Laughter is the Best Medicine


welcome back to my channel oh my god I miss you so much I'll miss me you know playing it'd be nice if you did anyways guys we've all going with these subs I'm saying we coat the 60 we're gonna hit that 61 hopefully soon thing is it anything else anyways I think you guys are all supporting them saying yeah I've been watching the videos like and comment subscribe at I love all I love it I love it love it yeah love it all and I just want to say thank you so much man but what we happen to the reaction video I didn't with you guys now I'm recording it is already clear on the other thing whatever I recorded it but what hit audio W I'm trying to fix it up for you I guess because I have the air pods and doing the dead body I don't know about anything like regular regular headphones in this problem what it is other than that yeah but I'm gonna cop some regular headphones I'm saying the drej headphones using the hint I'm taking these airports weird I mean steal headphones right but yeah do that anything else oh yeah like I said be caught I'm saying people want to get part two so if you haven't liked it please but like we give it to 20 likes I know you have to do it you did it on first video say you can't do it you just go over there take your time I would like it if you ever liked it it that's all it takes that's all it takes but just I love you anyways if we don't do summers we'll get into this video I know I yeah well give one thing through here I don't laugh keep that in mind but if they you can make me mad let me know in the comments or I'm saying no you got me on my social media is just a this video definite maybe like this hey you could try probably not succeed we went through the desert he lives over the lake where do we go next don't fuck it you've been on our watch list for a long time now you the map and that backpack is getting dudududu deported I'm bro you got all this random shit in here except for your green card where's your priority story Oh jack no no can you guys say no no yeah La Migra stop all right boys that's everything half of Mexico is probably in this bag lock it in a cage and load up this dude or the illegal let's keep it moving all right okay he's your mistake shut up bitch hey griffey what I also can't read it because the line is boy it's annoying okay I've never got that don't I don't know if y'all do I'm never gonna know I mean I know it not gonna laugh man is going in between the dress and your day oh yeah I can read this vegan in 20 1980 I don't know because the lines in animals they kill a minute so you can eat that burrito a billion yeah a billion busily do you know how many cows and pigs that they slaughter all the rhinos and snakes and lions that they kill the chickens do you even care about the environment no like scum and you're scum and you hate animals do you even know what's in the food that you're eating yes chicken not just that you're eating GMOs and pesticides and feces yeah you're eating shit yo literally you always what do you do or they get two tongues vegan besides complain about what people eat tell people to go vegans and immigrant vegan food huh that's what being a vegan is okay go be a vegan somewhere else get the fuck out my face you fucking ugly yeah then she like you really fucking a groceries dogs penguins or Dino's busted face ass nigga oh oh big-ass head shaped like a cereal box Oh no don't baby me since my head so fucking big since my head so damn big how about you go get a bitch with a smaller how about that bow it's so accurate oh my god oh my hamon reason cuz like the words of black on the screen it's like this white line on iPhone I'm sweet okay I'm just not interested I just want some the main just want something to eat you guys enjoyed it please press the like button down below subscribe you can join us damn yeah pretty much is gonna be reacting videos until right I saw the way the public interviews I really would do public you guys got a rock for me I'm just me think I know I have a blue thing whatever can't do like this man I'm a kid probably but still what I've been weird like I said it's me I'm trying to the best I do make you guys laugh this and that hopefully I'm trying to get a good job but yeah I just I love them and I appreciate the support yeah video oh by the way do you make me laugh even like like this game made me laugh or just say hey that is it today see you guys movida hurry up they got things did you know saying la take my head down get ready you know it's a special day coming up for your boy um but over here it is he remember want to talk being off stop yeah that was


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