Laughter is the Best Medicine

TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE!! really bad dad jokes part 2!

(spits) (laughs) (spits and coughs) (upbeat music) – Welcome to The Ohana Adventure – Hi guys!
– Aloha! – This is Dad Jokes Part Two – Part two! – I’m so excited. The last one was so hilarious, so I’m guessing these
will be even funnier. (spits and laughs) – Ketchup! (spits and laughs) Planet! (spits and laughs) So, we’re gonna get into these jokes. Do you girls have anything to say for yourselves before we go? – No – Who will laugh? Me.
– Her. – Will you laugh? – Yes, I will, but not as much. – We’re gonna get going
with these dad jokes. I have just under 30 dad jokes. – Wow, that’s a lot. We’re gonna do this. – This is getting crazy! I’m gonna get spilled — oooooooh! Okay! Are you ready? Are your mouths full? Do not spit everywhere else. So, first joke. Girls, what sound does
a sleeping T-Rex make? A dino-snore. (comedic drumming) (laughs) I laughed at my own joke. Okay. Someone stole my toilet, and now the police have nothing to go on. (crickets chirping) Do you not understand it? A man just assaulted me with
milk, cream, and butter! How dairy. (spits) Did you get it? – Yeah, I was like, he just… – How dare he, but how dairy. Okay, okay. Klai is a little lactose intolerant, so it didn’t really set in
– Klai! – And you told me not to spit everywhere! – (laughs) Okay! – Wait! (laughs) – Stop! Okay, you ready for this one? You girls might like this one. Okay, why can’t Harry
Potter tell the difference between a pot he uses to make
potions and his best friend? – They’re both called Ron. (spits and laughs) It’s a cauldron and they’re
both called Ron! A pot. Yeah, you didn’t get it until now? – No, I just spit it out
– Oh – And I drank more
– Oh – And spit it out again – Okay. (spits)
Okay, I can’t even get started. Drink! – What is that even going in my nose? – Okay, I’m rea- (laughs) This is now a video on how to make slime. (spits and laughs) That’s snot funny, Klai! (laughs loudly) Okay, it’s snot the jokes. It’s me. Okay, are you ready?
Let’s get going for real. (groans) No, okay? Oh, it is! You guys, she made that napkin dance. (spits and laughs) She put a little boogie in it (laughs) Okay, for real now. Look, you’re at half a cup.
Rykel’s is a full glass. (coughs) Klai’s always been a glass
that’s half empty kind of person. Rykel’s is half full. Okay, ready. You girls, when William joined the army, he really hated the phrase Fire at Will! (spits) (laughs) because everyone would shoot at him. (laughs) – I love that one! (laughs) – Okay. Okay. Ready? Okay. Okay. Ready? Two windmi- (laughs) – It went up my nose! Ow! – Okay!
– My nose hurts! – Two windmills are
standing in a wind farm. One asks the other, what’s
your favorite kind of music? The other one says I’m a big metal fan. (spits) (laughs) – I was thinking the metal
part, like, oh, metal. Okay, it’s made out of
metal, but then metal fan! – The big metal fan! Okay. I wasn’t originally gonna
get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind. (laughs loudly) Cause they gave me a new one. – I totally get it
– I like that one – I was like (laughs loudly) – My sister bet that I couldn’t build an entire car out of spaghetti. You should have seen her
face when I drove pasta. (spits) I drove pasta! Past her, pasta, pasta, past her, hmm. Astronomers got tired of watching the moon rotate around the Earth for 24 hours, so they just called it a day. (laughs) That didn’t hit. Okay, next. Simba was walking slow,
so I told him Mufasa! (spits and laughs) I was wondering why the
baseball was getting bigger, then it hit me. (laughs) Do you know why it was getting bigger? Because it was coming towards
me and then it hit me. Okay, good. Why don’t some couples go to the gym? Because some relationships
just don’t work out. That’s a sad Valentines joke, isn’t it? You ever tried to eat a clock? It’s very time-consuming. (laughs) When you girls were little kids, we were so poor, we couldn’t
afford electricity bills. They were the darkest times of our life. (spits) Guess what, Rykel?
– Hmm? I’m reading a book right
now about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down. (spits) A prisoner’s favorite
punctuation mark is the period. It marks the end of his sentence. (crickets chirping) Rykel, this one’s more for Klai. You show me a piano
falling down a mine shaft, I’ll show you A-flat minor. (chuckles) No? It’s a music joke! You didn’t even (sighs) – I got it – I know, I know – It just wasn’t funny. (hums) (spits) – There’s like spit mist
in the air right there. (laughs) (groans) – No, no, no, a water fountain goes… (groans) – You girls don’t have to
read the entire article on Japanese swordfighters cause
I can samurai-ze it for you (spits) – (whispers) No!
(spits) Ew! It was super hard when I
got back from Australia because I couldn’t remember
how to throw a boomerang, but eventually, it came back to me. A boomerang! – Why was it in Australia? – Because that’s where
boomerangs came from – Oh! (laughs) – This just in. Police were called to a daycare where a three-year old
was resisting a rest. (chuckles) Nap time. – I was doing it and
then it got in my nose! – Is that old rope good
enough for a hanging? ‘Fraid not. That stuff is bad noose. (spits) – Noose? – ‘Fraid not? Like a
frayed, it’s a frayed knot. Didn’t tie well. Okay, well, half of those definitely fai- (coughs) – That’s better (coughs) – Okay – Aww! Oh. (screams) No! Oh! (spits)
(yells) That’s the wettest kiss I’ve ever had. (laughs) Okay, guys. Thank you for watching. – Thanks so much for watching. – Tell us if you want some of these more like Disney-style or cartoon-style, or
– or animal-style – Yeah, we would love different styles and your opinion because
we love your opinion. – Let us know! Thanks for watching – Ew! – We’ll keep the dad jokes coming. Let us know which joke
of this was your favorite in the comments below and if
you want to see more of these. Alright, anything else? – Thanks for watching! – [All] Mahalo! – Peace! (upbeat music) – [Jase] A little bit
of behind the scenes. This is what happens when we do this. Now, we get to mop the
floor. Good job, Ryk. – Hey, it wasn’t me.

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