Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try not to Laugh Challenge : South Park the Fractured But Whole Funny Moments

my hairstyle there we go
now skintone it’s not me this is more sort of me actually no I’m more of this
color are you bitch oh my god let’s see if we can put it
again because I call you Tom Brady it it slays yeah that’s a lair oh just perfect now we can clear love it
whenever we want we make a great team but lord okay oh my god oh my god Lily fuck you yeah yeah damn it these guys the theme songs
right this guy’s a bitch help his mother into
heaven so the new kid dives down through the water protected by semen can now
summon press circle okay Oh time travel ain’t it a bitch Connor what
the hell are you doing here I had a plan to use the new kid as means to get what
I always wanted but it looks like some do-gooders travelled back in time to
stop me Carpy I swear to God if you don’t knock it off that’s okay because I
still know something you all don’t what’s that how to make someone fart
super bad by hitting them into solar plexus yeah it’s Eman and yes I do this child has
incredible powers all right if you get my mom into heaven I will give you three
million dollars and some jewelry just touch my little gay flipper and we shall
be magically transported to help her love crafts was a racist you know not
every prisoner we have here is black we actually do have one white guy this is a trap I’m sorry kids but you
left me no choice oh my god that is amazing it’s Jared you’ll excuse me if I
don’t want to watch this I did not expect that here we go micro caisson you try to
change the past oh my god

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