Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try Not To Laugh New Funny HOOD Instagram Videos and MEMES Compilation | Part 1

try not to laugh, funnyhoodvidz. Best hood instagram videos and memes on the internet. try not to laugh, funnyhoodvidz. Best hood instagram videos and memes on the internet. or vegetable mushrooms and poke us doing
that brother fertilization vegetable is from the land of the time it’s all my
problems because from kids come from vegetables which means vegetables in the
pumpkin vegetables no they ate fruits growing evenings they will never eat
your fruits in the will which came over were running on vegetable that was in
behind that fucking car keys I don’t pay that shit focus on everywhere nate is a
life source such as hypothesis it was such a nice night
and then didn’t hear from no call no text nothing I don’t know honestly I
don’t know I asked myself that all the time
like all the time like I asked myself that like all the phones I don’t
know I really don’t know now at six a tow truck driver takes a
car and a guy on a wild ride throughout the streets of Southern California
and we just see tonight eat some barbecue and I hear 2008 room and of
course is not sagging right so I jumped on the back of that truck
LA County sheriff’s say the man who hopped on the tow truck owned the red
car when he saw it being taken away he screamed at the driver and then tried to
take matters into his own hands hey ridi judge me because you’re like
y’all car specially on MXC and that unidentified driver did take a crowbar
during this whole escapade and bashed out the back window of the tow truck
that’s according to sheriff’s deputies come on goddamn Morrow you’re right
never see I’m gonna bust out the windows on this
two witnesses look at the reaction in the dome
I should air wash it and watch it watch it
you King watching la-da-da NBA champion Cavaliers putting their fresh hay at
6:00 night without you from jail no I have a smoke
really would you ask here no yeah I know but this is mother’s child now like that
your mama’s shop as you would say we heard you it says
nothing about the watch and won the US Open but that’s not against the rules wait why would you say that you want
cheat on me really you see what I mean you always want to fucking cheat on it’s
like what happens now we want to go leave no don’t think that that willing
to do shit for you yeah me I ain’t gonna with a
and they find a new instantly and you think that’s gonna
work get that ain’t fooling it changed the
hunt it ain’t from the change don’t you still hurt I could see it I could see it
I could feel it this girl the hunt is mingling around I can see my
faith Jose I don’t you later see oh my you big time which one a looking for sir it’s 7.5 okay so I just got out the
drive-through and I was just trapped in the middle one I’m little paying forward
schemes so I get up to the window and the lady’s like don’t worry about it the
dude in front of you just paid for you so I’m like babe I feel like a good
person today to shit let me pay for the person behind me I should have known
what I was getting myself into when this looked at me and said are you sure
but I was like I feel like a good person I can use some good karma today you know
I’m saying so shit here’s my card I got it all out right so the lady come back
and hand me my receipt and would you believe these behind me
order $49 and 56 cents worth of fucking food now what the was they trying
to feed all the starving children in Africa we are at Taco Bell bitch my meal
was two dollars but you get a 50 laborer eat oh I wasn’t aware that the family
from Cheaper by the Dozen three was in the car behind me when I made my
decision all I know is I better have good karma built up for eat brand desserts and just get all fat
and say yeah I’ll be seeing the comments and the replies took my miletti don’t do
her makeup she don’t do it here it’s shit like that if my girl doesn’t
want to do a hair or makeup she doesn’t have to know this is her life my life if
she wants to look stupid as ugly shit dumbest she was with ugliest
in a restaurant outside and be with funnyhoodvidz, try not to laugh her stupid as messy as hair with her
stupid black under the house and all that she could do that is in her life
why are you going in though why you said all that shit when she wants to show her
wrinkles you know and do all that shit this is her life if my hair looks like
she wants to get out of bed and go to a five-star restaurant and look stupid or
go to a family party like that it embarrass me in front of people to
Casillas further yes fuck you oh dear you dragging it now I’m defending you’re
not the family you framed me now you coming down my life calm the fuck down
this is your life though right but you don’t have to

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