out and we lose. – And hopefully there not
looking at me when they do it ’cause I really don’t wanna get drenched. Oh, is it time to go? – Mm-hm – Alright, joke number one. (laughs) I didn’t even do one. – I held it for too long. (laughing) – This is easy I didn’t even do nothin’. – I tried to breathe and I choked on it. – I feel pretty good, I’m gonna like, I’m gonna go on a comedy
tour after this one, I don’t even have to tell
jokes and they laugh. You guys actually ready
for a joke this time? (muffled agreement) Are you sure? Okay. Knock knock. (laughing) I can’t do knock knock jokes, you have a mouth full of water. Okay, hold on here. What kind of jam can’t be eaten? A traffic jam. Ba da ba! (laughing) Tyler sprang a leak. Kayla is holding strong. All right, well that was only one. What do you call a sleeping bull? A bulldozer! Ha-ha! (bird cawing) (laughing) (bird cawing) – Your making bird sounds for no reason. – That’s part of the joke. Why did the banana go to the doctor? ‘Cause he wasn’t peeling well… Why do I hear crickets in my ear? (laughing) This one’s going to get
everybody right here, what kind of keys can’t open locks? Monkeys! Ha-ha-ha-ha. I’m like failing miserably
here, this is horrible. I was hoping, like, there’d be puddles of water all
over the place right now, but apparently that’s not gonna happen. So, what’s next on the list here? I got my, get off my… (laughing) Tyler don’t need jokes. – You’re like… – I got one, I got one. What keeps rock stars cool? Their fans! (laughs) Where do cows like to go on the weekends? The moo-vies… Scratch my head, aw yeah, there we go. That’s what I’m talking about. All right. How about there, under
the chin, under the chin. Oh yeah, just like a dog. What time is it when an
elephant sits on your fence? Time to get a new fence. – I spit out so that I could answer. (laughing) I was gonna say party time, but okay. – Oh, party time. (laughing) Dude, it’s an elephant on our fence! (bouncy techno music) Knock knock. (muffled replies) Do you know… (muffled replies) Do you know who stole my car man, cause I can’t find it anywhere. (laughs) – That was funny. – I just spit on you
cause it wasn’t funny. (laughing) That’s messed up. Hey, what are you doing man? – I make my own jokes. – Oh. Ah, what are you doing, man? Ah, it’s cold! (screams) (laughing) It’s like turning into, like, don’t make me laugh to like water fight. Okay, so, what kind of a nut has no shell? A donut! (spitting) (laughing) (water spraying) – You spit on me! No, no! Ew, it’s on my face, It’s on my face, I’ve been contaminated! – So, why did the burglar take a bath? Because he wanted to get a clean getaway. (muffled reply) (water sprays) (laughing) (gargling) You guys ready? You ready for a joke? What is the most famous
fish in the entire ocean? Okay, what? Spit on him and tell him the answer. (laughs) Get back over here, boy,
you can’t leave your chair. – A starfish! – Starfish is the answer! Yay! (bouncy techno music) Elephant on the fence,
elephant on the fence, elephant on the fence. (spitting) (laughing) – I had the cap in my mouth. (laughing) – He’s just spitting just to spit. He’s, “Ah, we get to spit on dad? Yay! I don’t care if it’s funny or not, I’m totally spitting on him.” What does a janitor say when
he jumps out of the closet? (gurgling) (laughing) – Supplies! (laughing) – That ain’t me. (screaming) That one was me. What do you call a
dinosaur with only one eye? A do-you-think-he-saw-us? (laughs) – Huh? – A do-you-th… (water splashes) (laughing) My mouth was open, you did that twice? (laughing) – Oh my God! – Oh man, I got like Tyler cooties man, to ninth degree right now. I’m so gross, I need to get vaccinated. (laughing) Do you think he saw
this, isn’t that funny? I thought that was hilarious. What do you do with a spaceman? You park in it, man. (laughing) Wanna hear a dirty joke? All right, it’s a dirty joke, some of you might have to plug your ears ’cause it’s pretty dirty. A boy fell in the mud. (laughs) Do you wanna hear a clean joke? He took a bath! No! Kids, kids, please, no! (screams) (laughing) Not my ear! It’s like in my ear. I got Kayla cooties, I
got unicorn spit in my ear and it’s so gross. Look at Tyler’s giant head,
you know what it reminds me of? Like an orange with a toothpick. No? (water splashes) Ah! – That’s what you get, call me an orange on a toothpick. – Giant heads run in our family, I don’t know if you ever noticed, like, my head is disproportionally large compared to the rest of my body. Tyler’s unfortunately got that, uh, that genome too. What has two hands but no arms? (gurgles) A what? (gurgles) (laughing) – I’m falling, I almost
fell out of my chair! – So, what was the answer? (gurgles) – Wait, wait, I need
to give you something. – What’s that, what’s that? (screams) (laughing) Oops, my bad. (screaming) I don’t like you guys anymore. – Dad, look, wait, there’s something at the bottom of the bottle. – There’s something at
the bottom of the bottle? – Yes, there’s something
at the bottom of it. – Okay, let me check it out. – No, no, no. – I wanna make sure this bottle is safe. (water splashes) (laughing) – I did it again. – Here’s a good one, where is Connie at, she can’t hear me, right? All right, your momma’s so ugly that when she try to join an ugly contest, they said, “Sorry, no professionals.” (water sprays) (laughing) – [Connie] What? – What? – Mom goes like, “What?” – No, that’s the new parrot that we got. (chicken clucking) – Ah, that was my water! – Can we be done with this already? I’m completely drenched
in Tyler and Kayla’s spit. Here’s a pretty funny joke,
okay, there’s a (laughing) there’s a bear. The bear! That’s all you gotta say, the bear, the bear, the bear. Okay, so there’s a bear and a rabbit right next to each other and they’re both pooping
in the woods, okay? (laughing) See it’s funny already, right? And so the bear looks over
to the rabbit and says, “Hey, do you ever have a
problem with poop sticking to your fur?” And the rabbit says, “No.” And so the bear says, “Good,” grabs the rabbit, wipes his butt with him. (laughing) No? (laughing) – [Kayla] Can that be the last joke? – We got one more, we got one more. – Your mom said two, we got one more. – [Kayla] Wait, wait. (laughing) – [Kayla] Oh, no. Truce? – Yeah, truce, come on over. (laughing) – I don’t know about you
guys, but I’m so full of water I have to go to the bathroom now. (laughs) (drum cymbals) We’re gonna wrap that up for today, uh, I gotta take like a real shower, not like a kid spit spray shower, so uh– – Yes, we’re gonna go. – We’re gonna wrap this
up right about now. Tyler, I’m going to kill you. You are not going to live, you are not going to see Tyler in any future videos, I’m sorry. – I’m giving you a shower. – So, we hope you guys enjoyed this video, comment down below if you laughed at any of the jokes dad told today. – Nobody laughed at my jokes,
come on now, be honest. – What happens when the
elephant is on the fence? Party!
– Party time! (Bouncy techno music) Elephant on the fence,
elephant on the fence, elephant on the fence. – So, anyway, comment down below, love to know your thoughts. Until next time. Bye! (upbeat music)

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