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TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN – Best Funny Fails Compilation

funny video *laughing* *laughing* what a nut *laughing* Boo *bang* Laughing are you ready? for some reason when I pet her like that (laughing) (laughing) laughing *bang* *laughing*oh ho ho ho are yo- Im Donnnnne!~ *crash* *scream* *laughing* *crash aaaa *angry child scream* This is crazy! *laughing* *crash* *bam* why are you dancin? a weeeee hehe oo- *bam* (airhorn sounding) (laughing) (gasp) ohhhhhhh HEY! (Woman on the floor) I don’t understand what’s happening. I’m trying to not panic (Girl holding the camera) You’re so wrong! (Woman on floor) OK so the paper’s jammed, I put my stupid hand in there, my ring got caught on the thing and now we’re stuck, OK (Girl holding camera) Are you really stuck inside for the copy machine? (Woman on floor) Shut Up! (laughing) OH! (guys laughing) *laughing* OH! *laughing* oh s#@$ *laughing* *laughing stroke….stroke……stroke stoke… stroke….stro- *laughing* *yell* *laughing* Friday….. december December, friday *laughing*….tehehehe run and do 3 in a row. go *gasp* Watch him! oh! *baby crying* oh my- *screams* *laughing* look at that.. piece of cake OH! *laughing oh look at him go he’s goin, he’s goin he is (?), he is (?) he is goin, he is goin for- tehehehe I cant pull myself back up *giggles* hehe quit taking pictures *giggling* come help me *giggling* can I ask how? cause there were pretty colors back here *giggling* ok im only helping you because I done want to dispatch *crash* he’s given you sugers with all them teeth *fart* *laughing* *music* *crash* *music* ow *glass brakes* *scream* *laughing* ok, yall have fun with the snow? all the way from where? *crash and scream* *laughing* *ringing* *ringing* *bam* *crash* what a matter? *dog whine* you wanna go to the vet? NOOO*dog whining* *crash* *laughing* oh you feelin frisky this mornin? *laughing* wow boy, wooow wow bear, bear wow stop it! *laughing* *screaming* *screaming* oh my god, *laughing* oh my god *laughing* ok, he’s done *laughing* hehehe god he just pushed me in the pond look oh [email protected]#$ (?) you crazy a$$ ohhhhhhhhhh *crying* *laughing* oh my god, wait a minute. we got that on video *laughing* seriously *laughing holy crap I lost the front end buddy *glass brakes* *laughing* *child screams* WATCH OUT! *laughing* *giggle* *giggle*

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  2. If you don't want a whiny little shit for a kid, who cries over nothing…. then don't be this mum 7:44

  3. 2:07 just like everyone else that stands behind their kids swinging a baseball bat or stick at a pinata, this woman deserved the wac to the face. Maybe it knocked some sense into her?

  4. 1:29 That's not really crazy. Here in Bulgaria it's a tradition – each year on the 7th of January (St. Jordan's day) men jump into the coldest rivers, competing to catch the golden cross thrown by a priest. We believe the one that catches it will be the healthiest through the whole year. Sometimes they have to dive to the bottom. One more important thing – they must be completely naked.

  5. :16 I had to watch that part 3 times cuz I thought it was a squirrel carrying another squirrel on its back.

  6. 9:30 when you watch Tom & Jerry with your cat and he then expects a mouse to pop up when he plays the piano.

  7. 9:14 the cat just looks like tom from tom & jerry's one episode in which tom was playing piano:-o

    Edit: wow so many likes thank you mates!

  8. 6:49 this is why you can't baby calves like they are dogs they can hurt your ass, oh but till its 1,200 pounds and is feeling frisky lady!

  9. „Warch him!” It was your damn job to watch him instead of expecting a cart wheeling kid to see the little one coming.

  10. 4:11 when you think you've got this life thing under control and then it finally gets to you 😂😂

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