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Try Not To Laugh Challenge #17

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome back to the Try Not To Laugh Challenge The challenge where week after week I discover that I have no sense of humor… because I laugh at the most basic-bitch-shit on the internet. And yet here I am again with another slew of videos that are supposedly ‘funny’- So without further ado, I’m not gonna embarrass myself, and we’re gonna get right in to… The. Funny… “THE FUNNY” Anyways mah broskis, I’ve gotta bounce- Bounce on your boys dick. Hey got ’em. *Doctor dabs cringingly* *Marki sounds and a table slap* NO! NOOO! No! Wipe that disgusting grin off your face! Sir yes sir! *Disgusting grin intensifies* Well any fucking time sweetheart. [High pitched] I’M TRYING SIR! *inHALES* NO! NOOO! NOOOOOO! NOOO! No. No. [Monsters Inc theme song plays] [LOUD VOLUME WARNING] *Mark’s confused and surprised faces* *Silence* *Disappears* *Reappears* *Deep breath* OOOOOOGH! OOOOHOUGHHH OwuHOGHHHH! UWOGHUHAAAA! AGH! Fine. *birdie drops can* *birdo happy pixelated neck dancing music* No… No, why would that be funny? In what world would that be funny? None! In none world that’s not funny! *Dramatic battle music* *Screeching* *slap* GHGHGHGBRGH! GHGHGHGBRGH! GHGHGHGBRGH! Bwaahh! BwwAUH! BWaUaH! BwAuH! BwaRERRR! BWAUERR UURRRR! BwUrrr! AAAAAaaaaaAAAAaAAAAAaAAHAhhhhAAAah! AAAAAAGH! UUUUUUAAAAUGHHHHHH! Not funny. But the sequel To uh, lemme see If I can find it. AUH!
Oh, there it is. OH! AUH- AuH! Auhauhau!- Auhuaauh! BAEREAREARARRE! BERAEK! BREUGH! BREUUUUAGH! BREUUUUAGH! BREUUUUAGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH! What did we just see? What was that? What was that?! They visibly delight in one another’s company. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – [Underwater] Aaaa! GHAAAAAAAAAAAA – [Underwater again] AAAAAAAAAA! (Rarity from MLP) Stread by Stread Stitching it together. No. CuT(stops)-RNLTREDAH. I will fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. No one asked why. Why? He turned around and he saw a small Jew. Diddily diddily do~ Jew. Who was no more than NINE AND A HALF. She stared at the Grirch and said: *WEIRD BUZZING* Yumm Yumm Yumm Sweet Little tot I must fuck- The tree. Fuck the tree. Fuck the tree. Wow. Good child, good child. Then he sent the child to bed. Hmmm. Uh-huh? Yeah. Someone spent time on that. [AC/DC Back In Black Intro] HYUHHHHHHHHH No. *clear for takeoff* Aah! AAAAA – HEEEEUGH. It’s fine. That wasn’t funny. Now that the baby is in the correct position just open up the app and tap the “burp baby” button. *buzz* *the torture begins* Alright. *cry for help* Nothing’s happening. Literally nothing is happening. *another cry for help* You’re okay. [C418 – Sweden (Minecraft song)] *Minecraft spider hiss* *Minecraft player “oof” sound* *Minecraft Ghast scream* *Minecraft player “oof” sound* *Minecraft Ghast scream* *Minecraft player “oof” sound* *Minecraft Ghast scream* zoom! Ahhhh. They are in the initial stages of teaching bunny rabbits that they will all die. You. Will. Both. Die. These are thrilling times. Arthur get out of the tank! You’re not my daddy. Get out of the fucking tank, I am your dad! You’re not my da – I AM YOUR DAD! Get out of the fuckin’ – I’m in a tank and you’re not. I will – I will literally gonna say it again, get out of the fucking tank! (“Get out of my car now!!!!!”) I’m literally in the tank. You’re no – GET OUT OF THE – You’re not my dad. Literally, get out of the tank. Tell Major Billy Gene, I don’t give a fuck. Stop get – GET OUT OF THE FUCKING TANK! No. Ahh wholesome. [Illuminati Theme from X-Files] What the fuck is that fucking cat?! Hey, don’t fucking look at me like that. That’s a weird-looking fucking CAT! MA! Yo there’s a stray cat outside. I don’t want it starting to fight with Lucy. Lucy it’s okay. Sppts pss, it’s okay Lucy. Don’t worry about it. MA! MA THERE’S A WEIRD FUCKING STRAY CAT OUTSIDE! It looks… It looks like grandma, the fucking thing. Hey! Get the fuck outta here! I don’t even know if that’s a fucking cat. BLINK MOTHERFUCKER! AHHHH–! Uh, why did that get me? Why did that get me? WHY DID THAT GET ME? WHY DID THAT GET ME?!?!?! That was a weird – Ahh shit, I dunno. Fuck. That a Supra? Holy god is that a Supra?! Dude is that a Supra?! WOW! IS THAT A SUPRA??!!!!??!?!!!?! I don’t know why that was funny to me! Ahh! God! Why? I’ve realized – My brain Is now realizing that’s not funny! That. Was. Not. Funny! Hey. Yes? I think I have something I can show you. Sure. What is it? * get shrek’d* HOWOAHWOAWOW LOOKADAT. *fails like we knew he would for a long time.* Ah, fuck. [Goosebumps’s Theme Song] *spider cat* What the fuck was thaaaaat? What was that? Is that a real cat?! What If I wanna have sex before I get married? Well, I guess you just have to be prepared to die. What?! *le side splosh* *le far splosh* *le no bowl on floor splosh* *gigleplier continues giggling with no breath* *video replays* *giggleplier continues laughing as the poor man cant wash his hands* I’m sorry. That’s so funny! Ahhh okay, that’s enough. Okay that’s enough. So… Yeah. We’re gonna call it there. Ah. Did you laugh? Good job, if you didn’t! Bad job if you did. But oh well, I’m 0 for 17 or whatever. So… I guess anything’s better than what I’ve got going on. So, thank you everybody so much for watching. Look forward to more stuff like this coming at you very soon. Be on the lookout for it and check out the other Try Not To Laugh stuff I’ve done down in the description or in the suggested videos over there. Thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always I will see you in the next video. Buh-bye!

100 thoughts on “Try Not To Laugh Challenge #17

  1. 1:07
    Those guys were pranking people bye making it look like there was a dead person on the rail
    It had all started with one of their friends falling asleep so they put him on a ride XD

  2. The car part only car people will really under stand it.(the 1998 supra is very rare and I think is worth 1.000.000$ I think)reply to me if I'm wrong.

  3. When your watching a youtuber trying a try not to laugh challenge and on a video they start laughing as if it was so funny it was killing them but yet your sitting there thinking"should I be laughing or not…is this supposed to be funny?"

  4. Yeah but like-

    Mine sounds like either a normal-pitched chipmunk or Bumblebee’s broken voice box.

  5. Guy: Guys is that a supra
    Other Guy: Wow is that is supra
    Other Other Guy: Wow! sprays his glasses is that a supra
    Mark: dying of laughter

  6. As soon as it started playing I he monsters inc tune I turned it up all the way with my family in the room

  7. omg the burping baby video actually made me legit belly laugh. i have watched backwards from the first laugh challenge video and that is the funniest clip so far somehow.

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