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(uptempo bouncy music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTube Family! – And today we’re going
to do Minecraft jokes. So we got this book in mail time so thank you for sending this. As soon as we saw it, we knew
we wanted to do this video. So I’m going to read jokes that are found in this awesome book and try
to make the rest of the family laugh while there is
water in their mouths. – Oh no. – If you guys could keep
the water in your mouths, you win this challenge. I have a feeling I will win. – It’s gonna get messy. – I might win ’cause I may
not understand the jokes because I don’t really
understand Minecraft. – Oh that’s true, you
don’t play Minecraft. But if you see the other kids laughing, you might laugh too. – That’s true, it might trigger it. – Now Audrey is away doing homework, yes, she misses a lot
for that but she has some pretty hard college classes
that she’s taking right now. So she’s not able to join
us for this challenge. Let’s see if I can make the
rest of the family laugh though. Okay, are you guys ready? – Yep. Cheers everybody. Cheers to Minecraft jokes. (yelling) – You’re gunna spill it Ty. Oh no, I’m already failing. I already laughed. Okay, ready? Ready, big mouthful. – Okay, so like Dad said,
it helps if you have a little knowledge of
Minecraft and knowing what each of the critters or
characters are on Minecraft. Here’s the first one. I don’t think Dad’s gonna get it. Why don’t Blazes make good managers? They keep firing people. (crickets chirping) Nope? Awww, that’s a funny one. Okay. Let’s see, let’s try this one. What do you get when you build a frame out of obsidian and light it with fire? A Nether portal. (crickets chirping) Okay. You guys are not laughing. What sounds closer than it actually is? A ghast when it’s destroying things. What did the ghast say
when the zombie pigmen started showing off? (screaming) – That’s what it said. – No, it said “what a ham.” Get it? Pigman, what a ham. Oh, come on, it’s funny. Okay, Ty, where do baby ghasts go when his parents are at work? Day scare. (drum and cymbal crashing) (laughing) – Come on, you guys are too tough. These are funny. – Think I should take a sip or no? – Take another sip. Why was the ghast crying? ‘Cause everyone he liked blew up. Get it, ’cause ghasts blow ’em all up. Oh come on, these are funny. What did the villager say
to the other villager? Nothing, villagers don’t talk. But wait a minute, don’t villagers talk? I’m so confused.. (laughing) – They do, they go “huuuuuh” – They go “huuuuuh” That one’s weird. – I wanna try saying a joke now. What do you call a small slime? A slim. (laughing) I got all three. – So is it in the approach
or is it the joke? – I say approach. It’s how you say it. – It’s me, I’m failing. Okay, are you guys ready because
you’re all about to laugh. How do creepers play music? On their boom boxes. (laughing) Boom boxes! – Okay guys, are you ready? What has the dogs head
and a kitten’s tail? A zombie villager coming out a pet store. (laughing) Oh my goodness. – That one was like “wah, wah, wah” – You got me. – Still got Jake. – Are you guys ready for
this super funny joke? Let’s see how my delivery is in this one. Did you hear about the cow that tried to escape over a barbed wire fence? It was an udder disaster. (laughing) Get it? The cow tried to make it
over a barbed wire fence. Udder. – Udders got caught. – Yep. Alright, you guys ready? Okay, so this joke, I’m not
sure if the kids will get but I think Dad will get this one, maybe. Maybe nobody will get it
because you kinda need both their minds combined. Okay, what non-Minecraft
character could Steve run into if he dug all the way to bedrock? Fred Flintstone. ‘Cause Fred Flintstone lives in Bedrock. (slapping table) I don’t think they know
who Fred Flintstone is. – You got an old school cartoon I think. So my question is, who is Steve? – Well there you go. – I don’t know who Steve is,
actually, I really don’t. – Steve’s the main dude. – Is Steve one of these heads? – The main character, yes. – Steve is you. – I’m Steve? – Yes. – The main player. – It’s who you’re playing, you’re Steve. – Oh.
– Yeah, you’re Steve. – Your characters name is Steve. – I had no idea. – Face palm. – Is everybody Steve? – No, like, you’d be Steve
and there’s the girl, Alex. Isn’t Alex the girl? – Yeah. Dad made me laugh ’cause he
didn’t know what Steve was. – Yeah. So remember, Alex is
the girl, the character. What happened to Alex when she first stepped into the Nether? She was flabberghasted. (laughing) – I get it! – Oh no, it’s all over my pants. – Flabberghasted, she got ghasted because the Nether has the ghasts
and the ghasts come after you when you go in the Nether. – Ready for mine? – Yeah. Okay. – What do cows say when
there’s a disaster coming? – What? (laughing) – They say “moooooooove” (laughing) – I didn’t know the answer
but I was just waiting. – An udderly disaster. (laughing) – I thought they said “mooooove” – That’s so funny. – Oh, Ty. – Dad should appreciate this one. How did Alex get Steve
to stop texting her? She blocked him. Everything’s blocks in Minecraft. Blocked. Oh, it’s funny. (laughing) What happened? – She went like this. – Chain reaction. That was like the wave. What was goin’ on there? – Oh that was a funny joke right there. I’ll tell you what. – Ty had his mouth full of
water so I was going like this to his face and like little
squirts of water came out every single time, it was so funny. I had to spit out my water. – And then Jake did and then Dad did. Wait, I made everyone laugh. – I was just trying to be
cool with all the kids. – Ready? Okay. How does Herobrine spy on people? Now, Herobrine is the mischev– (laughing) – I’m focusing on them. Why? – I have to explain Herobrine to Dad because Dad doesn’t even
know who Herobrine is. Isn’t Herobrine your lookalike? – Yeah, the evil little guy. Okay, retry that joke, ready? – Okay, as you take your drink of water, I’m going to explain to Dad Herobrine. Herobrine is somebody
who looks just like you but causes havoc in your map. In your play area. Okay, so, how does
Herobrine spy on people? He uses spy-ders. Spy-ders? Spy, yes? Ew. – Ew, it’s like a waterfall. – He’s out of water, he has
to wear a Minecraft head. For the rest of the challenge. Until we get down to the last player. Did you hear the joke
about the broken sword? It’s pointless. (drum and cymbal crashing) Get it, Ty? The sword has no point. What did the creeper say to the volcano? I’m lava you. What did the mom Enderman
say to her child while he was getting dressed? Don’t forget to wear your clean enderwear. (laughing) – I’m out of water. – You’re out? – Only enough for a
little swallow so I’m out. – Okay so you get to wear a head. Which one are you, you’re picking Steve. – This is Steve? I get to be Steve. – Yep. Why did the zombie cross the road? To get to the grave yard. (drum and cymbal crashing) That’s where zombies need to go. What type of contest do Endermen’s hate? Staring contests. (drum and cymbal crashing) How do you make a creeper destroy itself? Give it a mirror. (laughing) The creeper got a job at
an explosives factory. The next day he got fired. (drum and cymbal crashing) ‘Cause the creeper and
an explosive factory and imagine it go (explosion sound). Alrighty, I think Ty’s the
winner of this challenge. – Yes! – Yep, Ty won. – Good job guys. – Wait, do I need a Minecraft head now? – Yep. – Oh no, I want the small dude. – Alrighty, which was your favorite joke? Did you have a fave? – Ty’s joke that he made where he didn’t remember the answer. – I did, I just waited. – That was a good joke. – I liked the Fred Flintstone joke because I’m the one who got it. – No one else gets that one. (laughing) It’s hard. – I’m still laughing. – Okay guys, guess what time it is. – [All] Mail time! – Alright, this first
package is from Anastasia who lives in Texas and
this is an awesome package. She drew us so many different pictures. I just like this first one. It says “me and Jordan”, they’re baes. – Yes, yes! – And she has one for all of
us, or a couple for all of us in here and she also, in here, she gave us each an Easter egg, some slime, guess for who. – Yes! – Oh that’s cool, gold glitter slime. – Here’s a bath fizzy. (gasping) – Bath bombs? – Okay, and an Easter egg for everybody. So everybody open up an Easter egg. Here Mom. – Yes. – Why does Ty get the green one? – Fine. – Okay, are you ready? One, two, three, open. (gasping) – I got Smarties. – Smarties! – Awesome. – Yummy. – I wasn’t sure what to expect. – Smarties. – I didn’t know if she was
gonna play a prank on us. – Ty got a triple combo, look at that. – Smartie crunch. – Thank you so much Anastasia. That’s awesome. – Thank you. – Thank you. – This package is from Faye in Ireland and they drew us this awesome picture and another picture and they wrote us a letter and they said they like
our 24 hour challenges and they sent us all some slime. – And there’s glitter. – Yes. This is so awesome. Thank you so much Faye. – Thank you. – That’s super cute. How awesome. Thank you. Alrighty, so this last package comes from Jack in Great Britain. Check out this super cute picture. That is awesome. Jack sent us some goodies, guys. – Yay.
– Wow. – We have putty, Avengers
putty that you can bounce. – Wow, cool. – That’s super fun. – That’s cool. – We got chocolate. Not just chocolate, Cadbury chocolate. – Oh my goodness, this is so awesome. – We gotta hide those from Audrey. – Look at that! – I know. We love Cadbury chocolate. Lindt chocolate. – Oh this stuff is so good. – And then there is also some make up. How awesome is that? Look at that. Super cool. Thank you so much, Jack,
that was super awesome. – Thank you. – Okay guys, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you for all this awesome fan mail. That was super fun opening. If you want more jokes then let us know what type of theme we should
do in the comments down below. Make sure you like,
subscribe, and share and – Hit the bell! – And we’ll see you next time. – [All] Bye! (brassy music)

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