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Try Not To Laugh Or Grin Challenge – Nut Shot Slingshot | TC #190

In today’s video, I’m going to be doing
a Try Not to Laugh or Grin Challenge that has made over 100% of the people
that have seen it die of laughter — according to statistics
gathered by Bullshit Fairytales. But it should be pretty good either way. Then I’ll be getting shot in the crotch
with several different things, including an automatic Nerf gun and water balloon
shot out of a giant slingshot. All in an effort to test out
the resilience of a sports cup. Plus, more things you guys dared me
to do in the comment section. And if at any point in the video
you like what you’re watching, make sure to give the video a thumbs up. It definitely helps out a lot.
It’s a great way to show your support. Alright, let’s get this thing started. So for this next challenge, what I’m going to be doing is the newest
Try Not to Laugh Challenge. And if I laugh, or grin,
I’m going to be getting shot in the cup with various different things
from my girlfriend. Of course, I will not be wearing it here. I’ll be wearing it
where it’s supposed to go. And I don’t know if I trust
this thing very well, to be honest. I also don’t know if I’m
going to trust Christen’s aim. This is going to be
kind of dangerous for me. Not to mention but I have a habit
of laughing at these things pretty easily. And the videos I’ve got lined up
are supposed to be ridiculously funny. So that being said,
let me get this thing going and hopefully I don’t laugh —
for my kid’s sake. I don’t have any kids
but if I get shot in the right spot, it will definitely remain that way —
which doesn’t sound like fun to me. Alright, let’s get this thing going. I’m not going to laugh at that. I’m not… I remember this one
when I was a little kid. That’s actually not funny. That’s maybe funny if you’re like two.
Okay… Did I take acid before
I started watching this? Not laughing or grinning.
That is seriously scary. That is what nightmares are made out of. Apparently, Gold Bond is
a highly hallucinogenic type of material. I want what he’s having. I don’t know how much Gold Bond you got
to smoke before that starts happening but it looks like it’s probably
worth every penny. I am going to get nightmares
because of this now. That was so scary. I am trying my hardest
not to laugh right now. This kid wants to smack this reporter
in the face so bad right now. He called him Albert Einstein. Aww. This reporter really does
look scary though. I mean who would not be afraid of that? I would probably make the same reaction
if he got in my face. That guy looks scary. I mean
he just looks so intense with everything. Maybe it’s because he made
a baby cry on live TV. That could be why
he looks so intense right now. This kid chose to do this over YouTube. Perfect response. Perfect response.
That was amazing. But I will admit,
YouTube would be a lot better if you could just call up
the YouTuber and say that to them. I mean who wouldn’t dial my phone
right now? I mean come on. A double quick? This is intense. Some people get really excited about that. Good for her, you know.
And she’s got three friends. This next one is titled “Hell no – Hell 2
Da Naw Naw. How to say no to someone.” Oh, I’ve heard this song before. Oh I just… I did grin, man.
I didn’t mean to. I kind of got out of it for a second. Those clips were so funny. How did I refuse to laugh but then
ended up losing it on a grin? I kind of caught myself there last second. Those were some pretty good clips though. Well, I guess there’s really nothing
left to do other than getting shot in the penis. Hopefully my cup here can protect me. That’s what I’m counting on. But knowing Christen, she’ll find a way
to make this hurt anyway. Since she might miss
and shoot me somewhere else. She’s been known to do that
from time to time. With that being said,
let’s get this next challenge going. So what we’re going to be doing
for this part of the challenge is I’m going to be letting Christen shoot me
in the crotch with this automatic Nerf gun and all I’m going to have for protection
is this thin piece of plastic right here. And look, I’m not trying to brag
but I need more coverage than this. I don’t think that um… I’m just going to be overexposed,
let’s put it like that. I’m not really expecting the nerf guns
to put me on my ass but who knows because it actually does hurt kind of bad. I don’t really know how much protection
I’m going to get out of this thing so I guess we’re going to
have to find out. But after we’re sure
we got Christen’s aim on point, she’s going to be shooting me with this
which is a giant slingshot. And it shoots water balloons
over 200 yards. And all the force from that impact
is going to be absorbed into this tiny piece of plastic which will hopefully shield
my undercarriage from whatever Christen’s got. “Undercarriage” isn’t good?
No, I like “undercarriage”. – I was thinking about your balls.
– Me too. – I mean I’ll go shoot you.
– Alright. Well, since I can’t think
of anything else stupid to say, I guess I’ve been stalling it up. That being said,
let’s get this thing going. – Ready?
– Yup, ready. Oh my God! Yes! The cup is actually [unintelligible]. Christen has the best aim ever. Oh you miss. Oh you miss.
Aw! Aw! Stop missing! Aw! Well, I thought Christen definitely had it
on point throughout most of that. She was just banging them
right off the crotch. I was like “yes!” And then she started to miss and like
she hit me everywhere but in the cup. You know why? They were bouncing off your crotch
and hitting me in the face. That was pretty awesome. Looks like the next step
is setting up the slingshot. So Christen’s in the position,
ready to go. She’s done this before
so she knows exactly how this works. She’s got 20 shot for slingshot
pointed at… She has her fair share of time. What’s so funny? Look at me You’re like “Christen’s in the position.
She’s ready to go. She’s definitely done this before
so she knows what to do.” I didn’t mean it like that. I don’t know if you can tell but… yeah, I’m not really
looking forward to this. I don’t know… Oh my god!
I don’t know if I can do it. Alright go. Just go. – Oh I miss.
– I flinched like crazy. I couldn’t help that. That was like… I was scared for you.
I kind of let go too early. – That was so scary.
– Let’s go. Stand up. What? Again? You didn’t even get a hit. Alright, I got this. You missed. You missed like by 2 feet. Okay, I got too low and too high. No. I’ve lost it.
I shouldn’t have done that, man. That was cheating. I’m going to do my best
not to flinch this time. – I couldn’t help it.
– Stop it. Alright. It’s so cold. So, not one of those really hit me.
I blocked one just out of pure instinct. Christen missed me a couple of times
and hit me in the chest once. And then I wet myself with one. – Hold on. I have to not look probably.
– Move your hands. Look at the camera. – What happened?
– I totally… You exploded in the… Oh my god! Let me… Here you go. Oh, that was dead on! – You did nail me in the crotch.
– Sorry. I shouldn’t be so excited. How does it feel? I don’t know if I’m just scared. I feel like the cup
protecting me pretty good. – It didn’t look that painful.
– Yeah, yeah. – It did?
– Mm-hmm. Oh my god! When I pull back really far, it goes with
so much force that it bursts it. It took me a little bit to kind of
convince myself to not flinch at the water balloons
coming towards my crotch. Christen also took a little bit of
relearning with how to use the slingshot. She bursted half of them on herself. But we got three more and I’m thinking that they’re all going
to the crotchal region. What did it… It just kind of like
grazed the edge of it. Don’t look at it. Don’t make eye contact. – You got me in the stomach.
– Ready? Yep, tag me. Man! You got me in the hip. Sorry. No, you’re not throwing that at me. No way. You really did hurt
my testicles that time. – I’m sorry. Okay, ready?
– No! Okay, pop me. Oh, that was… yup! Good aim! Good aim! – Yeah!
– How that feel? Oh my gosh!
Oh my bean bag is broken. – Do you want me to do it again?
– No. That one hurt. So, as it turns out,
although a cup can come in handy, I feel like that would have been
a lot worse if I didn’t have one. Essentially, what it is,
is instead of the water balloon hitting your testicles to make them hurt, the cup hits your testicles
to make them hurt. I was kind of stupid in doing this. You probably should not just let
somebody throw anything at you — even if it is a water balloon. Especially at your gentleman area
or gentlewoman area. I feel like my testicles
are inside of my chest cavity. I actually notice that my voice
is a little bit higher right now. That’s not good. Well, I was going to let her
kick me in between the legs but this cup cannot withstand
that kind of punishment. It couldn’t even handle a water balloon — albeit one from a giant slingshot. So I’m just going to basically
sit on the floor and wait for my testicles
to descend again. And after that I’ll be on the next dare. And I’m always up for a good challenge. So make sure you leave me your dares
in the comment section. Make sure to like the video,
subscribe if you hadn’t done that. And, of course, now you need
to bell me for notifications if you’d ever like to see a video. But I’ll see you guys as soon as possible
with a brand new video. Alright, thanks guys. Bye.

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